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  • Every time I pass this place it is always empty… has anyone eaten here?

    • samanda_bynes

      same. i mean, it looks good, and the yelp reviews are solid, but i’ve never once stopped in.

    • Their lobster rolls are tasty but it’s far from something you would eat daily and at $16, pricey for what it is. I always thought this wasn’t a good fit for the area. I doubt they will stick around much longer.

  • As much as I love Willie’s, it appears that they are struggling to stay in business. I walk by their store at least 3 times a week, and its almost always empty. Its kind of sad. Their sandwiches and service are decent. It really sucks that places in Dupont, like Willie’s, are struggling to stay in business (at least it appears that way).

    • Business can’t be that bad if they keep “running out” of bread and lobster. 😉 I don’t find the niche menu appealing or the design/layout inviting.

      • They also don’t have good hours, per their website. Closing at 7 (8 on Saturdays) doesn’t seem like they’ve been trying that hard.

        • +100000 I wanted lobster rolls last week and tried to go for dinner, but closed at 7 pm?! Are you kidding me?! Got Luke’s Lobster to deliver and sat in the circle to eat. They honestly just aren’t trying very hard, if you’re closing after lunch close at 4 and prepare to go out of business, otherwise you should be open until 9.

  • ugh. lobster rolls are delicious, but this place is a nightmare. they are running a groupon deal right now and have no idea how to process it. they charged us extra on top of the groupon for no reason (we got it refunded after hounding the company that runs the place for WEEKS) and i was there last week and there was only 1 employee working during the rush hour.

    • *rush hour means lunch rush,

    • palisades

      groupon deals usually mean the place is on its last leg.

    • Willie T’s tried to charge extra to many people using the Groupon deal. The hours of operation are also very inconsistent. Hope this place goes out of business or reopens with new management and staff. Bummer because the food is actually good.

  • They’re welcome to come to Petworth! I’ll stop in!

  • I too had issues with the Groupon there, the girl didn’t know what to do with it at all. As much as the lobster rolls ARE delicious, it’s so poorly run that it’s just not worth it for me. Shame because it’s a great location!

  • I Dont Get It

    Dagnab it I hope that they aren’t closing. I love their lobster rolls!

  • Lobster Rolls are a great change once in a while> However. I am not getting $16 lobster rolls every week for lunch.

  • Haven’t you heard? Dupont is clearly being invaded by some alien race, which is why literally every retail establishment is closing!

  • I’ve eaten here and liked it about as much as Luke’s Lobsters. The warmed-up rolls are especially good. But even during what I would have thought of as prime dinner hours it’s been pretty empty. I ate with a friend on our way to the Kennedy Center once on an early Saturday evening, and I think only two other people were there for the 30-45 minutes or so we were there. They don’t seem to attract a fraction of the patronage that Shophouse or the other places across the street do.

  • We went with the Groupon a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t have trouble using the Groupon, but there was only one person working there. When we ordered the lobster melt, she asked us if we were sure we wanted to order that right now. We asked her why and she said because it would take awhile since she was only the only one there. We also tried to order the combo with the chips but they only had one bag of chips. Not one type of chips, one bag of chips.

    Another time I had tried to go during their posted (on their website and storefront) hours and they were closed.

  • It’s run by the same folks behind Marvelous Market. I liked Marvelous Market, but what do you expect? The restaurant group is an absolute train wreck. It’s only by the skin of its teeth that this place remains open. I don’t think it has anything to do with Dupont as a neighborhood. Businesses that offer a good product that people want to buy are doing very well in Dupont. Logan and Shaw have had more than their share of comings and goings … Diego’s, M Cafe, B&O, Point Chaud, Bari di Bari, Caribou Coffee, Homemade Pizza, Pulp, HR57, Mandalay, Duffys, Old Dominion, the list goes on and on …. it’s not a product of a declining neighborhood, there are many complex factors at play.

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