Teens Attempt Tase Dog in NoMa at 6:30pm Last Night

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“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to make you aware of an incident tonight [Thursday]: at around 6:35 pm, I was on M street NE walking from 1st toward North Capitol when I saw a group of three teenage girls.

One of them fired a stun gun at my dog, which thankfully missed. The girl thought it was funny and was doing it as a joke, but if she had hit him, it likely would’ve killed him. I turned around and when I started to move towards the girls, they ran off.

I called the police and filed a report. To the MPD’s credit, I went outside again around 9:30, and there was a cop car parked right in front of where the incident occurred and another up the block plus two officers in my building’s lobby.

Just wanted to make sure people were aware this is a thing dog owners apparently need to worry about now. Has anyone else had problems with teens with tasers in NoMa?”

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  • epric002

    holy shit. that is INFURIATING! so glad you called the cops.

  • Who does sh*t like this?

    • Probably not gentrifiers.

      • But they’re SO frustrated they just HAVE to hurt…. innocent animals

      • Gentrifiers are pretty much by definition homeowners. Homeowners and teenagers have pretty different behaviors regardless of socioeconomics. I’d probably qualify as a gentrifier these days and yet as a teen I did all kinds of bad stuff (but never to animals).
        I’m sure you’re just trying to stir up some shit and are not actually this stupid but I’m obviously commenting anyway.

        • “Gentrifiers are pretty much by definition homeowners.” — that’s not remotely true. But to OP’s point above, they’re definitely not gentrifiers.

        • U r not a gentrifier. U r simply a person with a massive chip on your shoulder justifying your own mid-treatment of animals when u were a fucking moron as a teenager.

      • Growing up in very white, affluent town, I saw rich white teens doing plenty of cruel and horrible things. Teens can be awful creatures regardless of background.

        • agreed that kids and teens are rebellious by nature, and often display a lack of respect for other people/property (certainly not all teens), regardless of demographic. it takes a special kind of a**hole to take it to the next level and cause harm to animals or humans, whether it be muggings, knockout game, or tasing someone’s pet. unfortunately DC seems to have a higher percentage of the latter. i would suggest that’s due to a higher percentage that come from broken homes, or those without adult mentors and authority in their lives. you can make any further correlation you want from there.

        • Really? If you truly believe that’s comparable, go spend a day down at DC Superior Court and hear what the “youths” of DC really get away with, with minimal, if any jail time.

        • Good point.

  • accendo

    Yikes! Thanks for the post to alert people. That’s beyond infuriating.

  • That area of NoMA is incredibly troublesome – specifically from the 200 block of M Street NW to the 100 block of M Street NE. Twice I’ve had stuff thrown at me there: during an ice/snowstorm in February, a group of teenagers was throwing ice/snow balls at people (including me) as we walked down the M Street and just a few weeks ago, another group of teenagers was tossing gravel at me.
    When I stepped off the bus at 2:00 am last Saturday at North Capitol and M Street, NE in front of the Sursum Corda apartment complex, there were no fewer than 50 people standing on the sidewalks and in the street blasting music and smoking weed. I know it’s legalized in DC now, but it was just ridiculous. Would definitely like to see the police step up patrols in the area.


    • You got off a bus in front of Sursum Corda at 2 a.m.?

      • Uber was surging and I took the 96 bus home from U Street. Definitely the last time I do it.

      • see! that is just terrible judgement and I’m not going to say that someone would DESERVE something bad to happen to them for doing that, but…WHAT?! although, I’m in my 30’s, so I have a lot of history of knowing how bad that complex is…

    • I’ve seen stuff like you described every time I’ve gone through that area for the past several years. Well before legalized weed. And remember that it’s still illegal to smoke it on the sidewalk.
      I think that with Capitol Crossing coming a few blocks away, the pressure to redevelop Sursum Corda will become overwhelming in the pretty near future.

      • Tyler House isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, in fact, the owner is in the middle of renovating a good chunk of it. If I recall correctly, they recently re-upped their Section 8 contract as well. (This isn’t to say that Sursum Corda further south can’t be redeveloped.)

        • Are you saying that ANY affordable housing means that a neighborhood will be dangerous? Because that’s just false. I think the issue right now is that there’s way too much of it in one place, SC is terribly managed (if it’s managed at all), and it’s isolated from the rest of the area.

          • Did you not read a single word I wrote above? I’m not sure why you are inferring what you said. I simply commented on the status of TH.

