Shots Fired in Columbia Heights


A reader reports (as well as numerous others who tweeted to @PoPville)”

“7 shots fired on 15th between Euclid and fuller. Shots fired directly at suv. Shooter believed to be on foot. Shots heard at 8:42”

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  • There’s a lot of police activity out there tonight!

  • This is my block and there is one house that has been routinely targeted by gun shots and other vandalism in my 4 years living here. The residents of the house sit on the porch (complete with a refrigerator, couches and other accoutrements to make it a porch bar/lounge) every day using drugs, drinking and conducting whatever “business” it is that they are in — without consequence. Just spoke with the detectives and, per usual, the residents of the home are unwilling to talk to them. #statusquoinDC #sofrustrating

    • If they are doing this in a public spot and you can see it, why not just turn a webcam onto it. Dropcam has made much of this stuff far more interesting.

    • Yea I thought the same thing. This is my block too, and considering no one was in the suv I don’t understand why it was being shot at. If you look at the flight patch the bullets take, it looks like they were aiming for that house. It’s scary to think if I was on the wrong side of the street that could have easily hit me. I also don’t think the owner of the suv is anywhere near the car at the time. Have there really been multiple shootings on this block before.?

      • Have you contacted your council member? This is unacceptable by MPD. I don’t understand why they don’t do more to go after these long term problem houses. We have a similar house near us in Petworth. I was told to contact the Attorney General. So frustrating.

      • Unfortunately, yes, this house been targeted several times with gunfire. Most recently (maybe 8-9 months ago) from the back (Ecuador Alley) and from the front/15th St. about a year and a half-2 years ago. I agree with the 10:17am comment that we, as neighbors, should contact our council member and/or police, apart from the shootings, I’m not actually sure they are doing anything that is breaking a law. Despite having many [intoxicated] people on that porch, they aren’t loud and they stay on the porch so they aren’t technically drunk in “public”. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a lot faith that anything would be done and am scared of retaliation.

      • Unfortunately, yes, this house been targeted several times with gunfire. Most recently (maybe 8-9 months ago) from the back (Ecuador Alley) and from the front/15th St. about a year and a half-2 years ago. I agree with the 10:17am comment that we, as neighbors, should contact our council member and/or police, apart from the shootings, I’m not actually sure they are doing anything that is breaking a law. Despite having many [intoxicated] people on that porch, they aren’t loud and they mostly stay on their porch/steps so they aren’t technically “drunk in public” or breaking those types of laws. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a lot faith that anything would be done and am scared of retaliation.

  • I’ve been in the neighborhood over a decade which is a lot longer than most of my neighbors, although certainly there are others who have lived here far longer. There are less frequent shootings than there used to be and I haven’t heard of shootings between rival gangs in what seems like 5 years (although I haven’t been keeping track so perhaps it is not that long, or maybe it’s longer). Nonetheless, as another commenter has mentioned, there is this one house appears to be a problem because it seems like they are running a business of some kind — a lot of hanging out on that front porch at all hours of the day and night regardless of the season…I would not be surprised if someone in that house was the intended target for this shooting.Overall I feel safer than I used to but I think this is the end of my walking after dark on 15th St.

    • I live there too. I know that house. I get catcalled by the men hanging on the porch of that house too often. I always choose to pass by that house from the opposite side of the street, but I still get catcalls. Gross. I think we need more policing on 15th st considering all the car break-ins and now this. Distressing to say the least.

  • So frustrating and infuriating. We have a couple of houses like that in our neighborhood too. I fantasize about all of the neighbors pitching in to hire a private security company to sit in front of the houses 24/7.

  • I am a new resident of this block and it was very odd to come home after dinner to a taped off block with police everywhere.

  • Hi, I also live on this block. These guys are absolutely the only thing wrong with what is a wonderful neighborhood. The reason they stay on the stoop is because one of them has been on house arrest forever… Check and see– both ankles have monitors. They have an illegal structure in their backyard which my building (next door) has been trying to have taken down for years. They don’t comply, and the city gives up. There is a similar house that was a major problem on 17th and Euclid. Y’all know which one I am talking about. The cops sit outside there all day and at night they shine a bright light directly onto their stoop. I think we as a block should come together to try to petition for similar action. If you are all interested, let me know and I will coordinate.

  • I guess what concerns me most is that this is repeating. Like how many times does a house have to be targeted before someone gets hit with cross fire? Like someone could have easily been on the sidewalk / bike lane. I agree, until last night I thought the street was pretty safe. But if this is happening every 8.5 months, that is kind of alarming. Its only a matter of time until someone innocent gets hit. Was anyone ever hit before / what was the prior damage.

    I saw the owner of the SUV return and felt pretty bad. He worked at five guys, got off a late shift and didnt expect this at all. I’d be willing to take some kind of action, if there was any that could be done, which is doubtful.

