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  • I too have loved the Jefferson building ever since I first saw upon moving to D.C. 20 years ago. It’s a very handsome building IMHO. I like the old fire escape on the front. The Jefferson reminds me of old buildings in New York City. It has a very classic look. I hope it is preserved and receives a proper renovation.

  • That is H Street NE, this is NW. Unless I’m mistaken….

    • This is H ST NW, not NE. That property surely isn’t big enough for 100 micro units.

      I’ve always liked this building, but I think part of the issue is the location. It’s technically on H St but it’s right where H St bisects Mass Ave and, with the on/off ramps to 395, it’s a bit too busy. My first though was how it would make for a very cool boutique condo/apartment building, but who would want to deal with the noise?

      • Wait, it isn’t a desirable location? Huh? There are literally gigantic condo buildings in every direction around it. Plenty of people live right at that intersection. And in a few years, you’ll be sitting directly across from Capitol Crossing. It’s prime real estate. The reality is the owner probably had offers when all the other buildings around it were torn down and new ones built and the owner probably turned them all down. Ideally a developer would want that building and the adjacent ones to build another sizeable condo building right there. Chances are the city would force them to preserve the Jefferson facade, much as they did with the old building across the street that is the cornerstone of 300 Mass.

        • Agree. This particular section of the block is not the prettiest but I’m sure that will change soon. But the surrounding blocks are nice and populated, despite it being a heavy traffic area with the roads intersecting.

  • Love this little building too…just the right amount of clean lines and slight embellishment.
    Look like the architect (Mr. Cooper) was quite the man here in DC. Same guy who designed Portland Flats at Thomas Circle, which is now, sadly, demolished.

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