“a high-performance office building wrapped in an architectural masterpiece”


Thanks to a reader for sending. 900 New York Avenue’s website says:

“Set within the magnificent CityCenterDC, in the heart of the nation’s capital, 900 New York Avenue sets a new standard as a high-performance office building wrapped in an architectural masterpiece.

Your professionals may spend as much time in the office as they do at home—reward them with a workplace that enhances their quality of life. 900 New York Avenue combines innovative design and state-of-the-art building systems to create a work environment that enhances performance, health and wellness.”

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  • Reward your inmates with the plushest cell on the block!
    The “quality of life” line is just stone-cold evil.

  • accendo

    “Yes, your glass box is very innovative and interesting compared with the other glass boxes!”

    -Nobody, ever

    • Height restrictions encourage developers to maximize their available space. Therefore all you get is boxes.

      • But you could do something more interesting with the exterior of your box than anyone ever seems to do. Not everything need a glass and metal facade. A well designed building should be engaging and interesting to look at from far, medium, and close up. The uniform front of most DC buildings and their lack of detail work causes them to fail at all three distances.

      • I can’t believe that people here buy into this. Have you ever been to… pretty much any city in Europe? Barcelona is a particularly good example of a low-slung city that includes a lot of old and not-so-old buildings in an endless variety of styles.

        • I’m guessing the type of folks who buy into this pablum haven’t seen much of the old world.

        • Can’t really compare DC to anywhere in Europe. Masonry doesn’t come cheap these days and most of Europe has been in constant development for 400+ years. DC – maybe 150 years – really only 40-50 years in terms of being a place for people other then direct government workers.

          Also these buildings are being built for the endless contractors and lawyers that fill our cities. They don’t care what the building looks like as long as its close.

      • Agreed. But the rest of the boxes don’t bandy around the phrases “architectural masterpiece” and “Washington’s next great landmark” either. That’s what makes this so ridiculous: it looks literally like every other building built in the last seven years.

      • You obviously don’t get to Bethesda or NoVA very much. It has nothing to do with the height limit and everything to do with the lack of architectural imagination here.

      • What are the heights of buildings in the center of Paris? In the 15th, 7th? 8th? 16th? I don’t know, is Paris lovely or ugly?

        • You’re talking about buildings that are 200 years old or older. No one anywhere builds like that anymore. Just stop.

          • Seriously? You think that these cities just stopped building after the 19th Century? Every height-limited city I’ve been to – other than D.C. – has plenty of new and interesting buildings. Seville, Paris, Madrid, London – you name it. Seriously, it’s not hard to find images of really cool buildings in these cities constructed in the past 50 years.
            I’m not saying that every building needs to be a masterpiece, but if we don’t get some meaningful percentage of builders to put some effort into their projects downtown D.C. is going to be a seriously bland place when it’s built out in a few decades. And these buildings probably won’t age well either.

          • The reality is that very few people with real wealth and power gives a darn about DC. This city is a cash register for Potomac / McLean elites and other outside investors and always has been. Flipping rows in Petworth or new dull glass buildings – they don’t care about the result – It’s about that paper.

  • Yawn…slightly better looking than most of the glass boxes that have gone up recently. But at the end of the day, yet another 9-5 DC landscaper.

    This is the final piece of the DC’s shopping mecca “City Center.” It is very discouraging that they don’t appear to be highlighting any destination-type retail. It would be cool if the building had a big 4-5 story Bloomindales or Barneys.

  • Build on top of those parking lots!

  • maxwell smart

    this is really setting the bar low for ‘Architecture’ and ‘Masterpiece’

  • looks pretty nice to me. people will complain about anything.

    • The building looks fine but it is just a glass box, so the hyperbolic ad copy comes off as pretty disingenuous.
      Real estate developers (or anyone in the industry really) are the worst. Even when I’m happy to see a building come in they find a way to make me dislike them.

  • ….it’s only a model.

  • So city center dc is a thing now?/ can’t we just call it downtown?

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