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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Former ladyfriend and I had a decent chat this weekend, and we have a date planned. She remembered what I have coming up, so that’s a plus.
    Rave: Had a pretty good date last night. No huge sparks, but I’d like to do it again.
    Rant: Who decides to use a stranger’s table to set down his drink? The old me would have taken a huge sip out of it.
    Rant: Bar applications. So. Much. Info.
    Rant: Humidity and allergies.

    • Good raves Anon Spock! Happy for you!

    • This is late in the day and completely unsolicited, but I recommend saving a copy of the info you collected for the bar applications. It comes in really handy for future job applications that require background clearances.

  • Rant: Left my phone on a metro train Friday evening. Realized it just after I got off the train.
    Rave: I GOT IT BACK!!!! Miracle of miracles. Someone turned it in at King St, and my parents (who we were meeting for an last minute, ill-planned family dinner) ran down there & picked it up on their way back to my house so we could get kiddo home to bed.
    Rave: station manager at Crystal City who walked me through best steps for getting my phone back–including the genius (if obvious, though I wasn’t thinking of it at the time) idea of calling the phone every few minutes to see if someone had it. And the station manager at King St who hung on to it & got it to my parents later on.
    Rave: Fun time with friends, beautiful weekend.
    Rave: Nice visit with my parents, and they found houses that would work for them to move down here. They’ll decide whether to pull the trigger & put their house on the market in the next few days.
    Rant: Wife forgot to reset her alarm to the normal time & I got woken up an hour early. I was already exhausted this weekend. Argh. Extra sleepy Monday.
    Rave: Friend who had to have multiple back surgeries after being injured in the Boston marathon bombing is running the marathon today! Brought tears to my eyes to see her ready to go on Facebook.

    • Oh! And I forgot the silly rave: watching playoff hockey last night & seeing the Canadian commercials. Hilarious. A reality show about a Mounty? I can’t remember the others, but there were many giggles.

    • jim_ed

      For all of WMATA’s gross incompetence, they actually do a surprisingly excellent job getting lost items back to owners. Full credit to whoever runs their lost and found, which is where your phone would have likely ended up had you not called it beforehand.

      • very true – I left my wallet on the train by accident (one of my many highlights as a new mom) and got it back, everything in it. Worst past was getting to the lost and found place. But all in all, it was great.

    • great to hear about your lost phone!

  • Rant: Almost hit by a car during my walk to work. Awesome way to start the work week.
    Rant: I have been feeling extremely anxious and insecure lately. I’m not sure what is triggering it, but it is definitely fodder for my therapy appointment this week.
    Rave: I’m having a productive Monday morning.
    Rave: Spring — so many gorgeous blooms everywhere and vibrant green leaves starting to come in on the trees.
    Rant: Spring allergies.

  • Rave: GoT costume finished and ready for this weekend, thanks again for the suggestion textdoc!
    Rave: Lovely walk around Lake Accotink yesterday with the bf and puppy. Tired dog passed out immediately after we got home and I even had trouble waking her up this morning. 🙂
    Question: what are some easy/fun cookout potluck dishes? Someone is already taking care of dessert, cheesy potatoes and pasta salad, as well as all the meats/veggies to grill.

    • Blithe

      Fruit salad? It would be a nice balance to the heavier food and an alternative dessert option.

      • Andie302

        Second this, or I make fruit skewers because they look like a rainbow and are really easy for people to eat.

      • When I was a kid, my mom’s go-to dishes for potlucks were 1) cherry Jell-O with fruit cocktail mixed into it and 2) lasagna. I don’t know if it’s just the nostalgia factor, but I have fond memories of the Jell-O.

        • Allison

          My mom used to make a southern dish we called “puff puff salad” which was cottage cheese mixed with lime jello-mix and fruit cocktail. Sounds gross, but it’s good. Something in the jello mix reacts with the proteins in the cottage cheese and causes it to become super fluffy (hence, “puff puff.”)

          • My NJ born and bred mother made something similar – lime jello, cottage cheese, walnuts, some other stuff – no fruit cocktail, I don’t think – that we creatively called “lime mold.” I LOVED it.

          • My mom makes this jell-o thing with lemon jell-o, pudding mix, cream, crushed pineapple and god knows what else. I don’t understand why, but she brings it to all sorts of events even though it’s called funeral salad. I thought it was depressing when she brought it to my cousin’s high school graduation. “Here’s some funeral salad. Remember to make good choices in college.”

          • jeslett–that’s hilarious.

        • I don’t even like Jell-o and all of these dishes sound really great!

        • I Dont Get It

          All of which reminds me I’ve been meaning to post about Jazz salad—apparently it’s a thing at the CIA cafeteria.

