“Someone was stabbed on my front lawn last night around 130am on the 4000 block of Illinois”

A reader reports:

“Someone was stabbed in my front lawn last night around 130am on the 4000 block of Illinois. Apparently it was a result of some sort of fight. There were lots of police and the victim was taken away in an ambulance.

We woke up to fighting and screaming. It was really crazy — the victim was laying in a pool of blood right inside our gate.

I haven’t seen any police reports either which is odd because there was quite a big police presence plus the ambulance and later a firetruck came to clean up the blood – I think the H St. incident yesterday is overshadowing everything else that happened.”

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  • Yup- bunch of police activity at 7th and S- around 5:30- 10-15 police vehicles and a guy getting arrested.

  • I’m stating to wonder if I should think about selling my house. This violence just keeps increasing and getting worse. Not sure I feel comfortable raising my newborn here anymore.

  • MPD needs to get a grip on this area of Petworth. They say at many community meetings that Ward 4 is so big that it’s hard for them to prevent all crime with their current resources, but maybe they should start taking a look at the maps that have been created showing where shootings and violent crime has been occurring. It’s not totally random and spread throughout the ward. There are distinct nodes that have disproportionate amounts of crime, and this area east of the circle is one of them.

    • *east and southeast of the circle

    • It’s almost as though that MPD (or our elected officials!) believes that if they hold public meetings every time people get concerned or they “engage the community” more; we’ll back off. I’m sorry, but I don’t need more community meetings where the standard answer is “we can’t tell you much.” It’s the same BS answers and nothing changes. We don’t need feel-good meetings, we need results. We need arrests.
      When the community complains, it’s not because we don’t feel like we are getting info from the police. The Listservs do that. It’s because we aren’t happy with the level of service and results.

    • Really? I live in this area (within a half block of 4000 IL) and I’ve always felt this particular part of Petworth (in particular the 300-400 blocks of Shepherd and Randolph and surrounds on IL, RCC and 4th/3rd) are among the quietest, most peaceful in the neighborhood. Other than a very rare package theft (1 in 10 years) I haven’t experienced any crime, and the first few years I lived here aside hearing gun shots or hearing of robberies in the area is very rare.

      I’ve lived here for a decade and can count on a hand the number of times I’ve felt legitimately unsafe, and one of those times was a windstorm 🙂

    • I’ve heard cops talk about deploying officers and resources in a specific area, and unfortunately it just leads to a “whack-a-mole” problem – criminals will just leave the area police are targeting and move to a nearby place with less heat.

  • If this was happening west of the park, you can bet that there would be a robust response from the city.

  • The good thing is the vast majority of this violence is not random. But this is still unacceptable. MPD needs to allocate more resources to ward 4 and be proactive about stopping crime.

  • Good to see some info on this. I live a block away and didn’t hear anything, but woke up around 2 when a police car came by. I saw two cop cars and an ambulance in the few minutes I watched.

    These blocks of Illinois Ave., from Rock Creek Church Road to Grant Circle are very close knit and very safe, so an incident like this one doesn’t make me want to move, or really even alarm me. The odds that the victim was a random person out on a stroll at 1:30 AM are tiny and we all know that violence spikes when it starts getting warmer outside and again in the summer.

    There’s always going to be violence in the city, but despite these periodic blips, Petworth is much safer than it was ten years ago and is trending in a safer direction. It sucks that this stabbing happened and I hope the attacker gets caught and locked up, but it doesn’t sway my desire to stay in my house one bit.

    • I agree 100%.

    • Yes, it feels almost callous to me to say “I’m not alarmed.” But I’m not. I am very sorry for the person who was stabbed, and I hope for their complete recovery.

      But I have no fear whatsoever that I am going to be stabbed while walking in this part of Petworth (or really any part of Petworth really). There are a few blocks (not in this immediate area) where I would worry a bit about being robbed if I was out alone and late (like 1:30 am late, not 9 pm late), but that’s not something that alarms me so much as inconveniences me very occasionally and results in a $10 cab ride.

      • I am the one who reported this and I too am not concerned about the neighborhood. I just thought that it was something people should know about, especially in case they noticed the activity in the night and were curious. While the incident was disturbing and awful, I do not feel any less safe than I did when I went to bed last night.

  • I am afraid when the hot weather or summer months arrive, crime will be out of control in parts of Ward 4. At present, we don’t have a Ward 4 Councilmember advocating on our behalf to get more public safety resources, and I don’t think the D.C. Council At-Large members are too involved with constituent services. However, we have some good police officers at the Metropolitan Police Department. According to the Police Chief, there’s a serious shortage with personnel patrolling on the streets of Washington.

  • In the 2 years I have lived on 4th between Taylor and Upshur there has been a murder on 5th and Sheppard, a few shootings near 3rd and Upshur, a few shootings just North of Grant Circle, seen multiple drug transactions (day and night) by the group of guys that hang out on 4th and Taylor, and now a stabbing on 4th and Illinois.

    I too feel a bit disconnected from the crimes but once my child is born in a few months, I think I might start feeling differently.

    • with honest respect, why do you still live there?

      • Like I said, I feel somewhat disconnected from the crimes. All of the shootings and murder happened for specific reasons and were not opportunistic. So the only way me or my family would be involved if there was collateral damage. My biggest concern are people who hang out at 4th and Taylor who sell drugs. They bring an element of violence and randomness to an otherwise decent area.

        • Did you have your bike stolen recently, DCWG? And were told it was by someone on Varnum? Your story sounds familiar.

    • The area of Taylor and 4th in particular has had its problems forever unfortunately. It’s the one spot in the immediate area that tends to have problems.

      When I bought my house 10 years ago I looked at a few in the 300 block of Taylor, but I didn’t like the vibe, and sadly some of the problematic elements that were there then remain today.

      Otherwise, as the map Guillermo posted above illustrates that little SE corner of Petworth is very calm and quiet.

      • I really like that house at 4th and Taylor with the awesome green Land Rover outside. Love that house! (and that car!)

  • It’s the alley on 4th between shepherd and taylor. Closer to taylor. It has dealers 24/7 and gets large crowds on a regular basis. And i mean every other night. It’s a big party hangout. They are free to do whatever they please. It’s really bad right now and the violence seems to be growing. Typical summer stuff unfortunately. Informing the police doesn’t have any real effect. maybe 4th district boundaries need to change.

  • We’re on 3rd and Varnum. We’ve had packages stolen, but that was our fault. We didn’t realize how bad of a problem that was still, were out of town, and didn’t have anyone checking on our place. Good thing we know all our neighbors know and know that someone will look out for us!

    When we were considering buying our home, we met our neighbors, came at different times of the day to check out the neighborhood, and thought we were fine. Varnum is such a quiet street, except for the people who fly down it, the residents of the group home next door to us, the break-ins across the street, the semi-automatic gun that was fired off in our alley a few months ago, and of course, all the the crime that is happening around us.

    My husband wishes we hadn’t bought this home and I feel guilty every day that I was the one who pushed for it…

    • HOWEVER, I have confidence in this area. Ledroit Park/Shaw wasn’t perfect when we moved there three years ago, and it was an influx of new/newly renovated homes and businesses that turned it around. And I see that happening with Petworth now. Slowly, but happening.

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