Curse of the Blue Banana to be Broken with Walters Sports Bar from the Owners of DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge opening July 1st!

3632 Georgia Ave, NW

For me I have a big problem – two of my favorite bars in the District of Columbia are Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds. And since they are located on the same block (3600 block of Georgia Ave just south of the Petworth metro) I have an agonizing decision every time I visit one (I’m too old to bar hop.) Now my dreams have been answered – they are joining forces to open a sports bar in the former Blue Banana (briefly Park View Patio) space. I am so freaking happy. From the owners:

“With a nod to legendary Washington Senator Walter “Big Train” Johnson, Walters will be a family friendly neighborhood sports bar with a focus on ballpark style food and a commitment to having 2 rotating tap handles per U.S. Time zone (Mainland) as well as 3 more cost sensitive options and a rotating DC Brau tap. Initially a ballpark centric menu featuring some of these options will be available with the hope of expanding the kitchen in the future.

Mac N Cheese
7 layer dip
Potato Munchers
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Caprese Sand
Grilled Cheese
House Salad
Bratwurst, Half Smokes, Burger Brats

We hope to open Walters by July 1st with a 30 seat patio and outdoor bar area. We hope by burning incense, sprinkling holy water, and exercising any demons left by previous bar incarnations, Walters will be a welcome addition to the Georgia Ave community.”

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  • Great day for Park View! This and I read the spot next to Mothership will be opening in a few weeks as a small sit down/carry out place. Now it would be great if they could open Mothership up as something again.

  • Park View Patio wasn’t bad, and a thousand times better than Blue Banana, but there just wasn’t anything special enough about it to keep me from just going to Reynolds. Pretty excited about this new development.

    • jack5

      I actually miss BB quite a bit. Jamie was a cool dude… I think some of the nights with local bands back then were really good, perhaps under-promoted though. I’ve been by Jaime’s new spot on 7th and it’s great too. I think that music needs to be brought back to the local area more than sports right now, we’ve got great teams in DC, but a lot of sports bars that charge 9$ a beer driving people to just throw house parties instead during events.

  • justinbc

    Given the superstitions that abound in sports, don’t jinx them! “Cost sensitive options” sounds great.

  • Yay! Will it be family-friendly enough to mean that I can take my 3 year old?

  • jack5

    They really need to turn it into a dance spot… There is no dancefloor space at DCR or LG and that’s a big problem. The dance nights at Blue Banana used to be the only times when the place was busy. If they ran nights with EDM DJs there rather than just the average hockey/baseball nights then this place would take off.

    Sad to say it, but the area is getting overrun by sports bars lately, and that’s a bit of a one-trick-pony show.

    • I don’t think Columbia Heights has enough sports bars. Lou’s is the only sports bar I know of. I now that MP has NFL package but I wouldn’t call them a sports bar. Tonic was closed. The Geaway was closed So hunting down a bar where you could watch Sunday games was tough unless you got there early. Now that Purple Patch and another attempt at this space is open I’m hoping I can stroll in around 12:55 and find the game I want this fall.

      • jack5

        This is Pleasant Plains to be technical… Lou’s isn’t exactly walking distance form my house, actually I’d go to DC Reynolds before taking that trek… Col Hts is a totally different burrough with much larger buildings and quite a bit more retail than Pleasant Plains, we’re right on the border of Petworth moreso I think. I’m stoked to see a comedy club coming to the old hardware store, I’d love to see us get some social spots like tryst and maybe even more comedy and dance clubs.

        People in the Park View area are pretty cool once you get through the tough city skin, we need more social places where people aren’t staring at a TV screen all night. 😛

    • Go to Wonderland if you wanna dance. IMO Georgia Ave doesn’t need a roped off dance club pumping loud music with a line going down the block. It’s just not that type of scene.

      • jack5

        Wonderland is a tinder box… I have been in there several times and it gets hot and sticky on summer nights. There needs to be a chill club that hosts local producers and DJs in a small-size venue in petworth.

        We have Meridian pint, KBBQ, DC Reynolds, Looking Glass, The pitch and many other small sports bars here. Especially with Park View Patio next to LG & DCR, there was way too much similarity in the crowds to fuel a good bar hopping experience and I think that’s the main reason why Park View Patio couldn’t hold a crowd.

        If there were some low-key EDM nights & maybe listening sessions at Park View Patio that would be a winner if you ask me.

