What’s Your Favorite Food at Nats Park?


“Dear PoPville,

I’m curious to know what people’s food recommendations are inside of Nat’s stadium? I know there are great options outside the stadium (I live there!) I looked over the list of concessions, but basically am wondering if anyone has recommendations on that list that were especially good, or cautionary tales of bad experiences.”

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  • loaded lots from Hard Times or Blue Smoke

    • Second on the Blue Smoke.

    • The crab cake is great even at 17 bucks it’s pretty big and as good as most in the city. Enzo’s is good and a pretty decent size slice, especially compared to Papa John’s. Cheesesteaks are solid and lines are usually short. Shawafel is great too. If you get into the club level the car very has a really good sandwich as well.

      • To each their own. I tried the crab cake on my last visit to the park and thought it was absolutely awful.

  • There’s not a ton of good food at Nats Park, IMHO. The best bet is usually Ben’s Chilli Bowl if you like half smokes, or Shake Shack – both of which provide a meal that is comparable to what they serve outside of the Park. G Sandwiches are pretty good, as your $14 sandwich actually gets you something pretty substantial. Jammin Island BBQ is not bad, but overpriced for what you get. I’ve heard that the little Kosher outpost is a forgotten gem but I’ve never tried it.

  • 1/4 lb Kosher dog with sauerkraut at Kosher Grill (seriously; best dog in the park)

  • Sometimes I feel like the best food at Nats Park is anything that you don’t have to wait in line for a full inning or more to purchase. Most of the people who work in the concessions are very nice, but the service can be painfully slow at times. One thing I enjoy at the park is the elote (corn in the cob on a stick with cheese) from the taco place next to Shake Shack. I get it without the cayenne pepper, which is too spicy for me.

    • palisades

      Yeah this is my thought process when getting food. Also the reason that I’ve never had shakeshack at the park. The line is just….stupid.
      Something I don’t recommend to anyone – the spicy chicken tenders. It’s normal chicken tenders DROWNED in awful hot sauce. I had to force myself to eat just one so I didn’t feel guilty for wasting the money.

      • No joke the spicy chicken tenders are far and away my favorite food they serve in the park! I guess it’s a matter of taste, I happen to love hot/spicy food. It’s also not insanely priced (relatively speaking)

        • palisades

          Haha well I love spicy food too. But something about the proportions of hot sauce to chicken tender was WAY off. I couldn’t take it.

    • True, but most of the time awful customers are just as at fault for slow lines. How many times have you seen people in line for five, ten minutes or more with the menu in clear view, yet only when they step to the counter seem to even consider what they want? Or have a child in tow who is shy and/or indecisive and won’t tell the nice lady what they want? (Never mind the 30 people behind you, little Timmy is So Cute!) Or not have their ID ready, or fish out their payment only after everything is totaled, etc.? It’s not just the vendors.

  • Do they still offer the 8lb StrasBurger?

  • Ben’s Chili Bowl is definitely the most bang for your buck, and the food is decent.

  • The sandwiches from G are great but feel overpriced, even for a ballpark. That said they get bonus points for having a *much* shorter line than Shake Shack or even the various Nats Dogs stands.

    • G’s snadiwich is good, but they don’t accept any Nats Park food and beverage credit included in your ticket – which most other food vendors do. So that $14 comes right out of your pocket, since you can’t use any credits.

      • Thats not true. I was able to use my food/beverage credit to get a sandwich from G just last week. Maybe they changed the policy since youve been? Unless you went in the this past week and they decided very recently to not allow this.

  • The buffets in the PNC Diamond Club. Food/beer/wine is inclusive in the ticket price.

  • So they just opened up their Enzo’s Pizza by the Slice this season and it’s good. Not just good for a ballpark, but good pizza in general. Apparently the Nationals traveled up to NYC to do taste tests to figure out how they wanted it and it shows. It’s legit good pizza.

  • G used to be great, but they have been dry and bad this year. I like any of the Danny Meyer spots on the Scoreboard walk, and think Box Frites is underrated – really good hot dogs too. “Intentional Wok” just past the scoreboard has two noodle dishes and is very good and a great deal, and never a line – I always go here when I am in the mood for something different. Also, agree that Enzos is WAY better than Papa Johns. Max’s Kosher grill is also always a good choice (other than Friday and Saturday games!).

  • Dolci Gelato and Blue Smoke…I have to go to Grand Slam Grill because the kids only like chicken fingers and fries but I’m going to check out Box Frites next time

  • mains: cauliflower sandwich at G or falafel from the kosher cart or shawafel

    side: fries with rosemary ranch from box frites

    dessert: wife prefers custard from shake shack but I like a twist cone of soft-serv with rainbow sprinkles. Fluffy thoughts is also pretty good for cupcakes, cookies, and giant rice krispie treats.

