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  • Their prices seem rather expensive.

  • I’m confused how this place is a grill. There is nothing grilled.

    Also, with the rents as high as they are in Dupont, how do you only open for breakfast?

    • Click on the link for a .PDF of the full menu. Only the breakfast menu is in the pic.

      • palisades

        Nice job Mets getting swept by the Cubs! Muahaha

        • The Cubs have a better record than the Nats… But, yes, the Mets really do need to get their act together or else they might drop to SECOND place. You know, the place where the Nats currently are 🙂 Also, not that I have a dog in the fight, but….how bout dem Rangers? Hehe

          • palisades

            Oh the hockey team…I thought you were talking about the baseball team at first. So confused!
            I don’t care about hockey so that diss means nothing to me!

  • They were giving out cups of coffee out front yesterday and said they would today as well, but no sign of them on my walk to work. I think these prices are very expensive for what they are…$7 for fries? $11 for a burger from what seems like a relatively quick serve place?

  • maxwell smart

    That is NOT the right ingredients for a breakfast burrito. Sour Cream? Ham? No, no, no, no! Look, I grew up in New Mexico, I know how to make a breakfast burrito. There should be potatos. And salsa. Bacon if you wish. Black beans perhaps. And lots of green chile.

  • The breakfast is too damn high!

  • Those prices are way too high for a fast food/casual brunch place. They don’t look like a mid-range, sit-down brunch restaurant, especially not with the name “Express” in the title.

  • samanda_bynes

    shit menu

  • I guess I’ll wait and see what people say, but the quality would need to be terrific to succeed with that kind of menu. I’m not optimistic about the chances of this place.

  • Wow, what a boring menu. I was struck that it sounds like something you might see travelling overseas and a restaurant is trying to present “American” food, but it’s usually just a little (or a lot) off. I know this board loves making fun of overly complicated restaurant concepts, but this is the complete opposite with no discernible concept, theme or even really cuisine. It’s like a ballpark concession stand (including prices) before stadiums started to get good food.

  • Ok, am I insane, or was the menu updated since this was first posted with lower prices? I could’ve sworn the platter was $12…

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