Reports of Shots Fired in Logan Circle


A reader reports around 9pm approximately 15 shots fired around 14th and Riggs St, NW. Another reader heard “6 or 7” shots near 13th and R St, NW. Updates when/if more info is known.

Update: Another reader sends photos from the scene:

“police tape up and down 1300 block of Riggs Street, NW”


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  • I was running at 14th and S when I heard about 6 or 7 shots from 14th and Riggs and saw two men run across 14th.

  • Live at 13th and R. Heard a dozen or more shots in rapid succession at 8:52pm. No shots heard after that time.

  • What in the holy hell is going on lately?

    Gang war?

    This is getting crazy

  • It’s always that one block. Always.

  • Any statistics or evidence on where the guns, ostensibly stolen or not registered (non FFL purchase) used in crimes are coming from? Virginia?

  • I live at 13th / R. Heard nothing. Have windows open. Can see police car and tape blocking entry to Riggs at 13th.

  • We live at 13th and R too. Probably 10-15 shots heard and lots of police flying west on R and up alley to Riggs. Frontiers is a hot mess.

  • I heard 7-8 shots at 8:52 and called 911 at 8:53– heard the shots at the back of our house on 13th and S. Starting to feel a lot like last summer…

  • Somewhat similar to what happened at 15th and V the night before.

  • I heard the shots and then there were so many in quick succession that it sounded like firecrackers. And since there were no sirens, I figured that’s what it was.

  • Another resident at 13th and R here. We called 911 as soon as we heard the shots. It seemed to take a long time for the police to show up, though — did anyone else notice? I didn’t hear any sirens or see any police cars for about 7 minutes, at which point several unmarked cars came blazing down R street. Seemed like a much slower response compared to the incident in September 2013 when shots were fired at our corner..

    • I noticed it was a long time as well. Like a previous poster, I thought I must have heard firecrackers because the response time was so slow.

  • But at least no damage to Batch 13 this time, right?

  • ANC 2F and the office of CM Evans have been in touch with MPD regarding the recent reports of shots fired around the Logan Circle area. MPD currently does not have information that connects the recent incidents near 14th & Riggs and the 1400 block of V. These areas are known to have gang activity and MPD’s intel unit is working to identify any new issues and patrols have been increased in the area.

    Charlie Bengel
    ANC Commissioner, 2F06
    Chair, ANC 2F Public Safety Cmte

  • Just a few weeks back, my husband and I were walking south on 14th street and a group of teen boys were throwing rocks at pedestrians walking by (one just barely missed my husbands head and slammed into the car parked on the street). This was between S St & Riggs St. – the boys were inside the bars of that complex that sits between those streets.

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