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  • Pretty cool, I like it! I want to see the interior.

  • From a bland older building to bland new building that looks instantly dated. Not much of an improvement.

  • It actually looks like they’re do a decent job putting this place up, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see the entirely finished product (there are a lot of rough edges to still be ironed out).

  • Anyone know who the builder is? Kind of looks like something going up over here at 12th and Jackson NE.

  • They a somewhat ugly building with potential and made it into something atrocious. Pity.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it!

  • Much, much better. I wish it were taller though!

  • Been watching this go up looks like a good project but I don’t get floor to ceiling windows in the city (especially on the ground floor). On RCP looking into the trees sure, in Cali over some nice vista or the ocean. Why would you want that looking out at an intersection?

  • Does anyone happen to know what’s up with a property just up the street from this one at 2216 11th St? I was one of the tenants there, and nearly a year and a half ago now, the landlord tried to evict us so she could gut the place and renovate and turn it into pricey condos. We ended up leaving and settling for cash after a lengthy battle with her, but that was well over a year ago and I haven’t seen so much as a permit in the window.

  • It matches the McDonalds at 14th & U!

  • That second floor…is that a door that just goes out to nothing?

    • It’s a balcony, they just don’t have the railing up yet.

      • Ah I see. Looks like it’ll be approximately the width of the double doors below it…I’d rather have a closet to be honest, for that size.

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