Reader Reports “String of Burglaries in Bloomingdale”

Reader reports:

“Just wanted to pass along info that there’s been a number of daytime burglaries around R and S streets in Bloomingdale. My house was broken into, laptops stolen at 1st and R street, and police said there have been many lately.”

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  • robberies or burglaries?

  • I live North of Rhode Island on First St. and was also burgled a couple of weeks ago. It was a daytime burglary, but they only took our TV.

  • That all sounds pretty terrible. What’s the mode of entry? Are they just busting up front doors?

    • Also wondering about this — are the thieves coming in by doors/windows? Locked/unlocked? Front/back?

      • There was an attempted burglary at my house in North Petworth last Thursday around noon while my partner was home. The burglar came to the front door, knocked for 30 seconds, and determined that no one was home. He jumped the fence to enter the backyard and tried to kick in the locked basement door. Fortunately the door didn’t open and the alarm immediately started going off so the burglar left. We don’t have bars on any of our doors but we will be installing some soon.

  • Adding to this, my bike tires were ripped off a few weeks back in the alley between Quincy and Q

  • Security systems ftw.

    • Is that because the security system will in theory lead to the burglars being caught? If it triggers an alarm how is that going to help? Scare people?

      • I imagine if they hear the alarm go off upon entry, they’ll bolt. Still creepy to think of someone being in your home, though, even if they don’t take much.

      • At the crime prevention/neighborhood watch training event I went to at the Fourth District Police Station a few weeks ago, the presenter said that security systems don’t stop people from breaking in, but minimize the time that they spend in a place before leaving. She said that because of this, it’s better to keep items like laptops on an upper floor rather than the main floor, if possible.

  • our apartment in adams Morgan was robbed in September, along with another place. Perps used a crow bar to get into the apartments, then ransacked the place and stole everything electronic and money. Luckily a neighbor called the police, one of the three was caught, and we’re going through the trial now. Do wish I had had renters insurance, so if you don’t have it I recommend it.

  • Heard from the neighbors that their was a burglary down the block yesterday on our street (3rd Street NW). It also appears that I had packages stolen off my doorstep the same day (still holding out hope that they’ll show up today). Not sure if this means they’re moving southwest through Shaw area now. Stay safe, y’all.

  • Apparently a bike was stolen from a house at North Cap and Rhode Island in the alley that is shared with the Church! Be on the lookout!

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