          • Usually when you’re talking or writing to someone, they will assume that your comments have something to do with the larger conversation. Considering that I never mentioned TH (only SC), it was completely reasonable to infer that you were suggesting that all of the housing projects in the area need to go away in order for the area to improve.

          • My comments were in direct response regarding your point about pressure to redevelop SC. (I’m sure that you’re aware of the history of SC and it’s currently-stalled planned redevelopment.) TH is often assumed to be part of SC due to its proximity – the two are often conflated as one. Nothing that I said above would lead a reasonable person to come to your inference; no need to project onto others.

    • That block is directly between my apartment and my office, so I used to walk through it twice a day. I just had too many incidents where I felt unsafe, capped off by an incident where a clearly mentally unwell man grabbed my head while we passed each other, shook me for several seconds, and pulled out a significant chunk of my hair. In that case, the police responded quickly but never found the guy (despite reports that something similar had happened earlier at the Safeway at 5th and L). I now go three blocks out of my way to walk down K Street. It’s unfortunate – I’ve had plenty of pleasant encounters with people in Sursum Corda, and I volunteer at the Perry School nearby and know folks from the neighborhood. But it’s just not worth it.

    • I drove past that earlier in the night (like midnight maybe) and a guy ran in front of my car because a girl was chasing him. That was a lot of people hanging out, which I support, but there were a lot of people in the road and he’s lucky I have quick brake reflexes.

  • YOUTHS! Seriously this makes me so mad. I used to work in NoMa and was never found of the neighborhood. It was relatively safe during the work day but we would get reports of crime after work hours and on the weekends near our workplace. Sorry this happened to you but glad MPD responded.

  • After a number of unpleasant confrontations with groups of black teenagers here in sw, Ive started carrying a collapsible baton when I walk my dogs late at night.

    • I’ve actually never had that experience in SE/SW… but I have an unusual breed so mostly people stop and are like “What IS it?!”

    • Interesting. I would have completely assumed a collapsible baton would be illegal in the District, but a quick read of the code and some case law indicates it’s perfectly legal to possess.

    • Baton? If you use the baton odds are you will lose and will get the living fuck beaten out of you. Cell, mace, and running are probably better for your self preservation.

      • If I could, I’d carry a firearm. You really think Mace and running is the best option? LOL.

        I’ll take my chances.

  • Sursum Corda needs to GO!!!!

    • which really sucks to see/ hear because it was a good program with great intentions

      • I agree on the good intentions part, but I’m not sure it was ever a good program. Failed in about a decade, then spent the next 30+ years as an open-air drug market.

  • It’s almost summer, so these “antics” will only increase. Be prepared and stay safe. Teens in NE love to run amock throughout the summer.

    • I grew up in NW DC. As a teen summer antics of my friends and I included: getting drunk in public, smoking weed in public, tripping in public, urinating in public, assault, mugging, clubbing, drunk driving, stoned driving, tripping driving, vandalism/tagging, smokin wif cigawettes, egging, intimidation and messing with people, panhandling, getting on the bus without paying, jumping the turnstyle, harassing prostitutes and their johns, getting chased off by pimps, GTA, UUV, drug dealing, B&E, shoplifting, etc.
      We were kinda bad, I knew much worse and I knew much better, pretty middle of the pack, almost no one went to jail and most of us went to college and now have families/careers. Teenage “antics” are teenage antics, they know not what they do. But hey, middle class boys will be boys but poor teens from NE better better stay in line cuz if you’re a teen from NE “antics” gets scare quotes and the judge will try you as an adult.

      • …wtf? I also grew up in NW dc and don’t know anyone that committed GTA or committed assault or mugging? surely this must be a joke based on how casually you wrote this as you said you were “middle of the pack”

      • Assault? Mugging? You’re really telling me a teenager has no concept hurting another person is wrong? I don’t buy it. It’s one thing to smoke weed and drink with your friends…it’s another thing to assault someone. That does not qualify as antics. That qualifies as being a terrible person.

      • Mugging, assault, drunk driving, etc….kind of bad? My brothers and I also grew up in DC and managed to do so (in a poor family) without committing any crimes or hurting anyone.

        What exactly do you suggest we do when teens, regardless of socioeconomic status, commit crimes?

      • While these “poor teens from NE” should be punished, you should have as well. Assault and mugging aren’t “teenage ‘antics'”. They are crimes with victims and should be prosecuted.