    • Fantastic on the costume-finishing, and you’re very welcome! 🙂

    • 7 layer dip

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I should add that I’ll be driving two hours with the food so it has to be something that travels well. Fruit salad sounds good right now.

      • If you can find a watermelon this time of year, you can make the bowl for the fruit salad out of the watermelon. That always impresses people. Image-search “watermelon basket” for tons of fun ideas. (I like the teapot!)

        • Blithe

          I’ve seen “Personal watermelons” (a tag that always makes me giggle) at Whole Foods. I’ve only seen the baskets done with the larger kind, but the smaller round ones could be cute.

          • I am not a fan of those small watermelons. They aren’t as tasty. It could work for a bowl depending on the size of the party or if she’s doing that+skewers or something else.

  • Rave: Lovely weekend in NYC, including seeing The Heidi Chronicles. Longer review coming, but for now I’ll just say that it was very moving and I know I’ll be thinking about it for a long time.
    Rave: Catching up with good friends. It’s always the best part of my week.
    Rant: Not enough hours in the week to come close to getting everything done. I’m feeling behind in life and all I really want is a quiet evening in with Netflix and my dog.
    Rave: FOGO is the new FOMO nymag.com/thecut/2015/04/fogo-is-the-new-fomo.html

    • I always called it JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) but I’m glad nymag is on top of this! I definitely experience more FOGO than FOMO these days. : P

    • Also, Blithe, I thought of you this weekend when reading this love letter to Kneipp bath oils. nytimes.com/2015/04/19/magazine/letter-of-recommendation-kneipp-herbal-bath-oils.html

      • Blithe

        We’re a tribe! 🙂 Thanks for the link Shawess — that was a fun read! I was just thinking that I need an inexpensive, sybaritic treat — a Kneipp splurge would be perfect.

    • Re: The Heidi Chronicles, for those who requested a review (Hi, IDGI!) —
      – Elisabeth Moss was radiant. I think I’ve liked her in every role she has played, and she was just as spectacular here as she has been elsewhere.
      – The play is obviously a product of its time, and this seemed to really divide people who have seen it. Some people seemed to think it was a throwback period piece that shows how far we have come since, while others found that it really resonated with our own time despite running for the first time in 1988. I think the tension between the two is the most interesting part. Have women really come a long way since 1988 (or the scenes set in the 60s and 70s)? And have gay men?
      – Overall, I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

      • I’ve never seen the play — this makes me curious to check it out.
        I’d say gay men (and lesbians) have come a long way since 1988. Women have definitely made progress too, but not by such leaps and bounds.

  • janie4

    Revel: Won $100 at bingo this week.
    Rant: I found myself watching an episode of “Once Upon A Time” this week, and of all the ridiculous plot holes, I found myself most irritated by the idea that two years after a character died, a New York rental apartment would still be untouched. What, the dead guy paid his rent 5 years in advance? Even so, it’s New York – there would at the very least be squatters by now.

    • Ally

      Do you play bingo at all in the city, or is this out in VA or MD? That would be very fun to try some time!

  • Rave: Celebrating my friend with all of her wonderful supportive friends – she has gone through so much and is confronting some scary shit in the future but it was so nice to spend the time yesterday to surround her with love.
    Rant: What she has to go through and the craziness of insurance, PTO, FMLA, all the acronyms that seemingly are here to help but are really just an insane amount of red tape, rules, and stress.
    Rave: Enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather, had a kick ass day at the barn, spent yesterday on the bike and rekindled my “Bike the DC State Avenues” attempt – in alphabetical order… Hit up Michigan and Minnesota yesterday.

  • RANT: irrationally high real estate prices and the people who pay them. Went to an open house in Hill East this weekend; the house is listed for $1.2 mil. Yes, it’s a full gut, and it’s pretty nice, but $1.2 mil gets you a nice house in upper NW (Tenleytown, AU Park, etc.) Why, why, oh why would someone put down that kind of cash on a house in a neighborhood that still has its fair share of crime, both petty and violent, and terrible schools? I can’t wrap my head around it.

    Meanwhile, population growth in the area is slowing, which should give great pause to anyone foolish enough to think that this, or any other, housing market is bulletproof. Caveat emptor.

    • I’ve decided to pull out of the market. My current rent is cheap – and about to get way cheaper when I move in with my GF. At this pace, I’m saving lots of money. I can rent an old 1BR for $1500 in a decent neighborhood. Meanwhile, my PITI for the same place would easily be $2000-2200. People are now paying a premium to own. Especially with the expectations that rates are rising in June. A seller’s market doesn’t last forever.

      • Accountering

        You aren’t comparing similar things, or you have below market rate rent. There is no way that a place that rents for $1500 would have a PITI of $2000-2200. You are saying that a $325,000 1br condo with a $250 condo fee would rent for $1500.
        There certainly are places where there is a small premium to own vs rent, but there are not places with this big of a delta.

