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  • The outside looks a lot nicer than the old location. I don’t love fast food, but I am happy this provides a cheaper eating option on 14th. Also, who am I kidding? Who doesn’t love fried chicken?

  • And every dog in the area is excited for the chicken bone free for all

    • It’s a real hazard for dogs. There’s the risk of internal injury from a sharp bone fragment and (I believe) also the risk of getting worms or other parasites from old food sitting on the ground.

    • Chicken bones are the bane of my existence. My dog is really good at finding them and they are soooo dangerous.

    • You don’t have to be anywhere near a fast food chicken restaurant to have your dog find multiple chicken bones in this city.

  • Thank God. That place is a wasteland for affordable food.

  • brookland_rez

    Just when you thought 14th St was going to be all small plate restaurants, fast food is returning. I agree this looks a lot nicer than the old one. And no obnoxious drive-thru. I do like Popeye’s fried chicken.

    • Agree. It’s great to have this option. I think my last meal from the old one was after a day of moving into our current place in the heat. That was the best it’s ever tasted.

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