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  • Let’s hope the extra media attention and video don’t let the prosecutor plead this one out for more probation and anger management classes.

  • Props to the Cops!

  • Pound on an old man, but when some guys show up that can defend themselves he “gives up without incedent.” For a guy with uncontrollable anger management issues he controlled himself last night without any problem. He’s just a bully who picks on the weak.

    • justinbc

      Are you advocating that he should have fought the police? How do you know he has “uncontrollable anger management issues”? I don’t recall seeing anyone make that claim on his behalf.

      • I would never advocate violence. I would expect a person who has no ability to control his anger to respond violently when confronted or threatened. This claimed inability to control his anger was a topic in the incedent post last week, primarily that Elijah is a child and will act like an irrational child. Anonymous mentioned a fear in the post above that he may receive a reduced sentence and anger management classes. Classes would do nothing for a person with controlled anger managment issues. He chose to react violently in one situation and chose to not react violently in another.
        To be clear, I am advocating that he should be treated as an adult who is in complete control of his actions.

        • I don’t see what point you’re making about anger management. It’s not an episode of The Hulk.

          The Police are professionals and they carry guns. They ought to be able to get a guy to surrender without incident, and they did so. Completely different situations, and perhaps the suspect even feels regret, but at least he had enough sense to surrender. Good, but irrelevant to his crime.

          • I am making exactly that point. He is not the Hulk. He can chose to not rage out.
            The Police are professionals, and I think in they’re pretty awesome. In the incident post on Friday people suggested that Elijih is a child who is not in control of his behavior and should be given counseling rather than jail time. I have experience with people who truely cannot control themselves. They do not give up without incedent.

  • Blithe

    I’d like to learn what happened BEFORE the events that were in the video. The older man in the video was quite aggressive as well: verbally as well as physically. His behavior, combined with a vulnerability that he, perhaps, didn’t recognize are relevant factors in this mess as well. Without knowing what factors preceded the video, my sense is that both men involved displayed anger, aggression, and violence, as well as bad judgement.

    • I agree. We don’t know the entire story, but from the video the older man was very aggressive toward the younger man. I don’t believe the older man was providing life lessons or friendly advice. It appears as if the older man was being disrespectful, and you can’t dictate the consequences when you’re aggressive to others. I’m am no way advocating for the younger man or taking up for him, but there were two adults who were potentially wrong in this situation. One of them overreacted by assaulting the other.

      Of note, I don’t think anyone would care about this if it were a hispanic man assaulting another hispanic man. The age and race of the victim, and the age and race of the perpetrator definitely make this incident interesting to ordinary people.

      • These two comments are part of the problem in our city.

        • No, they are voices of reason. If the older gentlemen pursued the young man and behaved aggressively himself, as previous tidbits on this case suggest, then he may have exposed himself to a situation that was avoidable. There is a lesson there, to the extent people think it is OK to engage strangers with anger, even if slighted.

          • That’s because it IS ok to engage with strangers, slighted or not. It is NOT ok to punch anyone. It’s really not that hard. Nothing justifies getting punched in the face, and there’s nothing wrong with telling someone they were being inappropriately rude if they were.

        • Basically. People can yell at each other all they want, nobody cares. Punch an old man in the face repeatedly and knock him down an escalator, then walk away? Now there’s a problem. Doesn’t matter what happened before, it doesn’t justify violence like this.
          And get off the race train, please. (Technically we should be mad because a young black kid punched an old white in the face, sounds like a hate crime to me, right??) This is about some punk kid assaulting a senior citizen, and that kid needs to be punished.

          • Reversed, it would be called a hate crime and the white kid would be vilified. Instead, we have commenters making excuses and trying really hard to justify the disturbed kid’s actions. The old man with the cane didn’t start the fight. Neither did the two other people this kid beat on previously. He isn’t Forest Gump in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • justinbc

        Your idea of “very aggressive” and mine must be quite different.

    • Incident Summary: The victim, a 69-year-old male, reports being pushed by an unknown male suspect while exiting the train. Subsequently, the victim and suspect engaged in a verbal altercation on the escalator. The suspect then punched the victim in the face with a closed fist. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

      • DC CapHill

        Agreed, I didn’t take a lot of ambiguous feelings away from that incident report. Kid probably bumped the older guy, intentionally or otherwise, may or may not have excused himself, and the older guy took exception to it. It’s choosing how to react to that that could have probably saved him an assault. And in NO WAY am I saying it’s a justified reaction to punch a fellow citizen in the face for being verbally disrespectful, but I can see how it happens.

        The odds are against you being able to publicly shame a 19 year old into an apology for a bump on the Metro, even if it might be the “right thing to do.”

        People need to chill out, I would now think both are adequately deterred from taking this course of action again.

        • It’s funny how it SOUNDS like you are justifying it in SOME way.

        • The old guy put his hand up in defense after the 19-year-old spit in his face. Then he got punched in the face repeatedly until he was hospitalized. The end.