        • There are PLENTY of investor owned large buildings throughout Georgetown (Q Street), Cleveland Park, CoHi, Shaw, etc where 700 sq ft 1BRs rent for $1500-1600. Look at websites for Barac, Thos. D. Walsh, Bernstein, Borger, etc. A 700 sq foot 1BR that needs to be updated in any of those neighborhoods would cost me around $300-325K. I’ve been looking in the market for the past year, I know exactly what’s out there. You could get a smaller (550 sq ft), updated 1BR for a similar price.

          • Accountering

            I did look, and also know whats out there. The stuff you are talking about that rents for $1500 to $1600, the equivalent units are selling for $275k. Your PITI for that (especially if you put down 20%) is ~$1500-$1600.
            You also get the Mortgage interest deduction, mortgage principal paydown, and 2% appreciation by purchasing.

        • Yea, I questioned that math too. Even if owning cost a little more, you’re getting the mortgage interest deduction which should make up for it.

        • you only get a benefit from the mortgage deduction in excess of the standard deduction. it may not account for much for a lot of people.

          • Yup. I was aware. My modest mortgage still puts me well over the standard after 5 yrs, and allows me to bring in things like charitable deductions I’d otherwise have missed, so I think a slight increase in mortgage over rent still leans toward buying vs renting being the better deal. A few thousand can easily drop you into a lower tax bracket.

          • Accountering

            A single person who makes enough to purchase a home in DC would very likely exceed the standard deduction with DC income taxes, property taxes, and the aforementioned mortgage interest deduction.
            A single person making $50,000 would pay about $2,500 in DC income taxes, and the $275k condo with 20% down would have ~1700 in property taxes, with another $10,000/year in interest. They well exceed the standard deduction.

          • Allison

            Ummmmmm hypothetical question. If a married couple collectively making appx $150K bought a condo that cost between 550K-650K, would they benefit from the tax deduction?

          • Yes, you should. Std dec= $12k for married joint
            Interest on a 600k loan at 4% is around 24k+property taxes about 5k

          • Yes. I’m slightly above that income level with a house in that range and it helps a bunch.

          • Allison

            Thanks guys! When it comes to me and taxes, it’s “a whole neeeeeeeew wooooooooooooorrrrrrrrld! A dazzling place I never knew……”

          • Accountering

            Just to reiterate what Anon Spock said, that is correct. You take your future mortgage balance, multiple it by 4% to get your interest, and then add in .85% of the house value as property taxes.
            If you make $150k as a couple, just your DC income taxes already put you at 12k, so you will be able to deduct almost every dollar you pay in interest and property taxes. This could save you 5k a year or so.

      • When I bought my first condo, I didn’t put 20% down or anything…it was $265k and my mortgage was under $1200. Fees, of course, were extra. When I started bringing in more income, I refi’d to a 20 year mortgage and paid more principle down – When I sold a few weeks ago, I cashed out a LOT of equity. It’s still VERY worth buying in DC. Especially if you’re a specific type of buyer – I wanted a dog, so I bought a very pet friendly place with no breed/size restrictions. I also updated the unit to my liking on my own schedule. When i held on to the unit as an investment property and rented it out, I was getting WAY more than $1200/mo. I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying to just do the numbers yourself and also think about your long term plans – in the long run, buying is always better – if you’re here for 5-7 years, you are paying yourself rent instead of people like me 🙂 Houses are a different story – and in that particular capital hill house, maybe the key market is people who want to be close to work. A $1M+ house, most buyers don’t care about schools and can add in a few bucks to their cost of living for private school (not all, of course…but most)

    • Remember the new construction on Holmead Place in Columbia Heights that was featured a few days ago? The top floor (third floor walk-up) is already sold, and it was listed at $820k. I’d want an elevator for that scratch.

  • palisades

    Rave: DC Sports! Nats are lookin real good again. Span is back. Desmond didn’t commit an error. Wizards won the first game and the Capitals are holding on for dear life.
    People complain a lot about DC sports, but at least we have teams consistently in the playoffs. More than can be said about a lot of cities.

    • This is true, but if we’re just happy to get to the playoffs, are we settling for mediocrity? I’d like the Caps to get at least to the East Finals, but it doesn’t look like that will happen this year. With the Wizards, them winning Game 1 was a huge shock to me, and while I enjoyed that win, I still wouldn’t be surprised if they lost the next 4. Too inconsistent lately. And I’ll start paying attention to the Nats beginning in June, just seems like it’s early season struggles.

      • palisades

        I don’t disagree. It’s certainly annoying and almost as bad to just limp into the playoffs and be out of them as soon as we make them.
        Don’t wait so long to watch the Nats! The only missing piece is Rendon. This is the team we have been waiting for. Enjoy the spring weather and the bats finally waking up.