      • I got plenty drunk as a teen. And did some bone headed things. But never once did I think to hurt another person or tase/torture and animal. These are teen “antics” these are fucking sociopaths. They are a lost cause. Yes I said it. Decades of neglect (not from the schools) from families and complete and total dysfunction. I am so sick of the apologist on this board. “Oh its the schools and society” no it it isn’t. Its a total lack of birth control. Sursum corda is going to be redeveloped but will include the same number of low income units with a mix of “market rate” (whatever that means in that complex). I hope these assholes end up in juvie or jail sooner than later. How soon before they tase another person?

        • Blithe

          If you think that schools and society don’t play a part in today’s community and individual dysfunction, then your experience with schools and society has been very different from mine. The influence of the family is critical and/or at least one consistent, nurturing adult — but in a noxious context, it’s only one factor, that by the teen years, often takes a backseat to peer influences. If you’re not sure what I mean by “noxious context” I can be much more specific.

      • So, just because you sucked as a person when you were a teen, you think it’s fine for others to do the same things that you did? Because as a gainfully employed adult, you surely see how that’s completely moronic, right?

      • You have to be kidding me. Congratulations on being a horrible teenager with no repercussions.
        Really curious about the demographic makeup of this chain of comments, too, because — forget “poor” — if you’re not white you could be killed for doing just one of those things (not even).
        And I’m sorry, but teenagers are smart enough to know when they’re doing something dumb that could hurt themselves compared to doing something that could kill someone else.

        I lived in Barry Farms and I didn’t even do any of that. Except for your standard public intoxication during festivals, and one targeted and very well deserved egging. I would venture to say that’s normal.

      • knowing what dunning-kruger is evidently doesn’t make you immune from it.

  • I am glad that the dog is okay. This makes me so angry. Will be on the lookout as I walk my dog in that area.

  • Omg…I can’t even fathom how someone would think it’s “funny” to do something like that. That is animal cruelty and if that POS had hit your dog I would hope she’d go to jail for it (though I have little faith anything would have happened since we have dismally lax animal cruelty laws and she’s likely a minor).
    Is your dog a small dog? I really have no concept of how powerful a stun gun is. It’s extremely frightening to think it could kill your dog…

    • Stun guns are meant to level people – it can take down a large person. It’s also been known to kill people with heart defects. In my experience, heart defects in animals are even harder to diagnose, so that plus the size issue leads me to believe that ANY size dog would likely be killed by a stun gun.

  • This is probably a stupid question but I honestly don’t know-normal citizens can own stun guns?

    • they arent hard at all to get
      & on the issue, thats messed up & would have most likely sent me into a rage had it been my pet they hit. not cool at all

    • It’s not legal, but it’s no problem at all to obtain one and bring it into the District illegally.

    • Seriously? You can order them online or buy them at some hardware stores.

  • I think I saw these youths last night. They walked backwards onto 1st street and I almost hit them on my bike, when I shouted at them to watch out they yelled things at me, I couldn’t hear what.

  • So I’m thrilled that your dog is ok, and obviously worried about my own dog, but I’m even more worried about my small children. This seems like it could be a pretty major problem. I hope the police interest will continue.

  • Can we talk about the prevalence of stun guns with city youth/thugs? I heard someone jokingly fire one off on a metro. Seems like this is the new fad weapon that fits conveniently between a knife and a gun. Hope there are some tough penalties for those caught carrying but have no clue how they are treated under the law.

    • I had someone fire one (is that the term?) a few feet behind me while walking on 14th Street in Columbia Heights a couple months ago. I tensed up but just started walking faster. Someone yelled at this person from the other side of the street and she laughed loudly and said, “I like my toy!” Definitely freaked me out.

    • Because you can order them online really easily.

  • How do teenage girls get their hands on a taser? So f’d up.

    • Pretty easily: Amazon.com, a friend, someone on the street, a store where its legal (not sure about MD/VA). As a teenager I had brass knuckles, a stun gun, and illegal switchblades. Not that hard.

  • This is so f*cked up. I’m so glad you and your dog are okay. I live just a few blocks north and walk my dog all around this area. I’ve always kind of assumed that the fact I have my dog with me will keep most people from messing with us. But I’ll definitely be more aware.

    I’ve noticed police stationed (on foot patrol) around Sursum Corda and further up N Capitol the last few days.

  • Unreal. I can’t imagine what I would have done if they would have hit my dog with a taser.