        • “There needs to be a chill club that hosts local producers and DJs in a small-size venue in petworth.”

          Not petworth, but Zeba hosts nights like this pretty much every weekend.

        • looking glass actually hosts DJs for dance nights in that back area with some frequency, although i wouldn’t say it’s an “every weekend” thing.

        • Those bars you mention are all great, but none of them is a true sports bar. Meridian pint is the closest, but is a craft beer joint before sports bar. KBBC is a restaurant and tiny. DC Reynolds always has games on but also is tiny, with just 2 TVs inside… in my book this does not qualify as a sports bar. Looking glass only recently got its 2nd TV, and both are small and not a place to watch games (sound never on, no sports packages, etc). The pitch is making a 2nd try, but didn’t do well at first because it focused on the non-sports stuff (jazz nights, etc). Of your examples, only the pitch would identify themselves as a sports bar, and as noted, they don’t have it down yet. In fact, I’m convinced the reason BB failed in the first place is because of their dance/concert nights. I would try to go to the “sports bar” to watch a sports event (ex: NCAA tourney, Nats game, etc), and though they were always nice, they had to shut off TV’s to turn up the dance party/band. If we have a true sports bar in Petworth (right now we have none) that has all the major sports packages, multiple TVs/feeds so that any time there is a local game on, or major national event (i.e. superbowl) you can be assured it is going to be on with sound, has good bar food (no need for farm-to-table… wings, burgers, etc) with a selection of a few good beers and a few inexpensive/light beers, it will do great.

    • there is a dancefloor and DJs at Looking Glass, but people don’t seem to go there for that anymore (a couple of years ago the floor was often packed on a Friday or Saturday).

      A dance spot is tough in this location and really only attracts a weekend crowd. A space in this part of town, that (if successful) gets crowded but not completely slammed on the weekends, needs to generate decent revenue all week. Making it a dance-focused spot won’t do that.

      • jack5

        Based on what example? A low key spot could def. pull out satisfactory numbers if they promoted it well… Check out Flash Club in DC, or U Street music Hall, both are doing quite well playing EDM every week. There are plenty niche genres of EDM that could carry every night of the week with the local DJs we have in DC playing alone. There’s also a coffee bar in Silver Spring Maryland called Bump & Grind doing the same thing…

        • U Street Music Hall is on a strip that’s already an established destination of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Ninth Street used to mark the end of the U Street entertainment corridor (as well as the shift from U Street to Florida, IIRC), but things have been extending eastward in recent years, and Flash is part of that.
          Much as I’d love for there to be an EDM club in the Petworth/Park View area, I think it’d be a bit of a gamble for the owners.

        • I’m assuming noise and sound from a dance club in this area would be a major issue as well. Because in case you may not have noticed or do not know, the block these bars live within and around (and their backs face) are extremely residential.

  • Park View and Blue Banana had the same problem. They didn’t really have any kitchen space to put a decent menu. Blue Banana had the one deep fryer that slowed down when orders picked up and Park View Patio tried to partner with food trucks which didn’t really work out for the food trucks due to a lack of business. I’m guessing both kitchens are going to combine because without fixing the food issue this place is going to fail. AGAIN.

  • jim_ed

    IF they can pull off the seemingly herculean task of showing DC sports consistently, where I can – with reasonably assurance – roll in and find the local game on, then I will be there frequently. I don’t know why this seems so difficult for “sports bars” in this town, but it is, so godspeed in their mission.

    • What’s funny is you can basically always count on Reynolds to be have the right game on the TV, although their indoor space is pretty limited.

      • jim_ed

        Yeah, that’s why I’ve never considered DC Reynolds to be a sports bar. Just not enough space and/or TVs. Not that they necessarily want it to be a sports bar either, for that matter.

  • “We hope by burning incense, sprinkling holy water, and exercising [sic] any demons left by previous bar incarnations.” LOL!
    (At the sentiment, that is — not the spelling error.)

  • I have no interest in sports, but as long as the food is good, I’ll be happy.

  • This is great news!! Not sure if everyone had the opportunity to sit out on the patio but it’s HUGE!! If they can get that part right then I think they will do ok. Putting a bar outside with TV’s will help. The reason for the limited menu is due to the fact that the kitchen cannot get zoned correctly due to low ceilings in the basement. This was part of the reason Park View failed. Not sure if they figured out a solution or not but if they did then they can update the menu as business gets better. I think it’s a great space and I’m crossing my fingers that it does well. Other than the food they would be wise to do the BoGo as well and keep in comp with Reynolds.

