Starting Thursday No More Getting Dock Blocked at Bikeshare! Sorta.

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From Capital Bikeshare:

“Have you been dreaming of a morning bikeshare ride with the option of unlimited docking in downtown DC?

Well, round up your helmet and Bikeshare fob —beginning Thursday, May 14, we’ll be providing weekday Corral Service at two downtown stations from 7am to 11am at the following locations:

21st St & Eye St NW in Foggy Bottom

13th St & New York Ave NW near Metro Center & Franklin Square

Corral Service will offer guaranteed open docks in the morning by having staff on hand to remove bikes when the station docks are full. This service is included with your membership, to make your Bikeshare experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We’ll offer Corral Service every weekday morning through the end of September, with the potential for extension depending on demand.

We’re excited to roll out Corral Service on Bike to Work Week. Be sure to join us on Thursday, May 14 for the first day of Corral Service, as we hand out Capital Bikeshare swag at both locations. If your morning ride takes you to the Wild Wild (North) West, come by and say hello!”

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  • Bikeshare needs to add a dockstation that allows a user to dock just long enough to reset the clock without actually locking the bike. This will allow users to reset the 30 minute lock without having to wait for another biker to come along and move a bike, or call the customer service line or race to another docking station hoping that there is an open dock. Everyone wins!

    • I believe the 30 minute rule is in place to discourage long-term rentals. It’s just not what bikeshare is designed for. So why would they create docks to be used solely for this purpose? In fact, they’d be spending money on additional docks to provide more opportunity for folks to avoid paying them. So they definitely do not win.

    • So if you lock your bike just to reset the clock, you can’t unlock that same bike? I’ve never had to do that but thought it would work.

      • I know that you can unlock the bike that you just docked (I’ve done it when my purse strap got locked into the dock with the bike).

      • I think he means if the dock is full; otherwise, yes, you can lock it and take out the same bike with time reset.

        • If the dock is full you can go to the kiosk at the station and add 15 free mins to your rental to find a new station.

    • I don’t know, I think the system loses in that case. It lets you rent a bike for longer without paying for the extra time. The 30-minute-free rule is one of the reasons this system works so much better than its predecessor, SmartBike, which allowed much longer rentals. This led to people having little incentive to return bikes quickly, which led to lower bike availability.

  • This is probably common knowledge for GW employees (it wasn’t for me so hence my post) but new riders can get an annual memberships for $25 through the University. With this new docking deal at 21st and I that price is looking more and more tempting everyday. Google ‘Capitol Bikeshare GW’ to pull up the HR page with instructions on getting a discount code.

    • This seems dishonest. The annual fee for membership ($85) is already well worth it for regular Bikeshare users.

      • west_egg

        Employee benefits are dishonest?

      • dcgator

        How is that “dishonest?” Many companies partner with others to provide discounts. I agree that it’s already worth it and not that expensive, but a little incentive to get GW employees to sign up isn’t really hurting you.

        • I agree with the others, not sure what is wrong with GW encouraging people to use the service. It is very likely the discount is due to GW paying the “discounted” part of the membership.

      • In order to get the GW discount code you have to email the GW point of contact and provide your GW ID #, so it prevents any dishonesty. Agreed that it’s worth the regular $85 fee, but I do wish I’d known about the discount when I was a GW student…I would have saved about $180 by now.

        • I think it’s a pretty new benefit for employees and feels like it’s only for the first year of membership. I don’t recall seeing it when I was reviewing information about cell provider discounts last year. Guess that’s dishonest too!

  • Good idea. But needs more than just those 2 stations as a lot of docks around busy Dupont get full quickly during the morning rush. So I hope it expands to a lot of other downtown stations.

  • This is great. The 13th and NY station is full very early in the morning. While the stations closer to Dupont/Logan get both incoming traffic for offices and outgoing traffic from residences and hotels in the morning, this area is all offices.

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