Urban Wildlife Sighting Vol. 21 – A Giant ‘male pileated woodpecker’ in Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant repping well this month.

Thanks to a reader for sending in:

“This male pileated woodpecker and his mate demolished my suet feeder a few times this spring. Yes, he’s about 12-15 inches long. Absolutely huge. In Mt Pleasant, near Rock Creek Park.”

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  • Nice find, thanks for sharing! Pileated woodpeckers are beautiful birds.

  • I see these in Rock Creek occasionally, especially in the winter. They are pretty and unbelievably loud. I imagine they could really go to town on a wood deck though.

  • OH my gosh! What an amazing photo of Woody! Thanks for sharing.

  • SouthwestDC

    I’m just getting into birdwatching and want to set up a feeder or two. What kinds have you guys found to be the most successful? Something fairly squirrelproof of course.

    • ThunderCheese

      Suet cakes for woodpeckers and nuthatches. I like the upside-down feeders with Nyger seed for goldfinches. But I haven’t set any up in DC because rats.

      • SouthwestDC

        I used to have a Nyger feeder when I lived in SW, and also in VA. We did have a rat problem in VA, but I think it was unrelated to the feeder. In DC rats were not a problem, but in both locations it didn’t seem like anything ever ate the seeds.

    • I don’t have a feeder at present, but in the past have had great success with safflower seed. The cardinals and chickadees love it, and the squirrels mostly leave it alone.

  • So cool. I hear them in MtP, but I’ve never seen one.

  • I heard, and then eventually saw, one of these guys tree hopping in North Dupont/Logan a couple of weekends ago. Beautiful bird.

  • Giant. Wood. Pecker.

  • Aglets

    my parents have one in their back yard in PA and my dad emailed me a photo that said ‘look at this giant pecker!’

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