Shaw’s Tavern Ownership Change Official – Will Keep the Same Name, New Chef Coming, and a 2nd Floor Too!

520 Florida Ave, NW

Last month we learned that the ownership group of Front Page planned on buying Shaw’s Tavern. It’s now official. From an email:

“The DC Restaurant group [The Front Page, The Madhatter, Bottom Line, Café Soleil, Cedar and EPIC Yoga]has taken ownership of Shaw’s Tavern as of 12pm Tuesday. ​The group plans to remain open during the transition of ownership as well as operating under the same name. We are in the midst of hiring a new Chef but I can tell you we will continue to highlight the brick oven pizzas. We also will be making some slight cosmetic changes to the second floor as well as building a new second floor bar. We will be using the second floor as an extension of the main floor dining space as well as using it for private functions.”

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  • Please replace the missing cornice around the top of the building. That small change would make it look a million times better!

    • x1,000. That has bugged me since the place opened. It’s like they paid so much attention to detail when restoring this building, but just stopped before it was finished. And I hope this place ends up being a lot better than The Front Page. I’ve never had a good meal there.

  • It’s about to get worse. The food at each of the places that restaurant group owns is the worst.

  • justinbc

    There’s already a second floor. With a bar.

    • I thought that wasn’t legal for some reason.

      • justinbc

        It might not be, that would explain why it looks so disjointed. But we’ve definitely gotten service up there before. The whole place kind of seems like a disaster, so hopefully new management can do something better with it, even if their previous track record isn’t outstanding.

    • LOL yeah I was confused at that too…I’ve been to that upstairs bar!

  • Please don’t put rat traps under the patio tables!

  • Maybe they can at least serve good bar food and a decent brunch with some omelets, basic egg dishes, home fries, etc. Shoot for Stoney’s or Diner level, instead of the odd, overpriced, bizarre mish-mash of dishes and bad service, and it could be a solid neighborhood joint.

  • If anything, they should really be downplaying their relation to Front Page and the Mad Hatter.

  • Shaw’s Tavern is one of the best places in Shaw. Friendly staff, good decent food and love the atmosphere . Front page guys please don’t change a good thing! We need this in our neighborhood. All of these other places in Shaw are over rated!

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