Rito Loco hoping to open on Cinco de Mayo

606 Florida Ave, NW

A long awaited update from the Rito Loco folks:

“We will finally began construction on the store and hope to be open by Cinco de Mayo.”

And they tweet us the proof:


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  • LOL I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Awesome. Can’t wait.

  • This is going to be like Fishnet, much anticipation, always empty.

    • Too bad Fishnet didn’t go with some stupid concept like Peruvian Dumplings and Cognac instead of making good seafood and having nice service.

  • I had the rib ‘rito from their truck, and it was amazing.

  • Full disclosure: I am a bit of a Burrito Snob

    I just dont find the food to be that good- I had the OG and it tasted like a Grilled Stuffed Burrito from T- Bell. I had the Mojito, it was okay if not dry. And I had the Rib one, it too was just “okay”. The salsas were Okay, and the chips tasted like Tostitios. My assumption is that with a Brick and Mortar they will be able to leverage menu options not available to them on the truck but I just guess I’m “meh” on it; and yea that place was supposed to be opened sometime last year- so like a previous comment said, Ill believe it when I see it.

  • Hopefully they put better care into their food than they did with their sidewalks over the winter. Didn’t do a thing to clear them off, and left an incredibly icy, dangerous situation for the large number of people from Bloomingdale and LeDroit heading to the Shaw Metro.

  • I had their veggie burrito and thought it was great! Very fresh tasting. Can’t wait for these guys to open. We need more good lunch and fast casual options in the southern part of Shaw (SoSha? ha) – and more healthy options as well. When is Sweet Green coming?

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