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  • Can’t wait to walk 1 less block for my Subway!!!

  • nice, good to see that corner finally become something.

    From the picture, I’m surprised with how much floor space was in that liitle corner spot.

    • I hope they have seating or the trash will be all over the street. Plenty of litter already.

      • I have never seen a subway with zero seating. Have you? Franchises like Subway, Burger King, etc have certain guidelines that franchisees must follow.

  • west_egg

    Not surprising to see that things are progressing. It’ll be very easy to update the signage (SUNS –> SUBS) and I assume they didn’t want to let an opportunity like that go to waste.
    On a related note, it continues to surprise me that CVS hasn’t snapped up the CC’S Liquor space at 14th & Monroe. I’ve alerted their real estate department several times in hopes of securing some kind of finder’s fee but they never return my calls.

    • Leave CC’s alone! Nicest people in the world. Do you work for CVS? You’ve promoted them before, in threads about long-time family-owned businesses. No one really LIKES CVS.

  • Agreed. Crappy ingredients, that awful smell of chemically-baked bread, nitrates in the meat, etc. They pedal pretend food to people in the name of health.

  • Mount Pleasant ANC something something. Anyone? Anyone?

    • The ANC is not the neighborhood government, and has no say in a matter such as this. If the property owner wants to lease the space to the Subway, and no zoning regulations are violated, then that’s that. The ANC’s permission is not required.

      This is all too commonly misunderstood. The role of the ANC is to “advise” District agencies concerning their proposed actions and policies in our neighborhood. That’s it. If it’s not a District agency action, then it’s not within the purview of the ANC.

      • you’re right Jack. It was a tongue in cheek remark to the usual posters who always want to bring up the old regime’s anti-business stance.

        • Old regime? Did you not follow the recent fiasco in which the ANC tried to hassle the farmers’ market? Jack, who posted here above, was on the correct side of that, and the issue was thankfully resolved (see recent PoPville archives) but believe me, there are still anti-business, anti-gentrification members of the mt pleasant ANC.

  • Yay! I can use the discarded wrappers to pick up dog poop when I forget a baggy.

  • My girlfriend swears by Subway, but didn’t I read that it has as much sodium content as a burger from McDonalds?

    • west_egg

      Cold Cut Combo (Subway): 1,030 mg
      Quarter Pounder (McDonald’s): 1,110 mg
      Hummus Tahina Salad (Sweetgreen): 1,450 mg

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