  • And how is the bus driver who got tased earlier this week?

    • How could you ask about a regular working human at a time like this? Who are you, Michael Vick?

  • As I see it, the problem or root cause behind most crime here in DC is not gentrification, income inequality, or racism– institutionalized or otherwise. The problem, quite frankly, is a lack of consequences. Regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, bad people, and sometimes even good people, do bad things when they believe they can get away with it.

    Unfortunately, the track record of law enforcement in DC is spotty at best. Sometimes they meet expectations when it comes to serving and protecting the populace, sometimes they don’t. The reality is they have a tough job and like any place of work, you’re going to have good employees and bad ones. The point is that only a fool would rely on them to keep safe at all times. Sure, we could hire enough police officers to have one standing on every street corner, but then everyone would complain about living in a police state, not to mention the high cost to achieve such a sweeping police presence.

    The bottom line is that as citizens, we need to take responsibility for our own safety and protection. That starts with taking common sense and proactive measures to not be a victim, such as not walking around with your smartphone hanging out or earphones distracting you. It’s also why I firmly believe that law-abiding, properly-screened DC residents should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

    In the words of R. A. Heinlein, “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his/her acts with his life.”

    • And how exactly would carrying a firearm have helped the OP in this situation?

      • OP could have shot some humans! To protect the dog, of course.

        • If the fired a taser at you, you are well within your rights to use force, up to and including lethal force, in self defense.

          • Perhaps, but if the dog had been hit by the taze, subsequently shooting the perpetrator wouldn’t have done anything to un-taze the dog.

    • Honestly, the few times I feel unsafe in DC (at least the parts I frequent) have been from teenagers. I figure an adult is at least smart enough to not a long prison term for a small “benefit” – that is, they’re not likely to kill me for my wallet.
      But the teens I see have that “indestructible teen” mentality going, and are just random enough to do something “for a laugh,” like tase a dog to death, or push me in front of a Metro train, or stab me just to show off. I feel safer walking at 9pm than I do when schools get out.
      Maybe the city needs more youth programs, or something to change the culture enough to give them something better to do than harass people for kicks.

    • houseintherear

      Honest teacher moment here: Consequences are becoming fewer and farther between in schools now, and (shocking) it’s creeping into the outside-of-school lives of young ones. For example, in my school (in md) we have a meeting at the end of each school year during which all of the office referrals are discussed, including naming the location of the referral (so basically, the teacher who referred the child). It’s a shaming experience and is clearly presented that way. Issues are to be dealt with in classrooms, not in the office. Over my 12 years of teaching, this has changed the kids in very noticeable ways. This is the case for public schools everywhere, and at this point it almost doesn’t matter what sort of home life they come from… they are learning that there are no consequences. Something to keep in the back of your head… not meant as an explanation or excuse, but it does help understand what’s happening in the kids’ brains when they’re making certain choices.

    • you misquote Heinlein. This quote is from a novel where dueling is legal and men must either open carry or where a colorful sash to show they aren’t man enough to open carry. As usual, a clever joke by Heinlein. I always get a good laugh when unread conceal carry fanatics use it.

  • OP, sorry this happened—your dog could have been badly hurt or killed. The people who should be ashamed are the parents of the girls who would discharge a weapon at a random pedestrian & dog. Possibly the greatest danger, however, is that if the girls had hit the dog or pedestrian and he became violent with them. How stupid can you be. Parents, please do a great job with your kids. Neighbors, please stop making excuses for “antics”. I think we all want to live in a city that’s safe and happy.

    • I’d add, Neighbors, please be pleasant to the kids who live near you. Learn their names if possible, ask them how they’re doing. It’s like anonymous internet posters– there are no consequences for bad behavior, but there’s the potential for a LOL from their hormone-addled peers. They need a moderator, and not a very active one, either. Just knowing that someone is keeping an eye on things makes for a nicer environment all around.

  • I’m so glad your close call was only that! Thank you for the warning. I’ve had some students from Cardozo High School try to punch my dog on three different occasions while he was on my building’s lawn. (I reported them to the school.) I hate that stun guns are something else I have to look out for. I just can’t understand such cruelty!

  • Tasers are illegal in DC anyways. Probably some trash that blew over from PG County, they’re legal to buy and possess in MD.

  • TempleCt

    I was the guy who walked past you when the girls ran off laughing. Wish I knew that I would’ve checked them for u.

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