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  • justinbc

    I haven’t really had a problem with theft, but I’m definitely wanting to get a camera to bust these fools if it ever does happen. I pretty much always try to schedule my deliveries for times when I’ll be home though.

    • scheduling works for fedex or ups but won’t work with lasership (what amazon uses) since you never know when they will show up (8am to 8pm or later)

  • Ally

    I’ve had a huge problem with it (I live between Stadium Armory and Eastern Market). It was particularly bad around Christmas this past year (had 6 packages stolen). I finally posted a sign on my door asking USPS and UPS carriers to please throw the packages over my back (locked) fence. This has 100% fixed the problem. As long as I don’t order glassware. Or want to plant tomatoes anywhere in the back yard. Grumble.

    • justinbc

      Yep, for the most part with small deliveries that’s what they do with mine. Anytime I know I’m getting electronics or something breakable I will telework so they don’t toss it (had this happen before).

    • I must live around the corner from you, because I see that sign all the time!

  • We live in Michigan Park and had a package stolen. UPS and Fedex will leave them by our back door but I’ve emailed, called and left a note for USPS but they refuse to leave them by the back door or even hide them in the bushes. I have no idea what to do and can’t really be home every time something is going to be delivered. Anyone have any ideas?

    • I’ve noticed the same. I’ve never asked UPS/Fedex to hide anything, but they usually will do so in our empty trash cans. USPS just dumps it right on the steps.

    • One solution is to rent a box at a nearby UPS Store. It’s not cheap ($360/year), but may be worth it for the peace of mind if you order a lot of expensive stuff online.

      • You must not live near Michigan Park since there is no such thing as a nearby UPS store. I also don’t want to get one near work and carry packages home on the Metro during rush hour.

      • Hmm, UPS and Fedex wouldn’t deliver packages unless we were home until I devised a system that locked the packages in safe keeping. USPS actually sent me on an Easter Egg hunt last week after they delivered the package to an “alternate location at address” which I had never seen. Finally I found the package down by my basement and underneath the deck! I’ve found that leaving signs for the couriers usually works.

  • As an Amazon shareholder I hope you don’t make a claim to Amazon that the packages were not delivered. They clearly were. Any negligence on the part of the recipient is not the fault of the seller.
    Really, folks, have stuff delivered to your work.

    • As people have mentioned when this topic comes up before, not everyone has a workplace that allows the delivery of personal packages.
      Also, I suspect the number of Amazon customers on PoPville is much higher than the number of Amazon shareholders, so people are more likely to be sympathetic to the OP’s complaint than to yours.

    • Obviously (or maybe not, to you) it’s not possible for everyone to have packages delivered to their work.

    • 2 out of 10 troll points. You can do better than that, you miserly bastard..
      PS – I filed a claim with Amazon last week for sending me the wrong product (it cost $10). Amazon told me to keep it and sent me the proper item FREE OF CHARGE. Neener, neener, neeeeeener.

    • As a USPS shareholder, I hope people keep stealing packages so companies spend an extra $10 reshipping. Preferably just using a whole sheet of the chippendale chair stamps – we have a ton of those left over from last year’s Chippendale convention (bloop). Finger wag, finger wag, patronizing final line.

    • It’d be great if they put amazon lockers in the district. Maybe that would help with this problem. No idea why they feel the need to put them out in VA but not in DC.

    • Lots of folks in DC work for the Federal Govt which does not allow delivery of personal mail let alone packages. Just FYI.

      • I guess I could get personal stuff delivered to work, but that just strikes me as tacky. And in many cases a pain to haul home on the metro.

  • I live in Adams Morgan and have gotten every package shipped to Base Camp for the past couple of years. $2 a package is totally worth it to know that it will never be stolen.

  • gotryit

    There has to be a better way to place the camera so that the police get more usable video.

  • We had 14 packages stolen from the lobby of our condo building a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how the guys got in this time, but a time before they used a crowbar on the front door — this past time I think they might have walked in behind someone. After the first incident, we installed video cameras and put up signs saying as much, but it was obviously no deterrent. Our building is in Kalorama Triangle in Adams Morgan.

  • Was the perp also going through the mail in the mailbox? For some reason, that almost bothers me more — it seems like such an invasion.

  • you should invest in a higher quality camera

  • You can rent a post office box at your local “station” and enable something called “street addressing” so you can have FedEx and UPS delivered in addition to USPS. It costs $78 ish PER YEAR.

    Sure, you have to go to the PO, and sure you have to deal with surly PO employees. But at least your stuff won’t get stolen.

    Plus, USPS mail theft and UPS/FedEX thefts are two different crimes. Contact the Postal Police. They may want the footage of Mr. X rifling through your letterbox.

  • what an asshole. i hope he gets his. i hate this.

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