Calabash Tea & Tonic opens in Shaw – Have a Look Inside

1847 7th Street, NW

The “Tea Room · Internet Cafe · Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant” is looking good.

“Calabash features organic Teas, Soups, Muffins, Cookies, Samosas, Spices, Herbs, Seasoning Blends, Infusers, Tea Pots, Cookies, Tea Cakes, etc.”

Updated Hours are listed as:

Mon-Thurs 11-8
Fri 11-9
Sat 9-9
Sun 10-6

Now that our staff is trained, next Mon we go to:

Mon-Thurs 8-8
Fri 8-9
Sat 9-9
Sun 10-6

They opened May 7th, anyone stop by yet?



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  • Looks cool, but they don’t have very extensive hours, do they. It’d be a fun spot to work from home, but not if they open at noon and are closed Wednesdays.

  • The image on the glass and decor inside reminds me of SiTea in Takoma. Same owner?

  • Looks like a neat place. Closing on Wednesdays seems a little odd though.

  • I just stopped in. They have good samosas and chai. Cool people working there as well.

  • kind of reminds me of a backpacker hangout (in a really good way)

  • Looks charming – will have to try this out. Although I need to remind myself to go to Pansaari on 17th…I always forget about this place but it’s equally as charming.

  • anyone know why this place took so long to open? The sign has been up for over a year

    • Maybe to source all that old brick?

      • The front ~30′ of the storefronts at Progression Place are within structures (including the old brick) retained from the buildings that were there before. The back part of the storefronts is underneath the new apartment tower. That way, the kitchens and bathrooms are in the clean new building, but the dining rooms are mostly in the rustic-looking older buildings. Also, the new tower’s quite large, but doesn’t appear as such while walking down 7th.

        I think it’s a neat trick.

  • This is by the same owners of Sitea, which is amazing. We went last weekend, and the chai and samosas were delicious, and the servers were great.

    Also INDC, you should definitely also check out Pansaari!

  • They are open every day. Maybe you were looking at the hours from the shop in Takoma. I work around the corner in the WeWork building and I’ve gone here for kombucha on tap and lunch almost eveyday since they opened (get the samosa & vegan Jerked chili combo). The staff & decor are amazing. It was my secret oasis which I suppose is a secret no more. Thanks popville & citypaper. They told me yesterday that they’ll start opening at 8 AM (instead of 11am) next week. Very cool place to work and meet up after work.

  • This place is really relaxing. The music, the atmosphere etc, it’s just a pleasing calming place. I had one of their three draft kombuchas, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The owner was charming and engaging. The food looked great, though I didn’t get to try any. I believe I was told that they will be expanding their menu slowly.

  • Awesome Shop!! A little oasis in the middle of DC!! The kombucha on tap is the best. The chai is soothing and the food is delicious. If you are looking for a place to chill out or to meet cool people ~ this is it….

  • I stopped in today. It’s a little slice of heaven. It feels so far away from the madness of Shaw. Original and delicious tea blends. I’m gonna be here a LOT.

  • I work down the street from here. I went in Friday to ask if they had anything refreshing to drink. I told the owner I was in a foul mood. I mentioned I had cramps. She made me a cup of YoniVerse tea. All I know is I felt better after 5 minutes of drinking it. I got a pack for myself & one for my sister who is a serious harpy when on her cycle. TMI? Just go. Seriously magical.

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