Free hot dogs, popcorn and Shinola Cola in Logan Circle Saturday

1534 14th Street, NW

From an email:

“This Saturday, April 11Shinola – known for its handcrafted, American-made watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals and pet accessories – will offer complimentary hot dogspopcorn & Shinola Cola (while supplies last) at its bustling 14th Street storefront, starting at 12 pm.

Washingtonians will also have a chance to shop Shinola’s classic sporting goods collection, featuring retro-style bats, gloves and leather baseballs.”

Haute Dogs and Fries
free hot dogs provided by Haute Dogs and Fries

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  • I’m probably their target demographic, but am totally confused by this place. Never opposed to a free hot dog though; they got that one right.

  • brookland_rez

    But are the hot dogs organic, free range, and nitrite free?

  • Anonynon

    the cheapest thing in there is a leather iPhone case that will run you about $100.

  • My financee bought me a Shinola watch for Xmas when they did their pop-shop on 14th. It’s a beautiful timepiece as a starter watch or for somebody who is interested in watches, yet won’t spend into the $1000s.
    I’ve noticed more and more people wearing Shinolas, including both guys who did the Best Bars in DC hour long show on Esquire Channel on Wednesday.

  • I am definitely in their prime customer demo, but even I can’t fathom why anyone would spend the absolute fortune necessary to buy anything that they sell. When (as Lany pointed out below), the cheapest and most utilitarian thing you sell is a $100 leather cell phone case or dog collar. Their bike prices are laugh inducing. They bike their bikes from a company called Waterford Cycles, add the Shinola sticker and double the price. You’d be better off just buying it from Waterford if a heavy steel “vista cruiser” type bike is your thing.

    But hey, they have opened a ton of stores worldwide so there is obviously enough customers out there.

    • Waterford makes amazing bikes. Perhaps the shinola design is the problem.

    • I’m guessing that you’re probably not in their target demographic if you’re unwilling to pay what they’re asking for these products. I think they’re going after people with large amounts of disposable income who will plop down thousands for something simply because they regard it as fashionable, without concern for quality. Clearly cities such as DC have people like this in large numbers.

  • Checked out the spot today. Can’t believe they have $500+ watches just lying around in open cases and no security. Smash and grab forthcoming.

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