Wunder Garten, Beer Garden, Coming to NoMa will have REI Participation

150 M Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for passing on a letter sent to nearby residents from the Wunder Garten team:

“We are working with the building management to schedule a meeting to tell you more about the beer garden (Wunder Garten) we are planning to open on the vacant lot next to your building. While we are confirming the details of this meeting with the ANC and the building management, we wanted to share some information about the project with you upfront.

Over the last year, we have been working closely with the NoMa BID on creating an attractive outdoor space where neighbors and friends can meet, socialize, and enjoy food and drinks in an environment similar to popular German beer gardens—something that is currently missing in NoMa.Our plan is to place benches and tables on the rear of the lot and use decorative landscaping to create a causal and inviting atmosphere.

We will serve German and local beer, and soft drinks (no liquor will be served). A rotating lineup of DC’s most popular food trucks will provide food for our guests.

REI, NoMa’s new retail resident, will also have a presence at the beer garden, providing fun classes on recreational and outdoor actives such as bike repair workshops, camping and more.

We will work with the NoMa BID to organize a handful community events throughout the summer during which we may occasionally have live music. There will not be a cover charge or live music during regular operations.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our vision with you. Just like you, we want a thriving, fun, safe and quite neighborhood. Wunder Garten is going to be a communal space that we all can be excited about. At the meeting we will give you more details about our plans to achieve this goal.”

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  • As a nearby neighbor, I am extremely concerned about the potential outcomes of REI-led classes on premises. What used to be a quaint, quiet neighborhood is now threatened to become a haven for the depraved-types who frequent REI and enjoy hanging out outdoors. I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy a moment of peace amid the drunken hoards yelling ON BELAY / OFF BELAY every few minutes.

  • As a resident that understands what urban living means the noise of people enjoying things and a business that wants to be part of the community, are far better than many options that could go there. I have two questions for all that oppose this. 1) Did you think this lot would remain empty forever? 2) What level of noise is acceptable in a downtown environment before 10pm weekdays and 12am weekends? Do we need to whisper to avoid annoying your solitude?

    We live in an urban environment and that comes with neighbors and noise, move out to the edges or suburbs if you are looking for quiet and calm 24/7. Abandoned and derelict was what I would have called NOMA 10 years ago not Quaint and Quiet.

  • The comment above notwithstanding, putting the noise of a Biergarten with live music underneath the windows of the neighboring apartment complex and requiring neighbors to walk through any number of disorderly drunks to get home is not a welcome change.

    • Well I’m hoping this place attracts a more mature crowd as opposed to a bunch of wasted bro’s, but I guess you never know…

  • Please, Mr/Ms Anonymous was joking. Get a grip and a life folks.

  • EXCITED resident here. We don’t have enough relaxed spots to chill outside in that area. It’ll be nice to meet friends there for a quick beer on my way home from work. While it’s not a park per say, any greenspace or place to congregate outside I’m a fan of! Areas of “NoMa” sometimes feels a bit too much like a cold, lifeless concrete mass of bldgs and nothing more…

    • justinbc

      +1, it’s not my neighborhood, but it definitely feels like that when I go through it. Seems like this would help breathe some life into the place. And LOL at all the people who completely blanked on the joke above.

  • There will certainly be some who actually argue about the noise. I hope those people remember they, by choice, moved in next to the busiest section of railroad tracks in the city. Not only is that section of track busy, but its also speed limited, so those huge engines pulse and go slowly. Its already loud and you signed up for that.

    • I live on the 4th floor on that side and the soundproofing that went into the windows and walls (including walls between apartments) is really freaking impressive.

      If I open my “patio” door, I get a great deal of train noise, but with it closed, it’s not usually noticeable unless someone is ringing a bell or sounding a horn. Heck, according to the officer I met with shortly after moving in, I even failed to hear a shooting taking place under the bridge.

      I’m a bit concerned that this will lead to a crowd of drunk college kids partying outside my window each night, but am also looking forward to having a nice outdoor space and potentially some new beer choices, so my feelings are mixed. As long as they make an effort to be responsible and respectful neighbors, I suspect they’ll be fine.

      As far as “Did you think this lot would remain empty forever?”, Bozzuto was actually pretty helpful in providing a clear understanding of the plans for the lot when I moved in, along with expected construction timelines. Generally, the owners are waiting to see if it makes more financial sense to add a new residential (or hotel – I really want another hotel) building or if a new office building will be more valuable. They’re waiting on 175N to lease before pulling the trigger.

      • Maybe there’s more soundproofing on the lower floors, but when I lived on the 9th floor on that side of the building up until last month I could definitely hear street noise (usually in the form of drunk people yelling at each other late at night) even with the patio door firmly closed. I never noticed the trains (except in my bathroom, because of some weird ventilation thing I’m sure), but I think I just blocked those out.

        As much as I would’ve loved to see more in Noma during my 2 years living there than the mediocre lunch places and endless apartments and office space, an open-air biergarten below my window is not what I would have had in mind (still waiting on someone to move into the empty space on the 140 side, or for Union Social to open up…)

  • We are approaching peak Beer Garden in DC…

  • Awesome. When? Weren’t they saying April 1 before?

  • The ANC 6C Alcoholic Beverage committee will be reviewing this application tonight (Monday 4/6) at 7 pm at 700 2nd Street NE. There will be a follow up meeting at Flats 130 (the adjacent apartment building) next week which we’re still finalizing.

    I think that this will be a really exciting addition to the neighborhood, and I know they’re hoping to open up in a few weeks. It’s also wonderful of course to have REI there too!

  • SkeptiDC

    Great idea to add in the REI connection. Can’t wait for this pace to open!

  • Very excited to see this as a neighborhood resident. Lots of residents in the area but not a lot of communal space outside of the rooftop enclaves. A nice, open, relaxing place to invite friends to visit will be a great addition to the neighborhood, even if it’s only temporary. Union Market has its place, but a casual outdoor shared space is welcome. No liquor is probably a good idea.

  • I’ve set up a live webcam so my neighbors can keep an eye on the progress – http://flats150.com/

    • As a neighbor, I’m much less thrilled with the invasion of my privacy, now that I know that besides Metro’s security cameras, I have to have my every move past that intersection live-streamed to the internet. I guess I won’t be using our Metro stop anymore.

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