Bonus House For Sale Because I Love This House

DC8619239 - Exterior (Main)

Ah I love this house. It was a house porn post back in 2011 (was going for $3,450,000 then.) It’s back on the market:

“Without doubt, a fine & unique house in one of the most private settings in Washington. Designed by world-acclaimed architect Travis L. Price as his own residence, we are proud to offer a home which defies the prosaic and usual parameters in residential architecture. One can only understand this space by experiencing it. A work of art in a most jewel-like environment.”

DC8619239 - Exterior (Rear)

You can see some more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is now going for $3,399,000.

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  • justinbc

    That front and back exterior are both just too cool.

  • The house is super cool, but all those windows on the back face Davenport St, and so it would be like living in a fish bowl.

    • Yeah, that is the difference between “This house is super cool!” and “Somebody will pay almost $3.5M to live there!”. I appreciate the architecture and the creative use of an otherwise unsuitable lot, but it’s ultimately a vanity project. The buyer pool for something like this is pretty miniscule.

    • justinbc

      I don’t know anything about Davenport Street. What’s the significance?

      • No particular significance, just that the windows, though on the back, aren’t private and are visible from the street. Davenport isn’t well traveled, but, still, anyone who drives by can see in.

    • Those windows look to be pretty darn far from Davenport Street from the perspective of Google street view.

    • I see expensive condos in DC with floor to ceiling open windows overlooking heavily traveled streets. You can literally watch the people making dinner or watching TV. It’s not for me but it appears there’s more of a market for this type of exhibitionism than one might imagine.

  • The windows face the park, not the street at all. That was the point.

    You gotta wonder, though, why, having designed and built this incredible house for himself, does he want to move out?

    • Incorrect. They face Davenport. From Bing Birds Eye, the distance is pretty short. It looks fairly far on Street View. One thing is for sure, though: in the winter, with no foliage, it will definitely be a fishbowl to Davenport.

    • I’ve driven by several times. The windows are definitely visible from Davenport. It’s up the hill a bit, and so it’s not like you can see all the way through, but it’s also far from private.

    • People move. It’s life. New job, loss of job, family situation, boredom, tired of the rat race, too much money tied up in crazy house…

      • My guess is retirement/downsizing. From what I read in the article, it sounds like he was trying for a long time to get this place built and plowed all his life savings into. He’s probably in the twilight of his career and this house is his legacy. Kudos to him, it’s a wonderful house 🙂

  • …any other nerds think of the house from Twilight?

  • Yeah that is beautiful but all those windows in an urban environment – even one with lots of trees is just going to have a small pool of people willing to live with that. Though it only takes one….

    I took a look on street view – which was taken when all the trees had leaves – and it still was exposed to Davenport. But it also seem quite exposed to the house that is on Davenport just at the bottom of the hill. Now in a city all house are exposed to neighbors in one way or another but this seems like a situation that will scare some off. That and how you place furniture. That bed they show in the one image just seems so awkwardly placed.

    • justinbc

      Oh if I had the money I would absolutely be in the pool of interested bidders.

    • maxwell smart

      I think people are really blowing the windows way out of proportion – it would be one thing if this was overlooking Connecticut Ave or Wisconson… but this isn’t. It’s on a very low traffic, windy road in Forest Hills (that’s what we call this area, right?) on the side of hill – I think most drivers are going to be more focused on driving up (or down) the windy, hill road then to playing peeping tom. Plus, they have these things called window coverings. Perhaps being a basement dweller makes me super envious of having lots of windows.

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