Shooting Last Night in SW

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting-2328 hours_200 block of I Street SW_no lookout”

Area ANC Rep @RachelReillyC tweeted:

“For the second time tonight. Gun shots earlier as well.”

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  • Because it was warm outside last night, I heard these shots very clearly. This is actually this first time I’ve ever heard gun shots and knew exactly what they were. It was terrifying and It wasn’t even that close to me. This is ridiculous and unsettling.

  • If you look at ShotSpotter, there are often gun shots on this block. In the time that I’ve lived at an apartment building nearby, I’ve witnessed a shooting and seen the after effects of several. What I find so surprising is that the police station is less than 2 blocks away and there are always cops nearby.

    • Is the shot spotter information available somewhere? I’ve only ever seen the data from the old FOIA request. That information ends in early 2013.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      How do you look at ShotSpotter maps? I didn’t realize that was publicly available.

      • The data prior to March (?) 2013 was made available after a FOIA request. There’s some analysis on WaPo and elsewhere. You can also download the original data. After the successful FOIA MPD still declined to release the data on an ongoing basis. To get it I suppose would require another FOIA.

  • unfortunately this is likely tied to the massive public housing project right there. time to redevelop Green Leaf into a mixed income, mixed use neighborhood for everyone.

  • Heard it and my wife thought it was firecrackers–it was a TON of shots, to the point that I wonder if it was two people shooting at each other. There were sirens immediately. The poor interaction between MPD and the Housing Authority police (mostly not MPD’s fault) is one problem in the area. Another challenge is when shooting victims in other cases nearby have refused to cooperate with police; MPD says they know who shot someone a few blocks away this January, but the victim won’t talk to them.

    • Fear of reprisal is real. In Baltimore some years ago, a house reported drug dealing on their corner, and the dealers burnt down the house killing everyone; a whole family with young kids. It sucks, but I cannot fault somone for putting their safety first.

    • Live at Capital Park Plaza and there must have been at least 10 shots. Really sounded like firecrackers. Just glad that no one got hurt and that police got there very fast.
      Noticed that there has been an uptick of gunfire (though luckily few injures) in the neighborhood since last fall. It really does seem to be very much centered on the public housing across the street.

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