Car Partially Flips after Bad Accident at 4th and New York Ave, NW


A reader reports:

“At 6:10 this morning… A car turned way too fast onto 4th (never mind that it’s one way the wrong way)… Fortunately, neither passenger was seriously hurt…”

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  • brookland_rez

    MD plates? I can’t quite tell.

    • Almost certainly Maryland. The plate appears to have the characteristic American flag graphic on the left (facing) side.

      That, and, you know, the fact that it’s flipped.

  • Looks like it. Can’t discern any windshield stickers that would ID it as VA or DC.

  • Can you please call these crashes or collisions? Accident implies that this was an act of god that no one had any control over. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know, and the author probably doesn’t know either. Using crash or collision doesn’t imply anything, other than that a car hit something.

    • No, it doesn’t. “Accident” simply implies it was unintentional. Do you think the driver meant to flip the car onto it’s side? It can be an accident, reckless and negligent at the same time. It can be both accidental and someone’s fault.

      • the incident itself may not have been intentional, but the actions of the driver preceding the incident, possible recklessness, lack of attention to surrounding conditions, or the decision to not obey DC traffic laws, that is certainly intentional. Also, the crash may have been intentional; we don’t know if it was or not. Why make the presumption one way or the other?

        • 1) “Car accident” or “accident” is a pretty common term whether or not it was actually an “accident.” It’s just what Americans say.
          2) Crash and collision both imply (according to the dictionary definition) that more than one car was involved. It appears this was only one car, so those aren’t really any better than “accident” to describe the situation.

      • Spilling your coffee is an accident. Doing something that causes a crash – like speeding, distracted driving, etc isn’t an ‘accident’ like oopses! but more like something entirely preventable and possible criminal.

        • Same definition applies to both coffee and cars they are both preventable.

          • Myron makes a valid point. But it depends on whether you are considering a legal approach to the term, “accident”, or if you are looking at it from the cornfields. With all due respect, I’d presume you are taking the latter approach here.

      • Accountering

        This is bogus. An accident means it was truly an accident. To flip your car solo, it means you did something wrong, and almost certainly it was speed, recklessness, using a cell phone, or any combination of those three.

        • Which, is still an accident in that you accidentally flipped your car over. As someone noted, it isn’t likely this person meant to do this.

          Also, I suggest everyone find something more interesting to do on the weekend than argue this point.

          • Accountering

            Its not an accident. He/she was driving recklessly, and crashed his/her car. Sure they didn’t mean to crash, but they did mean to drive recklessly.

    • because whining DCers always need to blame/demonize someone (almost always someone else) for even the most trivial act.

      • Accountering

        Driving your car in a manner reckless enough to flip it means you deserve to be demonized. This person almost certainly did multiple things wrong here, and their reckless driving is 100% their own fault.

        • +1,000,000. And while we’re at it, the car didn’t flip itself – the driver flipped the car.

    • Agreed. We should all make a concerted effort to frame an incident like this as the serious, avoidable, dangerous event that it is. “Accidents” certainly happen, but this isn’t it.

  • I am constantly amazed at the number of vehicles that “flip” on DC city streets. Flipping a car, is pretty difficult to do, low center of gravity, on streets that aren’t conducive to going very fast (or fast enough to flip). I mean, I could take a 6 wheel delivery truck around that corner at ~50 mph and not flip it, how does such a small car that low to the ground flip?

    • More than likely an unreasonable rate of speed. I’ve seen plenty of suburban drivers (e.g., VA and MD plates) careen through DC as if they’re still driving on the beltway. Don’t know what it is that makes some people believe they can drive on city streets as if they’re on the set of Furious7, but unfortunately the laws of physics trump whatever adolescent-boy urges result in people cornering at 50+/- MPH.

  • Its an Accident period . Accidents can be prevented period Anytime a car has an accident it collides with
    an object period When it is intentional or not it can be prevented therefore its an Accident PERIOD !!!!!

    • As a small point (no pun intended) of pedantry, you’ve written out the word “period” four times, but have used a period (aka full stop) only once. I count (roughly) nine grammatical errors here. Perhaps they are “Accidental”?

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