Stabbing in Columbia Heights around 5:30pm

A few readers report via twitter and email:

“There was a stabbing in Columbia heights near the Wells Fargo on 14th at about 530 tonight. My husband saw 3 young males, roughly ages 16-20, dashing across the street right in front of a fire engine on his way home. 10 minutes later on his way to giant for me he saw the same kids jump into a vehicle and speed off. He gave a statement to police, who told him the victim was in the hospital, condition unknown. Just a reminder to everyone to be careful and pay attention to your surroundings!”

Update from MPD:

“There was a robbery around this time at 14th and Park Road NW where the suspect chased the victim and stabbed the victim with a knife in the hip area and took his shoes. The suspect lookout is for a Black male, 6’00” tall with a crooked front tooth and should length dread lock hair style. This offense occurred in the Third District.

If anyone has any information regarding this event, please call the MPD CIC at (202)727-9099 or text at 50411.”

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  • Did anyone in the PoPverse receive an alert about this? I’m signed up for them and this is the second time in a week that I didn’t get an alert. I also never got an alert for the assault on the runner last week.

  • I had just picked my daughter up from ballet class, decided to walk to Target. A cop shouted “Move, crime scene!” just as I was about to step in blood. I was able to shield my daughter from it all but I’m thinking wtf!! I’m so over this bs! I was a few minutes from witnessing this stabbing….with my kid!

  • I wonder if someone got robbed at the Wells Fargo atm?

    • There was also a shooting homicide a few months back in the projects on Columbia between 13th and 14th. Can’t remember the exact date, but I do recall going up on the roof to enjoy the weather and someone up there said they just heard what sounded like gunshots. Followed shortly by cops EVERYWHERE and a helo with searchlight looking for the suspects.

    • Part of it is spring. Everyone becomes active and goes outside more when it’s nice out, including people who stab and shoot other people. Not saying it shouldn’t be addressed, but it is a factor.

      • I know some of the incident above happened during winter, but there have been more incidents as of late.

  • I’ll say it: This one block has 4 vacant storefronts. It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that Councilmember Nadeau, after now 5 months in office, throw her full support and power into business development in Columbia Heights. If more businesses were open, there would be more people on the street and eyes watching out for our community.
    Brianne: I hope you visit the victim in the hospital. This stabbing is on your watch. At 5:30 in the afternoon it could have been any of us.

    • Oh come on. You have no idea what this was about. Of course we all want business development, but it will have about zero or less impact on this sort of young male crime.

    • We all understand that you hate the councilwoman.

      But this idea that with more businesses there would be more people on the street, sufficient that crime would go down, in THIS PARTICULAR location is so ludicrous that it’s comical. This is one of the most heavily trafficked pedestrian areas in DC. I have never seen that particular area be empty of people except in the middle of the night, when your desired businesses would be closed. At 5:30 pm it is positively bustling.

    • OP here… there were dozens of people around – obviously it took place during rush hour and it was a beautiful afternoon with lots sitting on patios and at Tivoli.

      I’m all for better business development in the area but I don’t see how that could have prevented this particular incident.

    • “This stabbing is on your watch”?? Oh puhleeeze…my eyes are gonna roll outta my head.

  • 5:30pm? My Lord. At any point do we feel Brianne Nadeau is going to make combatting crime and public safety an issue she actually leads on?

    • To answer your question, she proudly gloats about vacationing in San Salvador. I’m serious.
      Not exactly the model for public safety I want for Columbia Heights.

      • Are you high? I’ve been to Jordan. That doesn’t mean I want to bring sharia law back with me.

        • Thought only posts things about how Brianne Nadeau is responsible for the downfall of western civilization. They become a bit more radical by the day. I recently vacationed in Laos so obviously I wish to bring communism and questionable dam projects to Petworth.

  • I’m a little perturbed that no alerts went out on this. I’ve seen plenty of incidents involving active police work (i.e. chasing, arrests, responses to physical incidents like assaults and gunshots) and it seems like many of these never get publicly mentioned through social media. Perhaps it would overwhelm the MPD, but it would be nice to know where these incidents are happening — so far, we only learn of those that are actually reported by MPD public affairs, or detailed through this website. Not very useful.

  • Accountering, are you referring to the ridiculous prices they are charging at Graham’s strip club? I went there opening night, paid $15 to get in, then told it is at least $10 a drink. I immediately went to JG to complain and got my money back. Gay men don’t need strip clubs to get off on nudity, esp when it’s the price of 3 drinks at JRs just to get in the door! Or a monthly chat app acct.

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