Dacha Beer Garden Begins Brunch at 10am this Weekend, Also Now Opens at Noon on Fridays

7th and Q St, NW

From a press release:

“As summer approaches, so do more opportunities to enjoy the outdoor bar and restaurant Dacha Beer Garden in the Shaw neighborhood.

Owners Ilya Alter and Dmitri Chekaldin, along with General Manager and Chef Michal Matejczuk, are debuting their new brunch menu this weekend, Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 – opening at 10:00am – an hour earlier than most brunch establishments in DC.

”We hope to offer our customers and neighbors a welcoming brunch experience that they can enjoy with their family and friends,” says Chekaldin. 

”We will be introducing traditional German breakfast fare such as Belgian Waffles, as well as showcasing house favorites such as our house-smoked salmon,” explains Matejczuk.

Each of the prix fixe meals is priced at $32 plus tax. Guests also have an option to upgrade their meals to include bottomless mimosas, which will be served for the first time at Dacha, for $10 plus tax.

Born in Poland and raised in Chicago, Matejczuk is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Since joining Dacha in January, he has successfully expanded Dacha’s menu to include house favorites such as schnitzel, potato pancakes, and happy hour sliders that change daily.

Dacha will also be opening at noon on Fridays beginning May 29. “We know many Washingtonians take Fridays off during the summer or even work from home;” says Alter, “with our free Wi-Fi and lunch offerings, we invite everyone to enjoy DC’s summer weather in the garden and in the shade of our canopy with a boot of Weihenstephan Pilsner… or any of our 20 beers, meads and ciders on tap.”

In its second full season, Dacha Beer Garden has expanded into the neighboring building that used to be home to a Chinese take-out, upgraded the kitchen, and installed brand new bathrooms for guests.

Other events Dacha has added this season include an industry day, game night and happy hour bookings for fundraisers and community gatherings:

• Industry Day, starting June 1, offers a discount to the hard working industry community as well as gives them an opportunity to have a brunch of their own every Monday from noon to 4 pm.
• Game night is Tuesday – Challenge your friends or a stranger to chess, checkers, dominoes or backgammon provided by Dacha.”

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  • Seems a bit pricey to me.

    • Anonomnom

      General consensus seems to be this is a rip off.

      And yet, I bet it will still be packed. *sigh*

  • This sounds kind of painful to me — that’s a lot of coin to eat at such a scene-y crowded outdoor place, at least in the summer — but it wouldn’t be surprising if this does gangbusters….

  • Anyone know whatever happened to the location they were going to open on 5th St?

  • I love Dacha, but this is insane. Those entrees have wildly different food costs–pricing them all the same is just plain lazy. As a vegetarian there is no way in hell I’m paying $32 for a piece of cauliflower and a mimosa. Maybe the smoked salmon or steak is worth that, but definitely not everything. I’d rather go to Masa 14 and have bottomless food and drink for $3 more.

  • Dacha used to be awesome, but this is another step in the direction of its Clarendonization. No thanks.

  • Hahahahahaaa the only thing on that menu that I’d consider the $32 not a huge overcharge is the steak option (and then, it’s still skirt steak…)
    For $32 it should COME WITH the unlimited mimosas. I’d rather unlimited beer though to be honest – even if they picked a cheaper, lighter one.

  • skj84

    So….They are charging $32 for a prefix meal that doesn’t include booze? That patrons will pretty much have to serve them selves? Cause the last time I was there I had to grab my own food from the window. They expect customers to listen out for multiple numbers being called through out their meal? Hard Pass. However I’m down with the Industry and Game nights.

    • It looks like you do get one drink for the $32

    • I think the food would be served to you…they are expanding into the space next door aren’t they? I assumed this brunch rollout was part of that and would mean you’re getting served.

      I think $32 is fine for brunch, but agree it should include the bottomless mimosas. Or let’s say, a 2 hour mimosas (since I know people who spend all day there and I doubt they want to serve mimosas all day).

