New Restaurant from Owners of El Chucho, Bar Charley, Jackie’s etc coming to Petworth – Now Called Slash Run – Opening in May

201 Upshur Street, NW

Finally an update to J ‘n G Tavern former home to El Limeno and briefly La Joya Steakhouse across the street from the Hitching Post! It’s now going to be called Slash Run (will still feature burgers and everything else we spoke about last time – and new opening date is planned for May!! Stay tuned.

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  • Slash Run? I’m unfamiliar with the reference, and nothing comes up on Google. Sounds a bit ominous to me!

  • Hmm, that’s a bit of an unfortunate name given the British slang meaning of the word “slash.” However, I’m happy to see that space get turned around – it’s been vacant for far too long.

    • That is EXACTLY what I just thought….. hmm, is it a public toilet? Not, oh cool name.

    • Yeah, Slash Run…love Jackie and Gordon; do not love the name. Glad that the Quarry House fire is apparently not slowing them down on other developments. (I’ll miss ol’ Quarry House.)

    • We’re not in England, are we?

      A lot of sayings mean a lot of different things around the world. Nothing new.

      • Yes, but then we are not precious and special.

      • +1. And I spend a fair amount of time with Brits, but I don’t automatically think “pee” when I hear the word “slash” — I think of the action one might perform with a machete, or the guitarist from Guns N Roses.

    • Here in America, Slash means awesome guitarist who may or may not have eyes.

  • These are the same folks that are supposed to open Little Coco’s in the old Rib Pit spot at 14th and Randolph. Anyone know what’s going on with that space? I’m looking forward to Slash Run but I hope it doesn’t mean that Little Coco’s isn’t happening!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Little Coco’s is still coming it just has a much more extensive renovation required so it’ll open after this one. Stay tuned for updates!

    • Kudos to them opening up Little Coco’s on 14th. Such a great location with multiple new residential developments set to deliver and some already established places like Red Derby, Lyman’s and Taqueria Habenero. Anyone looking to open a retail business or restaurant, check it out! There are several places for rent/lease/purchase near Red Derby.

      • I’m starting to think the anon who always posts about the upper 14th area is a schill for one of the new condo developments up there. No offense anon, if I’m not correct 🙂

        • Sorry! Not a condo development guy. I live on Ramdolph just off 14th St. Just a neighbor who believes in its potential. I don’t think upper 14th St gets the attention it deserves.

          • It’s not upper 14th. That’s somewhere north of Military. Try Upper Columbia Heights. [This comment intentionally sucks.]

  • So excited!

    There’s so much going on with Upshur, but most of it is down by Georgia.

    This place is right around the corner from us!

  • Very exciting, I hope we see this type of development up on Kennedy Street in the nearish future.

  • Fantastic!! I’ll be there.

  • will they have good veggie options?

    • I hope so! I’m expecting at least one veggie burger just because it’s suppoed to be a burger place, but restaurant veggie burgers are usually disappointing. I’d really like to see at least 1 good veggie burger that isn’t mushy and has flavor, but I’d also like to see some creative veggie dishes that are more than just carbs and cheese.

    • Bar Charley has has a veggie burger on the menu since it opened (of 3 burger options). It was previously a zucchini burger, which tasted great but wasn’t super structurally sound. The new one is a portabello burger (which I haven’t had, but tend to never order…) Given that El Chucho also has veggie options, I am sure they will have something at this place.

  • I was hoping they would make some serious improvements to the exterior. But if they are opening in May its not likely. that building is a total eye sore right now.

    • Really? I think a fresh coat of paint, removing the faux Spanish tiles from the front facade roof and pulling off the window bars would be very easy/fast and would do a world of good for the appearance. Total eye sore might be a bit of a stretch.

      • I agree with you. But as of earlier this week, the facade looks exactly the same as this photo. And with a planned opening in 4 or 5 weeks it seems like something would have happened by now. I love her other place and was hoping for something like that. No matte I am still thrilled to have something on that end of upshur.

    • I agree. I live around the corner and have been eagerly watching and waiting for some love on the curb appeal of La Joya. They’ve done a nice job on their other restaurants creating colorful, welcoming facades – hopefully they will do the same here.
      I am super excited that this buger/beer tavern is really going to open!

      • This. They have a great track record–I’m not too concerned they’ll leave the place looking like is it now or only make the barest of improvements. Thank you Jackie & Gordon for all your investment in our neighborhood!

  • If there staff will have the same attitude as the pretentious hipster jerks that turned chucho from a nice place to a crappy establishment two years ago then I’m not interested…

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