Today in Building’s Designated Vacant – Hoagie House

4th and N St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I wish someone would do something with this awesome property! The new windows went in a few months ago. The vacant notice went up yesterday or today.”

Hoagie House was nominated for a horse’s ass award back in Nov. 2010, showed signs of promise back in 2013 but alas looks much the same besides the windows.

Here’s how it looked in 2010:


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  • Is this space actually available for rent? So many gems are tied-up with absent landlords…

  • I noticed a vacant property sticker on the Hilltop building yesterday as I rode the bus home. Not sure what that means, given their recent work (painting graffiti etc)

  • I’ve lived down the street since 2009 and this has been vacant since then. However, for sale signs went up in front of the lot about a week ago:

    Here’s the listing

  • Dibs on the Hoagie House sign! For the record, this building and a couple adjoining lots are currently on the market for 2.4 million.

    • It’s not going anywhere fast at that price. Dibs on the other sign.

      • I bet it will goes faster than you think. Where it sits and the adjacent lots are prime corner real estate where you could easily put 6 or more large condos. That block and the neighboring ones have a ton of new condo buildings. And it’s SO close to Mount Vernon and everything in Shaw. I live not far and walk by this all the time and always think it’s such a secretive little pocket of blocks just north of NY Avenue so close to everything but still pretty quiet.

        • I agree about this part of town being an undercover good location. I also like that it’s still relatively affordable and gritty. Logan Circle and even Shaw have gotten way too fancy for my tastes.

  • Exciting! I have a condo near 3rd and M and have wondered why such prime property is just sitting, abandoned, alone, with no one to love it… 🙁

  • Not to be a home, but I agree with Truxtoner on that price. The house/garage/land that is now the 4 Ditto condos a few blocks away on 5th and Q NW sold for $2M, according to Redfin. There is more land to work with on the Hoagie site too.

  • Serial HA. They also own 315 H Street NW which has been vacant for over 10 years.

  • Thank God DCRA is finally taking a look at this neighborhood. Vacant and blighted properties on every block, while the non-DC-resident owners wait for values to go up and up. Collect mail once a month and you’re golden. Or, pretend the building is “for sale.” Another ruse is to apply for “building permits.” In both cases, owners do nothing. Same story at 234 Florida Ave NW. And that collapsed building on the north side of “New York Ave NW at 1st St NW.

    Having signs up for that long after a business is defunct is also against code.

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