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  • There’s a cougar in the damn car!

    • LOL
      (I had a friend with one growing up….memories. That car was SWEET. But now I’m old and I think about how bad the fuel efficiency was)

  • Emmaleigh504


  • Were the bumpers pained metal or the original plastic?

  • Let’s get some bitchin’ fajitas and some happy hour sangria, maaaan!

  • I think its a 1970 based on the headlights and front grill, however I’m wondering what happened to the hood scoops. They should be clearly visible on a ’70 GTO. Another gripe are those horrible wheels – they need to be replaced with original Rally II wheels. And don’t even get me started on the paint job!
    In terms of price, a daily driver with non-stock equipment like this one might go for $25k-$30k depending on a variety of factors. If you can pick one up for under $25k then definitely go for it.

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