Storm’s Coming!


@rbksdr tweets us above from H Street, NE and @JimHavard tweets us the shot below:


[email protected] tweets us from Dupont below:


John Groth takes the amazing shot below from Columbia Heights:


@LauraK_Robinson tweets us below:


@Kevin_Barta takes the great shot below from Navy Yard:


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  • Good-sized hail and lots of lightning out in Falls Church City. Subsiding now.

  • I’m stuck at the Charlotte airport waiting for my 4:35 pm connecting flight to leave to DCA. The latest departure time is 9:05, but I’m guessing they’ll push it back again. I want to make it home, but I’m also not trying to fly to Oz…

    • Made it! By the time I got in, it was calm. Seeing these shots, I’m sort of glad about the 5 hour flight delay.

  • Anonynon

    wow amazing shots…glad i didn’t get caught out in that

  • No idea how John got that great shot on his phone. I was standing right next to him on our roof and was lucky to catch it on video and get a screenshot that looked the same. The lightning show was impressive for sure.

  • these are great–john groth’s photo looks like an outline of the north and western portions of the united states!

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