    You can bring your own food into the park in single-serv, non-glass, so often we’ll bring dinner and then split a dessert. A sealed bottled water or empty nalgene to fill at the water fountain is so much cheaper than a soda at the park, and you can even bring the crystal light or koolaid single-serve packets to flavor them. I think juice boxes are also allowed, so that’s another cheap option.

  • Shake Shack (if I can stand the line). Else Hard Times Nachos or G’s Chicken Parm

  • Frito Pie from Hard Times. Heart attack on a plate, but worth it.

    • Yes, this! And I love their veggie chili, it’s fantastic. I wish they’d open a B&M in the District so I wouldn’t have to schlep to the suburbs or Nats stadium to enjoy my Frito pie though.

  • Just give me a hot dog and a lite beer and I’m happy. This is baseball to me.

  • Anyone who says ShakeShack can burn. ITS NOT THAT GOOD AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE FOR 3 INNINGS!!!!!

    • I always just got it before the game, and watched BP. Never much of a line, then, and no game to miss. Then I usually go to one of the shorter-line kiosks or whatever in the later innings, if I’m not still stuffed.

  • jim_ed

    I usually grab a hot dog from a street vendor on the walk in because thy’re $2 dollars and that leaves more cash for beer. If I don’t do that, then its likely to be Shawafel. My wife gets the boardwalk fries and chicken fingers every time.

  • Just a hot dog with mustard, please.

  • I personally love how you can bring outside food into Nats park. Some of my favorites have been grabbing El Chilango to bring inside 🙂

  • I like to get the hotdog coupon out of the express, does anyone know when they do that??

  • The Jamaican Barbecue joint is good. Senators Sausage has a wicked bratwurst which you can have with
    either pepper and onions or sauerkraut, as well as hotdogs and italian sausage. The lines at place at Shake Shack are too long to fool with, in my view. The taqueria next door is very good and rarely has a long
    wait. The Kosher Grill is very good and I mean to try their schawarma. I won’t try try the sushi because I don’t
    think it belongs at a ball park.

  • As a vegetarian who loves junk food, Nats park is great. BIG, BIG fan of the field of green stand. The vegetarian cheesesteak is killer, even if they use morningstar. dont care, love it. Georgetown grill has an awesome house made (stadium made?) veggie burger that’s tasty. hard times vegetarian chilli nachos are great. my wife loves the cauliflower sandwich at G.

    havent tried the new pizza yet. it looked good but not a very large slice.

  • You guys are all wrong. Get the $14 Crab Roll (Elongated Pretzel Twist, Loads of Crab, and Two Cheese) and thank me later. The only issue is finding this masterpiece, as its location seems to be a bit of a moving target. Been twice in 2015 and have yet to find it!!

  • I actually just tried the Grilled Cheese stand last night and it was awesome! I got a turkey, abocado and peoperjack grilled cheese for $8 and it came with chips! My sandwich for lunch downtown today cost more and had no sides- so it’s quite a bargain and delicious! It’s across the concourse from G (on the side closer to the field). And its a rotaring menu on a chalkboard so no guarantees they’ll have that sandwich next time (though that was the only option of 3 that anyone got while I was in line for ~10 people).

  • My favorite by far is the Hard Times chili dog with cheese and jalapenos. Second would be chicken parm sandwich from G. The half smoke pretzel dog is very spicy and delicious. And the new pizza stands, Enzo’s, are really good. A fairly authentic NY-style slice. Shake Shack is awesome, but I don’t even bother unless I get there really early and don’t have to wait in line. And I want the wraps from Shawafel to be good, but they were very dry the times I tried them. Their fries are awesome, though.

  • I’ve been to a lot of ballparks and find Nationals Park to have some of the least appealing food at some of the higher prices. The basic Nats dog is like 5 bucks and is usually lukewarm in a soggy or stale bun. And that yellow abomination they call mustard.

    So I stick with Ben’s or Box Frites or Hard Times but am never as happy as I was eating 3 dollar dogs at Shea in the early 90s. Fresh off the griddle into a fresh bun with spicy brown mustard.

  • A Hebrew National all beef hot dog, or an Italian sausage loaded are my go-to’s.

    Box Frites used to be great but at some point they subbed out their special fries for what seem like just the regular ballpark fries so it’s not worth it anymore.

    Blue Smoke I really like too especially for the typical lack of a big line.

    Agree with others that G is actually a really good “value” – it’s expensive sure but you actually get something very substantial (tasty well made and generous portion) for not a lot more than you’d spend for anything else there.

    And sorry to be critical but don’t people just DO stuff anymore? Reading a list of ballpark concessions and soliciting recommendations before hand? Just go and try stuff! Maybe you find something to tell US about!

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