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  • Pablo Raw

    Caption Contest Material

  • You want the answer? The neighbors will tell you, I’m sure.

  • Fun, funky art if I’m walking/driving by or looking at these photos. Pain in the @ss junky if I’m the neighbor.

  • I live up the street from this trash and I just want this “outsider art” inside. Arranging trash isn’t art, it’s a disorder. Hoard all you want, just do it inside.

    • Is this on 6th between Q and R?

      • Q and P I think. Across the street from the new Ditto construction.

        • Ah, that’s probably right. Pass by from time to time, and they definitely rotate their, ahem, artistic creations. By the way, PoP, this is Shaw.

  • This looks like the front lawns of the houses I make when I play Sims…

    But that doesn’t mean I’d do it in real life! Yikes.

  • I like it.

  • No way is this even close to hoarders/trashy/crazy people/etc. Relax and enjoy the real world.

  • Eccentric? Yes. Art? Yes. We *can* have it both ways. It’s interesting because it is different and unique — one of the things I most like about city life in the U Street, Shaw, Logan neighborhoods. I say nice job to the artistes who live there!

  • This is a bit more elaborate than their “God Bless America” piece they had, complete with baby Jesus:


  • There’s was a giant doll out there for a while a few months back. Scared the hell out of me a few times.

  • The concept of creating a living room/ lounge space at the front is kinda cool, but execution is terrible. Looks like stuff from a junk yard, not cool vintage pieces with a cohesive look.

  • Hot, buttered mess!

  • +1 Playful, fun architectural soup
    Surprised at the comments, it’s temporary, if you don’t like it, then work on your own front yard

    • I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 7 years…this is def not “temporary”. I’m just hopeful people start using their toilet vs the tree boxes

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