Scarlet Oak from owners of Southern Hospitality will have 75 seat sidewalk cafe in Navy Yard

909 New Jersey Avenue, SE

Back in January we learned that Scarlet Oak was shooting for a mid-May opening:

“Same partnership group as Southern Hospitality (SoHo) in Adams Morgan will be opening Scarlet Oak. We have hired a new Exec. Chef for both SoHo and Scarlet Oak he previously worked at Red Hen and Proof – there will be some carry-over from the new SoHo menu.”

They’ve now posted their liquor license placard:

“New American fusion restaurant. Seating inside premises is 81. Total load inside premises is 120. Sidewalk Cafe with seating for 75.”

Updates when they have an exact opening date.

New Jersey and K Street, SE

Right near the future Whole Foods just ahead (behind the new brown building) and the Capitol peeking out in the background:


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  • So what’s the verdict on Southern Hospitality? They look like they’re doing well, but I don’t know anyone who has ever eaten there.

    • I would say their food is an overall “meh.” I went for a birthday dinner and got the chicken and waffles. The chicken was a bizarre chewy chicken cutlet. Not what I expected when someone serves chicken and waffles.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The chicken and waffles are gross, but the burgers are good. They also have tasty fried green tomatoes. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve had there except the chicken and waffles. They also have these really awesome coffee shots they do for larger groups or big events. Next to no booze in the shots, but so tasty!

    • I went a few times just after they opened and the food was so horrible, I haven’t been back. My dog liked it though because he got to eat the awful steak I couldn’t eat and instead brought home for him. The news about them hiring a new executive chef is great. I’m hoping the food improves and it becomes a viable option in the neighborhood.

  • I live right around the corner and love the vibe of this place. The brothers that own it are fantastic and their bartending manager, Wilmont, is always on his game. I haven’t tried TOO many things on the menu, mainly because I stick to my faves like the shrimp and grits and sweet potato fries with brown sugar sprinkled on top. They do have an awesome burger and delicious salads though. I was in this weekend and learned that SoHo was actually voted number two best brunch in the district.. only second to Founding Farmers and beating out Le Diplomate! Definitely worth a check out, I think it gets missed being at the top of 18th but it’s a spot I always like to go to grab a glass of wine and chat with the neighbors during the week.

  • I’ve been here a ton and love the steak salad. Bartenders are friendly and the food has vastly improved with the new chef. The chicken and waffles are not great but everything else is pretty solid.

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