Robbery Gun right by Eastern Market Metro just before 12:30pm

@DCPoliceDept tweets just before 12:30pm:

“Robbery Gun in the 700 block of D Street, SE. (3) B/Ms, 16-20 years old.(1) Black shirt, armed with a gun (2)Gray shirt, (3)Red sweater”

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  • Who the **** does this? Must have been people everywhere!

    • 3 black males ages 16-20. It says so right in the tweet.

    • There is usually police parked around there. Usually at the corner of 8th and D but sometimes closer to the metro plaza. Crazy. I hope they catch these mofos and put them away.

    • I always wonder that when crimes happen around here. Last night around 8:30pm a guy was robbed on my block just north of here. There are always at least a couple people walking up/down that block, until at least midnight.

  • Teenagers that’s who.

  • Maybe the idea is to get people when they least expect it?

  • These people are hot messes.

  • I know it’s the least important aspect of this news – but why does the DCPD tweet “Robbery Gun?”

    • Because Twitter has a character limit and so you need to find ways to abbreviate, and because no reasonable person could misunderstand this?

  • The correct name for DCPD is MPD. They use “robbery gun” to indicate the weapon. It could be “robbery knife” or anything else.

    • Yes, I understand the concept they are trying to communicate, but why not use some punctuation? Robbery-Gun, or Robbery:Knife. Same number of characters, but doesn’t read “Robbery Gun.”

      I know it’s not an important comment to make about this news – but it just looks… dumb.

      • I mean to be honest that’s the smallest possible problem with MPD’s public communications about crimes like this. It’s not just that the tweets are unclear (in this case it was fine, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out what’s going on), but that there’s not any other information that it connects to in near-real time. All you have is the garbled shorthand tweet.

        If you compare it to the comms/social media presence of Seattle PD, for instance (, MPD’s efforts are a bit weak. Obviously Seattle is a rare example of someone doing it well, but I’d love to see more from MPD.

        • I wholeheartedly agree. My nit-picking grammar was due to my not wanting to stir up too much backlash too abruptly – and I do realize MPD has budgetary and other concerns beyond their twitter account.

          I’m also a little confused about what, exactly, the purpose of the descriptions are. I think that by the time someone happened to see such a tweet, even a few minutes after the tweet (which is at best a few minutes after the crime) – the people could be long gone. And I’m not about to suspect the hundreds of “black males, vaguely under 20, in a black shirt” in the Metro area at any given time. And if I see someone running around with a gun, I’m not going to ‘not’ call the police because he was wearing a BLUE shirt.

          After scrolling through Seattle PD’s tweets – they seem to not bother with useless descriptions. When, where, and what happened is all a citizen needs to know (arguably). Or better still – that there has been an uptick/reduction in violent crime in locations x,y,z in the past 3 months, and [this] is the MPD response to it/role in having reduced it. Vague descriptions fitting hundreds of citizens don’t seem to be helpful.

          • If I were in the area and saw three people wearing the three shirts described here, I think I’d be on higher alert to watch out for them or direct an officer their way (even if I don’t see a gun). Not the best description but not useless in this case.
            And if there were a recent robbery/shooting etc in my neighborhood or near my office and someone could tell me “he was in X area wearing a blue shirt and looks to be about 16,” I’d think that would be nice to know if I happened to be out at the time.

  • OK, this has gotten absolutely ridiculous. For the past two months there has been an alarming increase in street crime in this area. Groups of “juveniles” have been assaulting and robbing pedestrians on 7th ST SE, a week or so ago on 6th St. SE, last night a man was mugged and assaulted by three juveniles on 9th St. SE just a few blocks from here. And now one in the middle of the freaking day right at a busy intersection. All we ever get from MPD is that they are doing everything they can, and all their enablers on this site and elsewhere lecture us about how the police can’t be everywhere all the time. Yet a string of assaults and muggings in a five-block radius over several weeks seem to elude their crime prevention capabilities?

  • The description is very useful. If you’re familiar with the area, you’d know that there’s a charter school around the corner, and the students’ uniforms are black, red, and gray shirts.

  • This is 1 block away from where my car was broken into around 6:00 pm one evening. It took MPD an hour to show up and the cop never even got out of his vehicle. Not that this kind of thing never happened before, but I wholeheartedly believe their apathy is making the situation in the Eastern Market area so much worse.

  • Linc Park SE

    happy DC Emancipation Day!!

    No school today- so prob not in school uniforms.

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