  • What great news for Park View! These two establishments have proven they can succeed and combining efforts will only strengthen this great little strip!

  • This is just – …I mean – …I’m so happy.

  • Awesome! I live in Park View and my friends and I love both DCR and Looking Glass. Problem is that they get really crowded really quickly, especially on game night. Now we can check out out of three which has a table available on a busy game night. Hopefully the holy water and incense works so this place stays around!

  • Great news for the neighborhood! Serve all the cheap beer you want, it sounds like the other selections will keep the beer aficionados happy, and if they can take a hike!

    Looking forward to the opening and hearing more news about the place. My vote over late night EDM DJs would be some good old Live Music. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear a band (played by actual humans) on a beautiful summer night? The time DC Reynolds had a band for the pumpkin carving contest was really something special and I’d love to see more of that.

  • Looking forward to trying this place out, I trust they’ll have all the Nats games on. Wish them good luck, but in all seriousness please don’t burn incense, that stuff stinks up a place somethin awful. Re: “Family Friendly” thing—if the place is able to keep the vibe of a neighborhood superbowl party it might be fine for kids. “Pub” historically stands for “public house”, where families were welcome. Junior would sip his half pint through a sippy cup… but yeah.

  • west_egg

    Hopefully they’ll do a better job cleaning the taps here than they do at DCR.

    • I’ve seen Sam clean the lines weekly when I stop in for lunch.

      • west_egg

        On my last visit (over a year ago) none of the beers on tap were drinkable. This being the second or third time I’d encountered this issue I never went back. It sounds like they may have upped their game, so perhaps I’ll have to give them another shot.

  • I’m excited for the new space. I see everyone keeps saying that they want cheap options, more dance floor space and other things. I think the biggest issue with places in this neighborhood up through Petworth is that the menus are so limited. It’s either bar food type things or the same 5-6 dinner items that never change. Need to have bigger menus with more options. I love a lot of these places, but after going there multiple times, I get tired of the same items on the menu.

  • Hooray! The neighborhood desperately needed a TRUE sports bar. The Pitch better step it up! I just hope it is a TRUE sports bar. Blue Bannana and Parkview Patio were disasters both from a concept and management perspective.
    To be a sports bar you need quality sports bar food items. Nothing fancy. Just good like Duffy’s wings! Plenty of TVs are a must as well as the ability to show any game, no matter the market. That means all the TV sports packages. A relaxed, family friendly atmosphere too! If you could combine a little bit of Stoney’s Pub with Ventnor Sports Bar; it’d be a winner!
    People shouldn’t sleep on upper 14th St though. Maybe Red Derby and Lyman’s could combine for a sports bar as well! A guy can dream right?!

  • Bad news for the people living directly behind them on Princeton & New Hampshire Avenues. Any chance sound proofing could happen?

    • sound proofing an outdoor patio? or are you worried about the loudness of sports commentators?

    • I’m right there with you! While I am excited for a new bar to open here, judging by your username I can relate to how loud these bars get.

  • Red derby and sports? I don’t see that happening..No TV’s and a simple mom pop local.. lymans i can see going sports.

  • Could they also do some kind of partnership with Fish in the Hood? I always wanted BB to do that rather than their collaboration with Manny and Olga’s.

  • I am so happy to be a park view resident today

  • I hope this place does well. But if I wanted ballpark food, I would go to a ballpark. Hopefully they will be able to tough it out long enough to get to the point where they can expand their kitchen and the menu.
    As far as neighborhood sports bars are concerned, I have been extremely impressed with the Pitch. Good food, good beer, plenty of TVs, plenty of sports options, outdoor deck. The service was great both times I went there. And the owner told me he will be adding weekend brunch and more outdoor seating soon.

  • Just go down to Bravo, that place is probably the best new bar in the city. Great happy hour, enough tvs for multiple games, always throw the Nats on, and don’t have the sound on so high that you cant think! Plus, owners, managers, and bar tenders are all super chill.

    • I go there pretty often to catch college football and NBA games. Their BOGO is pretty good too. I wish they would get some of the soccer channels as well.

  • Blech there are ENOUGH sports bars within DC and a 10 miles radius of the city.

  • Looks like good news! If you want dancing, Sandovan is further up Georgia Ave.

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