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  • they recently started construction on weekends again
    im just ready for the early morning sat banging to be behind us all
    live on the block and have watched the project from day 1
    building is pretty much a shell now and we should see it being built back up from this point

    • justinbc

      That’s a shame. I remember the early stages running by and seeing some nice detail inside, I was hoping they would preserve a lot of it.

  • link to history doesn’t work, btw

  • That’s awesome. This has been such a deadzone for such a long time. In my fantasies there would be a full grocery store, since there really isn’t anywhere else with enough space in the grocery store desert between the Giant on H, Safeway in Hill East, and Potomac Ave HT, and it would be soooo close to me. A girl can dream.

  • very, very pleased to see traditional 6 over 6 windows return…going to be a sweet spot.

  • DC is building a lot of “luxury apartments”, does anyone know if these builders are actually following the law and including a certain percentage of low-income units in these complexes? There is such a shortage of affordable housing and many of the cities low-wage workers are being squeezed out of the city.

  • Sigh. I live half a block from here. I’m sure these are going to be nice, but I have more than a little trepidation about the impending parking debacle. It’s already a bit of a nightmare for a family of four to find parking anywhere near the house while wrestling toddlers and infants to and from the car on the daily commute. And, to pre-empt the standard “you could always walk/metro” comments- I would encourage those with no knowledge of the specifics of people’s lives to avoid speculation on the viability of certain commuting options.

    • 86 parking spaces for 147 units. Current zoning requires 74 spaces (1 per 2). Draft zoning regulations would require only 37 (1 per 4 units) since it’s withing 1/4 mile of a priority bus corridor (90,92,93).

      • Scrillin

        False, they 86’d that draft proposal.

        In fact, in R-5-C they raised it back to 1 per 2 from 1 per 3.

        This is R-5-B though.

        • We’re both wrong

          *R-5-B becomes RA-2 in the new zoning rewrite. (Zoning case 08-06C, exhibit 1)
          *RA zones are covered in Subtitle F of the draft regulations.
          *1 space per 3 units is required for multifamily housing, except those zones in subtitle D (R) E (RF).
          *Minimum parking is reduced by 50% 1/2 mile to a metro station, 1/4 miles to a streetcar line, and 1/4 mile to a priority bus line.
          *This building is within .25 miles of the 90/92/93 line on 8th street.

          So under the draft zoning regulations, the minimum requirements would be 1 space per six units (25 spaces in the case of this project).

          • Actually, in the draft proposal, the basic requirement for multi-houshold residential in an apartment zone would be “one space per three dwelling units in excess of four units.” For this site, there is an automatic 50% reduction in the requirement, so, if approved, the new requirement would be one space for every six units in excess of four units, or 24 spaces for this 147 unit project. (See Exhibit 890C, Case 08-06A, page C-32 and C-35 along with the 08-06C citation, above) Dane, you should be concerned.

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