A Proper Look at the New Building at 11th and W St, NW


Earlier this month a reader sent in a shot of 11th and W St, NW but it was cut off a bit with no landscaping in yet. So I wanted to see for myself and a get a few other angles – here it is:




Across the street from this oft nominated house of the day:


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  • I got an up-close look at the ground floor unit on Memorial Day. No one was working that day, so I just walked up to the front door and peered inside.
    It is very nice, big layout, and feels open. This truly is like living in a fish bowl – I hope the developer provides built in window shades! . The ground floor unit has bedrooms in the basement and the large living/dining/kitchen space on ground floor. The upper unit has a separate entrance on 11th via a very steep internal staircase. The ground floor unit conveys with the large private patio and lawn (separate door off the side of building), while the upper unit has a roof terrace. Finishes looked high end, but the devil is always in the details. The all-glass doors would have me concerned about security.
    I’m very interested to see the pricing on this. It’s a big plot of land and I’m glad they left plenty of room for landscaping. My guess is lower unit is listed for $700K and upper unit for $1m.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Why can’t the person that moves in chose window coverings to suit their taste? Developer installed shades/blinds are total crap.

      • I’d prefer unified window coverings between the two units. Looks nicer from the exterior. Plus, the developer can get them made cheaper if both units are done at the same time.
        But I’m a sucker for symmetry and like a bit of centralized planning (when it’s efficient).

    • Any idea on square footage. Hard to say if your pricing guesses are right/wrong without knowing if these are big or deceivingly small. Or how many bedrooms each unit might have?

      My guess is in that area, those will go for more than you’ve suggested unless they are small. A Whole Foods going in two blocks over?

      I totally love the building. It’s a refreshing change and I think even though it is very modern, it does not clash with the rest of the block. Being the end of the block probably helps since you have the opportunity to put those large windows in.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Ooooh Love!!

  • It is refreshing to see a departure from the faux federal/victorian/colonial that is typical of many smaller projects. Although they could have been a little more creative with the window choice and placement.

    From a practical perspective, I think the glass railing for the balconies is stylish; but if you are OCD (like me) you will be washing those every other day. I like the fencing around the property but the landscaping seems really ho-hum for a modern house. I mean who wants a lawn in the city? Also, I am not a fan of enormous fixed windows – and they don’t really pair well with the more traditional double-hung used for the other windows.

  • love this.

  • I drove by this house just today, and recognized that I’d seen it here weeks ago. I reflected that I like modern design like this on row house streets when it is well done. I’ve always liked the one across the street, and like the looks of this one, too. I actually thought I’d like to build a modern house for myself one day, which is a real departure for me who loves 19th century dwellings.

    • Unfortunately, on three sides, it looks like half the small condo buildings going up right now. The more inventive side is attractive, the other sides look boring.

  • Overall A- , the side view is pretty neat.

    That whole area around W is like the place in DC for hip design. Theres also that jewel box condo rectangle condo building up the block that looks v pretty at night. Not sure about the Atlantic Plumbing yet, but I will go the movies there.

  • They are 2BR, 2 level 2.5 bath each. Lower level is #749,900 and upper $849,900 – the upper has an UNREAL glass, private rooftop.

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