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  • Nice. Bayou Bakery on the Hill should be opening this month. More creole/Cajun food is always appreciated.

  • Would have LOVED to see some gator on the menu. Oh well, still looks pretty good!

  • It looks like there is no change in menu from Bardias…and that is totally fine with me.

  • I wish they would have invested in a better street presence. It looks like a very low end place from the outside but the food is really good. They need some major curb appeal. It could be so much better even if they got rid of that awful lit up open sign.

    • Given that so many places in DC with “high end presence” are mediocre at best and reek of attitude, I don’t see any advantage in changing their “presence”. there’s nothing wrong with the exterior. We need more places like this and fewer like the newer ones on 14th.

      • Totally agree. My dining experiences aren’t in need of more reclaimed wood and exposed filament light bulbs. I’d like to be the one doing the restaurant the favor by eating there, instead of the other way around. And I’m tired of majestic menus with exotic ingredients that don’t deliver decent food.

        • ONOES! Have we finally achieved peak artisanally curated? Quelle horreur! Won’t someone think of the exposed bricks and deafening “buzz?”

  • Can’t wait to try it! I’d never been to their AdMo place, but now that they’re right near by, I’ll definitely try them.

  • This is great! Bardia is always so nice and food is goooooood. Every time!

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