      • That is one version of events. The older man acted aggressively in the video as well. Let’s here the other side from the younger man. Nothing, of course, justifies the assault, but I’ve been surprised no one has said anything about the older man’s behaviour from the video.

        • Who are all these victim blamers defending a guy who punched an old man in the face, knocking him out? Shame on you.

          • Blithe

            And shame on you for not reading carefully. No one has defended anyone. Several of us, including me, have pointed out that if you assess the BEHAVIOR of the two men in the video, regardless of your personal sympathies for either of the men, that there there is aggressive behavior on both sides — and aggression often, if not usually, begats aggression. I have also pointed out that context matters, and that for me, at least, having a clearer idea of what preceded the events in the video would be enlightening.
            Watch the video again. Imagine that the older man, with his verbal and physical aggression was 19, instead of 69. Would you view it differently? And would knowing what preceded these events change your assessment? I think many are appalled by the consequences — without troubling themselves too much regarding the antecedents — and the many opportunities that both parties had to change the outcome.

          • Apparently Blithe and the other violence apologists thinks that verbal aggression is identical to physical aggression.

            If you can’t understand the dramatic gulf, legally and morally, between saying something rude and physically punching someone in the face you ARE part of the problem.

          • Blithe

            Kenyon Street, if calling me names bolsters your ego, so be it. If you can’t understand the need for context, so be it as well. And for what it’s worth, I happen to think that people who don’t need context and multiple points of view to assess a situation are truly lacking in moral standing.

          • It doesn’t matter what upset the kid he screwed up by throwing punches. You ARE making excuses for him. There is NOTHING that justifies attacking someone physically despite what you say.

        • Dear Me,

          What aggressive behavior by the victim are you referencing?

          Could you describe a version of events from the younger man’s perspective that you think would be so interesting to hear?

          I’m guessing it would it be something like, “I was leaving the metro station and some old dude started running his mouth at me, so I spit in his face. After I spit in his face, he had the audacity to try and push me, so I knocked him out.”

          Yeah, that is a really interesting other side of the story.

    • what’s going to get this plead to a nothing charge is that the victim responded to being spit on by putting his hands on the attacker. As repugnant as it may be to spit in someone’s face, the physical altercation was set off after the victim put his hands on the perpetrator. Even if the perpetrator shoved the senior first while exiting the train, he wasn’t injured and he could have easily let him walk away. Not to justify spitting in someone’s face or cold cocking him over a nothing spat, but the confrontation was ego, not particularly smart and ended not unpredictably.

      • After watching that video you didn’t immediately think as most of us did ” I wonder what the hell that kid did to that old man to get him so angry”.

        Im glad he was caught and hopefully will get sent away for a long time.

        • Blithe

          There are two angry men in the video. Did you wonder what the hell the old man might have done to the kid to get him angry? Or did you not even consider this as an option?

          • I think maybe you’ve missed the fact that this is the same person who beat Frank Britton unconscious and broke his face, resulting in multiple surgeries not even a year ago. That was an unprovoked robbery and assault.

            I think you’re grasping at straws here.

          • Blithe

            No, I’m simply pointing out that having more information would allow me to have a context for two aggressive, angry men confronting each other.

          • Context does not change the fact that one of them reacted by punching the other. You seem to have real difficulty understanding the moral and legal differences between verbal and physical altercations.

            Context is always relevant, but there is nothing here that excuses the physical attacker’s behavior, no matter what was said to him. This is what you seem unable to grasp–that no matter what was said to the attacker, he should not have reacted by punching someone. Period. You seem to think that his behavior could be justified by him being verbally insulted, and we’re trying to tell you that, categorically, it cannot be.

            Stop trying to find excuses for inexcusable behavior.

        • my first reaction was like most — it was brutal and made me uncomfortable to watch. On subsequent viewing, it was clear that the older man confronted the puncher before being spat on, and then put his hands on him which precipitated the physical attack. He had many opportunities to let this aggressive behavior pass before getting cold cocked. The assault wasn’t justified and it was a disproportionate response on many levels, but it could have been easily avoided. It’s not like he was randomly assaulted. At 69 you’re better off letting that kind of stuff go and not seeking out frivolous confrontations over what … the guy cut in front of him or bumped him getting off a train? BFD

  • Clearly he is a model citizen..just ask the dude who robbed and his jaw broke by this guy last year.


    • Here’s the plea deal – “Look kid, we’ll let you go, ONLY if you agree to fight Floyd Mayweather in September! Here’s the catch — We get a cut of the earnings.”

  • So, when you get old you should let aggressive jerks just shove you out of the way like garbage and if you do make the mistake of telling the person that they’re acting like a jerk, if he spits in your face, you shouldn’t react in surprise or outrage. If you’re old you should just keep your head down and shuffle along, forget about your dignity. When you’re old, people like Elijah Smith can do whatever they want to you and if you stand up for yourself, you deserve to get punched in the face.

    • no, but maybe at 69 you pick your spots . . .you do have all that cumulative wisdom

      • Probably better if the old just stay inside, they have no business standing up for themselves and are just in the way.

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