    With the recent comments, I feel like Stringer Bell lives in this house.

  • When the nuisance house patrol zeroes in on them they better start packing. Wonder who owns the house and what the city can do.

  • I have nothing to say.

  • The police last night seemed to indicate that they were well-aware of drugs being sold out of that house. It is extremely concerning that they haven’t taken any action, especially considering they deal in broad daylight on the porch.

  • The well-reported story behind 17th and Euclid folks is that Janet Reno took the house via eminent domain. The owners of the house got attorneys from a local non profit, fought the ruling, and one. The house now has a weird ownership structure. However the family continues to live there and are litigious when they need to be (thanks to those do gooder attys they have). The cops put in a camera and bright light aimed at their house, but that’s about all they can do.

    I encourage folks to look at that precedent when considering options regarding the house 15th street.

  • A similar thing happened in our blocker earlier this week. The police said it was just firecrackers although there was a witness who saw someone running away and my neighbor had her windshield replaced because of a bullet hole while parked. There was even a shell in her car.

  • This article should be required reading for anyone who has posted or thought about posting a comment on this thread:

  • This isn’t the same house under discussion….. But thanks for your two cents!

    • Re read the comments. The residents of 1701 and the house on 15th are both lumped into the same class of undesirables by other residents ignorant of our neighborhood’s history, or who have economic incentives to kick them out. In which case, the house at 1701 is an excellent example of the wrong approach to take (as someone else noted for entirely different reasons). No one here seems to think nor care that there may be a larger structural problem leading to the shooting that happened the other night. It’s just people of color drinking, doing dope, and basically being what people of color do.

      Thank god Baltimore is so far away.

      • Paranoia & Ignorance,
        Perhaps you don’t live in the area and I don’t think anyone except for your posts has alluded to race as the reason behind neighborhood concern. Don’t make it a race thing when it is a completely different issue. You might want to learn all the facts before jumping in on a serious discussion on an ongoing, chronic problem of drug use, gunfire, harassment, and property neglect.

        • I do live in the neighborhood and have for going on 4 years. That house is less than a few hundred feet from where I live. Let’s look back over some comments:

          Comment at April 29, 2015 at 10:11 pm, automatically assumes that house is the cause of the shooting, but based on what evidence? Just because there are people sitting out on the stoop drinking and apparently doing drugs? Walk down Euclid on a warm eve and there are at least two or three places you can see young white people playing music, drinking, and generally being a noisy nuisance. Last Friday I counted at least two house parties going on well past 9pm. No one seems to mind.

          Comment by Resident of 2639 15th brings the call to arms, with a reply by 15th St Resident who says that the advice given to them by the police to call 911 whenever you see them on the stoop as being “insane.” Why is that insane? If they pose a genuine threat, wouldn’t you call 911?

          Last but not least, on race not being an issue here. Comments on April 30, 2015 at 11:43 am, April 30, 2015 at 12:14 pm, and April 30, 2015 at 12:18 pm mention black characters from “The Wire.” Please explain how these are not racial comments.

          Clearly the hive mind here believes that house is a threat, not only because of the people on the stoop, but also a structure in the backyard that a neighbor doesn’t like. Don’t forget the cat calls. Building a legal case against the people at that house through documented police calls clearly isn’t necessary. We’ve all made the collective decision that that specific house is the source of all our problems on 15th St, with what really amounts to nothing more than circumstantial evidence.

          • Dear Paranoia & Ignorance, I’m confused. Do you resent neighbors who care about their community and want a safer place to live? There has been no discussion of race in this conversation and if you actually lived in the neighborhood you would know that any comparisons to the Wire are actually factually (racially) inaccurate. Let’s not make a safety issue into anything other than that.

            The evidence is NOT circumstantial. Putting aside for the moment the fact that the house has been shot at multiple times over the last few years because you view that as “circumstantial” (speak with the 3rd District Police and perhaps you will have a different view), it is public record that a resident of the house has been previously arrested for carrying an unregistered weapon; the home has been raided by the police who, presumably, had a warrant which suggests probable cause; and anyone who walks by that house can observe (what was up until a few weeks ago illegal) drug use at virtually any time of day.

            Apart from the issue of this house, our neighborhood has seen the sexual assault of a jogger near Meridian Hill Park last week, a shooting last night at 13th & Harvard last night, and countless other crimes large and small that collectively, we are tired of.

            If you find it offensive that neighbors are looking for practical and proactive solutions to make their homes and families safer, then don’t participate. But don’t criticize and falsely accuse those who care about where they live and want to find ways to make it safer. Quite simply, it makes you the ignorant one.

  • AMEN Anon! It is about the disregard of respect in multiple ways to your neighbors in a most deliberate intent.

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