Support All Souls Outdoor Patio Part Two – ANC Meeting April 15th 7pm

725 T Street, NW

From All Souls Bar facebook page:

“Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Your outcry of support for our proposed patio has been truly amazing and we are thankful for your help. We are also encouraged by the thought of so many sharing our vision and trusting in our commitment to see this through as we’ve discussed.

Tomorrow is the first of several meetings that we will be attending in order to obtain the ANC’s full support and ultimately ABRA’s approval for a change in our liquor license. Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend and make your voices heard in a public forum. If you are an immediate neighbor or a Shaw resident then you can express how the neighborhood truly feels about our plans, but all supporters are invited.

So, tomorrow, April 15th is the ANC’s ABRA committee meeting. It starts at 7:00 pm at the Thurgood Marshall Center at 1816 12th St, NW (Between S and T).

It is a long process, but we believe that we can see this through with your help. Thank you.

David Batista/All Souls”

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  • justinbc

    It’s nice to see a bar / restaurant asking for support and not linking a Kickstarter page.

  • Good luck to All Souls, I hope it goes well for them!
    Relatedly: I was so sad to hear about the end of the fantastic Short Articles About Long Meetings blog. It was a fantastic way for neighbors to keep abreast of important news and prevent some of the petty tyrants on local ANCs from continuing their reign of terror in private. Here’s hoping someone else will step up to shine light on the most useless component of city government.

  • “all supporters are invited.” Valid concerns not welcome.
    “sharing our vision and trusting in our commitment…” This is not a public service this is a bar looking to maximize profits. It’s a bar for crying out loud. Among many bars for crying out loud.
    To truly render ANCs obsolete make it possible to overrule Settlement Agreements with popular vote.
    This whole thing- from the minute All Souls started the process to open a bar there to this patio- is disgusting in its bullying and entitlement, but sadly expected as the modus operandi of the new DC majority.

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