About those Sirens and Helicopters you Heard Last Night?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

Shooting in Hill East:

“Shooting at approximately 2319 hours in the 200 Block of 18th Street, SE. There was a Black Dodge Truck possibly involved.”

A reader tweets @PoPville:

“Anyone else hear multiple shots fired around 2:30am last night in Noma?”

Another reader tweets @PoPville:

“Just heard 3 shots fired on 7th and N again?!”

A resident on the MPD4D list serve asked about a low helicopter and MPD responded:

“After making some phone calls to several agencies, I learned that the helicopter activity was a military training flight related to search and rescue operations.”

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  • It was crazy, because we were watching the Last Days of Vietnam on TV – which features lots of helicopters – and it got hard to distinguish the TV from outside.

  • I also heard the three shots at 7th and N and called 911, but didn’t hear or see any response after that.

  • Ally

    According to the Hill East listserv it was a drive by shooting and someone was hit in the leg and transported to the hospital.

  • A sort-of related question – I recently moved to Hill East and have noticed the sound of helicopters overhead really often, especially at night (sometimes very late). Would these generally be police helicopters, or could it be something else (such as one of the near-by bases)?

    • According to an MPD acquaintance of mine, while they do have a helicopter unit, they’re not airborne all that often mainly because of the myriad agencies that have to approve even the police flying in some of the most restricted airspace in the world. Most of the helicopters you see and hear are military or other federal agencies.

    • All of the above, but also medical helicopters flying over to the VA/MedStar/Children’s.

    • Linc Park SE

      All above and US Park Service in Anacostia – their landing pads often serve as Helicopter Parking spots for visiting govt officials etc. actually kind of cool if you ever see them coming n going en masse.

  • I heard the shots in SE from my place, about 10-11 in rapid succession. It sounded like they just emptied the clip. It took about 5 min before I heard the first police sirens, and another 5 for the helicopters. Scary stuff.

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