Become a DC Master Naturalist this Summer

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From an email:

“I am pleased to announce that I’m coordinating DC’s first Master Naturalist Program scheduled to run this summer! If you have ever been interested in learning more about the natural world around you, and have the desire to “give back”, this program may be a good fit for you!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Master Naturalist Program, it has two components: an intensive volunteer training that gives a comprehensive overview of DC’s natural history, followed by a year-long period in which trainees complete 40 hours of volunteer service with pre-approved projects that advance conservation, environmental stewardship, and outreach in the District.

The classes will focus on DC’s physical environment, ecology, and then move on to DC’s flora and fauna. Class examples include: geology, forest ecology, taxonomy, birds, aquatic life, etc. Each class is taught by a local expert and is approximately 3 hours long, consisting of a presentation/lecture followed by a hands-on or field activity.

The volunteer training will run for seven weeks, from July 14th through August 27th, meeting weekly on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm (including a lunch break), at UDC’s David A. Clark School of Law located at 4340 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008. There will also be two field trips that may require a weekend morning or afternoon. The course fee is $250 per person. To register please click on this link: After you register you will be contacted within two weeks to schedule an interview so that you can learn more about the program. For more information contact me (Mary Farrah) at [email protected] or 202-274-6682.

The mission of the DC Master Naturalist program is to promote awareness, understanding, and conservation of the District’s natural environment through a community of trained volunteers.

Introducing DC’s first Master Naturalist volunteer training- July 14th – August 27th

Come learn about DC’s natural history during the Master Naturalist volunteer training, then “give-back” by contributing 40 hours of volunteer service to advance conservation, environmental stewardship, and outreach in the District! The volunteer training meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 am- 5:00 pm (including a lunch break), plus two field trips. Classes are taught by local subject matter experts, and there is a strong emphasis on hands-on and field activities. The training will be held at UDC’s David A. Clark School of Law; the cost is $250 per person. Space is limited to 18 people.

Please register here. After registration you will be contacted to schedule an interview. For more information contact me, Mary Farrah, at [email protected] or 202-274-6682.

Mary Farrah | Environment & Natural Resources Extension Agent”

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  • so basically this is only open to the retired or to students. Tuesday/Thurday from the morning until late afternoon? would love to do this, but those of us that have to work will most likely be unable.

    • My thoughts exactly. I was so excited to see this but then crushed by the weekday sessions. People with day jobs are interested in nature and volunteering too! Why do the retirees get all the fun? We desk peons need to get out in nature more than they do. (And people of my general age bracket will probably never get to retire anyway.)

    • I was disappointed too, but with a full time job, I don’t think I could devote the time required to become a “master” anything.
      I’ll look forward to the big success of this program, and the next step, which should be a weekend version for apprentice naturalists or something.

    • 100% agree. I really would have been interested in this if it had been one evening and one weekend day for the next seven weeks or something, but this severely limits their audience. I hope it succeeds and they can have other programs geared more towards working people!

      • This would be a viable schedule for a lot of people. Ironically, I was just reading about a similar program in West Virginia and thinking that with all the green space in DC this would be a great thing to do if it was offered in DC..

  • I was so interested in this until I saw that the schedule includes all-day sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seriously disappointed. I can’t give up my day job two days a week even if it is for seven weeks.

  • It’s pretty funny when you think of the term “naturalist” as a synonym for nudist.

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