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  • Is consensus building around any candidate except Brandon Todd? Todd does not seem like a good choice (Bowser’s pet; personal money issues; vague policy statements; lack of preparation for debates). I have not been paying much attention to the run up to this election, but it seems like Leon Andrews and Dwayne Toliver are the only other serious contenders. Of those two, Andrews has the most money and the longest track record of civil service and engagement on municipal issues. Does he have a chance to win? I suppose it does not really matter to me, as I am voting for him anyway, but I am curious what others think. What say you, Popville?

  • An hour ago on my way home I heard Leon Andrews’ radio ad for his run for council member. He sounded educated and polished, but pro keeping people in place (and other such buzzwords) and anti-development: he actually said, attacking another unnamed candidate, that ‘more progress is not what we need right now.’ In my opinion that’s exactly what Ward 4 needs, more local shops and restaurants and improved neighborhood safety and cleanliness. All things that come with “progress.” Anyone who chooses to spend their 30 second radio segment downing progress will not get my vote. Though I don’t know enough about the other candidates to compare.

  • Renee Bowser is a quality candidate in 4.

    Kinlow and Williams in 8 are pretty good.

    • Accountering

      Bowser in 4 is not a quality candidate. She is uneducated (and frankly wrong) with things she says are facts about pop-ups. That kind of ignorance disqualifies her from receiving my vote sure.

  • Voted for Renee. She is most certainly NOT uneducated, in fact she clearly comes to her positions after a lot of research and effort. I do not agree with all her positions, but I’m convinced she is willing to be challenged and change her mind. But what’s most important to me is she is in no one’s back pocket.

    Honestly there was a lot of talent in the group of candidates running for office besides Renee–Toliver, Andrews, Tengen, Powell, Sloan and Rubio (before the latter two dropped out)–and how unfortunate that the least accomplished among them all will likely prevail.

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