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  • Thank God. This place was horrible.

  • How the hell was this registered as vacant (class 3) so quickly when there’s TONS of empty buildings around U Street, CoHi, and Shaw that have sat under-developed for years? The Sorg-owned church at V & 10th, the Bacon Family prison on 14th, etc, etc, etc

    • Some people grease the wheels of gov’t, and some do not.

    • How about getting the former Bowser campaign headquarters at Georgia and Varnum designated vacant? All our mayor seems to be giving this neighborhood is another bit of blight.

  • Anonynon

    The space is kind of awkward for a restaurant. Maybe they can find some other use for it? Also the awning is kind of ‘tacky’

    • maxwell smart

      How is this space “awkward” for a restaurant? It’s fairly large on the inside, it’s on the side of the street that doesn’t have the useless service lane so they have space to have outdoor seating, and it’s just down the block from the Upton Theater. There’s even parking! The problem was not with the space, it was entirely with the tenant.

      • That service lane is pretty useful when you need to find a spot and quickly run in to get something from one of those shops.

        • maxwell smart

          I rarely see it used for that purpose – it’s almost always valet parking and/or 100% full. It’s silly in that there is parking along Connecticut and a large (for the area) parking lot at the Sam’s Park n’ Shop. I’ve never had issues finding parking in the neighborhood either. Between the service lane or the proposal to eliminate the service lane and re-widen the sidewalk to it’s original design, I choose the later. The sidewalk in that area is incredibly narrow. The bars and restaurants on that stretch have no opportunity for outdoor seating (aside from on the roof like CP Bar & Grill).

  • Anonomnom

    I want to start a campaign to get the owners of Murphey’s from Woodley Park to re-open in this space….

  • What makes something “vacant” as opposed to for lease, like Palena or what is now the BBQ spot (formerly Tacklebox, very formerly a McDonalds that closed and sat empty for years)?

    I’ve always thought that the Uptown space, combined with the adjacent parking lot and empty storefronts below that apartment building (the Macklin? something like that) would make for a great gym. If Vida were to go into the area, it would make a killing.

    • maxwell smart

      There is literally a gym across the street – City Fitness Gym, which has been in the neighborhood for 22 years and does a fantastic job of actively being involved in the neighborhood and really catering to their clientele rather then just another bougie corporate gym. I highly recommend you and others in the area check them out. In addition there is a Gold’s Gym just up the street at Van Ness and 2 Sport & Health locations in Tenleytown / Cathedral Heights. I really don’t think the area is short on gyms.

      • I’ve been to City Fitness on and off for the past 13 years. The place has outdated equipment, terrible classes, and seems to rely on being the only act in town. Don’t even get me started on how bad that Gold’s is. Both Sport and Healths are great, but not walking distance if you live in Cleveland Park/Woodley.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of these notices popping up lately, which is awesome news. If Bowser has had any influence on this, good for her.

  • It’s just sad that the 4 Fields (Old 4Ps) had to leave; that bar was the secret gem of the city.

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