      If people are going to pay what they do for beer there, they will pay for this. And I’m unconvinced by the people saying, oh just go to Masa 14. I’m cannot stand stepping foot on 14th Street on a weekend.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    $32pp is not exactly what I would call “family friendly.” Honestly, I cannot think of a more expensive brunch in the city that does not include bottomless mimosas. This is on par with SAX, but that is a three course meal and a show. I love Dacha, but this is nuts. $32 for a waffle? What is this world coming to…

    Doesn’t a prix fixe menu usually include courses (i.e., an app, entree, and dessert)? Maybe the menu is just not clear about what else you get?

    • I think all it technically means is that it’s a set price. That’s true so I can’t knock them on that haha…

  • But what if I don’t want jalapeno mac and cheese?!?!?

  • That is ridiculous. I won’t be going for brunch. (Also, kids only get a hot dog?! What about the breakfast options?!)

  • $32 for brunch is a huge rip off! Breakfast is the least expensive meal of the day to make. A few eggs toast and bacon should be $12 max. Even at $32 if it included bottomless I’d still have to think about it. I was excited when I first saw the article but the pricing killed it for me!

  • Didn’t they announce that they were going to have a breakfast takeout option? There aren’t many good breakfast/brunch spots in that particular part of Shaw, but spending $32 to eat a waffle in a beer-soaked outdoor gravel pit seems a tad ridiculous… (But I’d be ALL about some takeout breakfast sandwiches!!)

  • This place is unpleasantly crowded on the weekends. I’ve attempted to go twice and almost had a panic attack by the time I reach the bar so I leave. Ha ha.

    • I agree. And it was not like that when it first opened, so I think it is a somewhat new development that came towards the end of the season last year before they closed for winter. I will say it tends to get better towards the later afternoon though, so if you can wait until 4pm to start, you’ve got a better shot. But yeah, the last time I went there was a line around the block with a one out-one in policy. Brutal.

      That said, it makes me wish I had the funding, time, and what not to open another spot like this in Shaw somewhere since clearly there’s a lot of demand for it. I am afraid the ones opening in NOMA and Ivy City are probably not sufficient to spread out the demand.

  • diploj

    Very confused by this. Prix Fixe means you’re getting several different courses. What are the different courses here?

  • This is sad. I was just there last Saturday afternoon, and was thinking I need to go there more often on weekend afternoons because it wasn’t too crowded, and I really enjoyed a beer and $7 brat. No way I’m paying $32 for a waffle though. $22 I guess, once you deduct the cost of a beer. Still ridiculous though.

  • I wish they had a chicken schnitzel! Would be there every day if they had that.

  • hispanicandproud

    Natacho, let’s go put brunch on layaway!

  • FYI, the price fix is not what they actually have when you go there.

    Went with some friends for brunch yesterday and all the entrees were $10 to $17. The bottomless mimosas were another $15. I got the waffle platter for $10, my total check came to $25. I have to say I got a lot of good food for the money. The waffle platter came with two warm waffles on top of each other topped with berries and whipped cream. The platter also came with home fries, scrambled eggs and jalapeno mac and cheese. Everything was tasty and my friends loved their food too.

    Again not sure why they have the prix fixe online when its not the actual case,

    • Maybe all our comments changed their minds?! Or someone messed up originally!? It looks like they took the price off their website….

      • That would be great if it was reason a, power of the web. lol

      • skj84

        Hehe. I saw an ad for the brunch on Facebook and wondered the same thing! They probably got a lot of feedback about the pricing. Glad its more reasonable.

  • I live down the street from here and I agree with the Clarendon ridiculousness on the weekends, but it’s still one of my favorite spots in the city. Especially after work on a Tues or Weds its still a great spot that doesn’t get too insane. Thrilled to hear about brunch! Maybe for brunch only people with DC IDs can get in? 🙂

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