The Supreme Court this Morning


“Michael DeLeon and Greg Bourke, the lead plaintiffs in Obergefell v. Hodges, and their son Isaiah outside the Supreme Court the evening before arguments”

These photos were taken for PoPville by Lorie Shaull.


“Mary Bonauto gives the thumbs up as she enters the Supreme Court. Bonauto is arguing the case today”



And the below photo was taken by Victoria Pickering:


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  • Can’t help but be nervous about this. The whole idea that someone’s equality should be decided by voters is asinine. But SCOTUS has a recent history of some asinine decisions. Trying to stay hopeful….

  • These pictures brought tears to my eyes. So hopeful that SCOTUS will come out with the right decision.

  • I Dont Get It

    SCOTUSblog is providing *live* updates if you want to follow along

  • I was down there earlier this AM and the energy was great. Unfortunately the anti-gay side felt the need to not only infiltrate the pro-marriage equality rally, but to literally have speakers screaming to drown out the pro-equality message. It was quite a contrast to have, on the one hand, a father from Oregon tearfully talking about adopting his son (who is back in OR with his other Dad), who was considered unadoptable by the foster system and, other other hand, an anti-gay preacher screaming about how we’re all going to Hell.

    • Accountering

      That preacher was at the Caps game last night. Really frustrating and frankly pathetic that people are willing to put so much time into something that has no effect on their lives (anti-gay preacher.) Hopeful that SCOTUS makes the right decision here to recognize our neighbors right to make their own personal decisions.

  • [Sorry, posted this in the Rant/Revel thread before I remembered about this one]
    Super Rant: The Post is reporting that, during this morning’s oral argument, “Justice Scalia said he was reluctant to establish a new right that would be so “unpalatable” to so many people of faith.”
    Now, it’s possible – even likely – that the Post’s reporting is off. But if that’s accurate, I am speechless. Wait – actually, I’m not. We have a Justice on the United States Supreme Court saying that the question of whether something is a fundamental right depends on whether people of faith find it unpalatable? That’s the most outrageous effin’ thing I’ve ever heard. You know what you have when religious mores are the determinative factor in secular law? Sharia law, that’s what, or something approaching it. Unbelievable.

    • Read his dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, which overturned sodomy laws in 2003 (laws that made just being in a same-sex couple grounds for arrest). He insisted on reading it to the courts and noted how many people don’t want to work with, or live near, or interact with the dirty gays. What he asked today was mild in comparison.

    • equal protection only counts if you’re catholic

    • What is interesting is that recent polling shows more American Muslims are supportive of marriage equality than evangelical Christians. Granted, if you asked, fewer evangelical Christians probably would response gays should be stoned to death than fundamental Muslims, but still.

      This is outrageous, but like many of those who think as he does, he is nearly 80 and we shouldn’t have to suffer this absurdity for too much longer.

  • Let’s get this done! Marriage equality for all 50 states!

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