“Tractor trailer misjudged the turn into the 395 ramp this morning”


A reader reports:

“Tractor trailer misjudged the turn into the 395 ramp this morning. Lots of traffic is just sitting there, including a whole bunch of buses. Don’t drive to L’Enfant!”

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  • accendo

    These full-size trucks are incompatible with so many of the roadways here. My other favorite is when one tries to navigate the GW Parkway and realizes it is too tall to make it under the low overpasses.

    • that got me one time. 20 minutes waiting for it to back up and out. The “No Trucks” signs are there for a reason. Probably some trucker just blindly following his GPS.

    • True of many places in the Northeast. Years ago I watched a tractor-trailer completely sardine-can the trailer at speed on the Northern State Parkway (Long Island). I was just far enough behind to stop in time. I’ve also sat for an hour plus on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut while they backed a truck a couple of miles to the exit it accidentally got on at. I wouldn’t be surprised if reliance on GPS has exacerbated this as even some truck drivers blindly follow directions for the most direct route without really looking at the map or signs.

      • My Dad rented a full size Uhaul on LI, the GPS that they gave him was for CARS, not trucks. What happened? Yup, he got stuck on one of the parkways with 14′ bridges and had to get a police escort.

  • I hope people lose their CDLs when they do things like this.

    • Barring some other extraordinary facts that led to this, I don’t think the driver should lose his/her primary means of providing an income for this sole instance of traffic inconvenience.

      • Sorry, but if you don’t know how to operate your vehicle, you shouldn’t have a CDL. It is harsh to cut off someone’s means of income, but it’s an enormous safety risk to have people operating semis when they can’t handle the vehicle.

        • HaileUnlikely

          There are established regulations regarding the circumstances under which a CDL is to be revoked. Whether you agree with them or not, I would be willing to bet that those who established those standards have thought about them a fair amount more than most commenters here.

        • Would you apply the same principles to all licensed drivers or just those who operate commercial vehicles? I think the ordinary driver is a much bigger danger to me (and generally less skilled at driving) than the folks driving these semis.

  • They sell GPS for truck drives. This should never happen. But you always have drives and companies willing to go the cheap route. I’m sure his company (or the driver) will have some regret after the final bill and fine.

  • I watched a box truck get stuck in the underpass near Mass Ave and 14th street this morning around 9:45am. They were trying to back it up the ramp, causing a mess.

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