    • Desmond didn’t commit an error…yesterday. Saturday was a different story.

      • palisades

        It’s so frustrating because he’s also getting tons of hits and RBIs, so it isn’t some no-brainer decision to bench him or send him down to AAA. I think Span anchoring center will really help the whole team jive together.

    • Allison

      Such a good day for Strasburg! ^_^

  • Rave: Birthday plans went well, and Black Squirrel was great – thank you to those who suggested it! 🙂
    Rave: I am very lucky to have really great friends.
    Rant: Roommates.

    • I may have missed the update but how did the roommates respond to your email? Did you get time to sit down and talk to them face to face?
      Glad you had a fun birthday!!

      • IIRC, she didn’t call them out on their hostile text messages (deciding not to say anything unless they do it again).

      • Yeah, I didn’t say anything about the hostile messages at this time – I explained I’ve been going through a lot and know I haven’t really been around, but hoped they would come out for my birthday. Hoping that if I cleared the air things might be better… One of them and I talked with a bit on Saturday and she was fine with me, but didn’t come out. The other one never responded, although she responded to other things (that were negative). The rant is more about that one.

    • Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good weekend!

  • Rant- no go on the Tamal Fest yesterday in Columbia Heights. Probably 100 people in line after the start time and no one getting in. Did anyone make it? worth the wait? I love tamales! Im wondering if they just werent ready for the amount of crowds after the post write up.
    Rave-Tico with a toddler. High chairs, entertaining view of the kitchen, great food and excellent margaritas. Its now on my family friendly/delicious dining out rotation. Don’t worry 20 somethings, we are in and out by 7pm at the latest. So no your mojo won’t be affected by toddler.

    • FYI – no one cares about your toddler in a loud, big restaurant. I’ve actually seen lots of families both times I’ve visited Tico. Seems like only truly family-friendly place on 14th.

      • epric002

        rave: fun birthday weekend! good food, drinks, and company.
        rave: the weekend’s weather! even got some yardwork down and husband re-built the front porch gate and it’s marvelous!
        rave: my neighbors.
        rant: spent almost an hour and a half on the phone this morning trying to reset passwords/logins to multiple accounts. can someone just put a chip in my arm so i never have to remember a logon/password/pin/special image/secret question again?! ugh.

    • As we discussed before, some people here just hate kids, but I think the majority is cool with a kid as long as he/she isn’t acting crazy: throwing stuff, running around the restaurant, etc. If there was a drunk adult acting that way or a dog running loose on the patio, I’m sure you wouldn’t be cool with it. Younger parents are the biggest problem. Every time I had to grab a kid, the parent appeared to be late 20s-early 30s. My mother would NEVER let me just run around and do whatever I wanted, and if I had a full meltdown, she’d leave. She was shocked that people don’t do that nowadays.

      • +1 When I’m annoyed by a kid in a restaurant, it is usually because the parents have either chosen a venue that the kid is not going to be able to handle (like fussy fine dining, where people expect a quiet atmosphere) or because they are letting the kids run around unsupervised while the parents socialize.

        • This makes me feel better. Interesting note that “younger” parents are more tolerant of crazy toddler antics in public. We are for sure on the older side (40 plus) and maybe we are running a tighter ship that I realized which makes me happy. Kid stays in high chair, napkin on lap (working on that), we practice manners ALL THE TIME, something gets thrown on the floor once and kid is taken out of chair is picks up immediately, please and thank you reminders, books to read for kid (ipad only in the most desperate siutation). We can be in an out, full meal and two drinks in under 45 min. All of this is a never ending work in progress though. I really don’t want to be that parent with that kid though in a restaurant!

      • + 1 to all of this. When I see a kid misbehaving at a restaurant, I always blame the parents (to myself, not out loud), not the kid. I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time making sure my daughter knows how to behave in public and at restaurants, and it infuriates me when parents just don’t make any effort.
        Related Rave: In NYC this weekend, at dinner on Friday night, the 20 something sitting at the next table said, as he was leaving, that he’d never sat next to a better behaved child at a restaurant. It made her night.

      • Ugh, our trip out to dinner with our kid was so bad–largely because my parents suggested it that afternoon and no one could go home to get supplies to entertain. We had to grab extra diapers from day care & pick up wipes on the way. Thank goodness it stopped raining so we could let her run around outside when she starting trying to run around the restaurant! Last minute dinner out plans with a not-quite-two-year-old was not a good idea, but I felt bad saying no since it was the only time we could hang out with my sister during their visit. Should have stood my ground and said no. Yuck.

        • Oh–and people (looking at you, Mom!) taking forever to figure out their order did not help! Boo….

          • Kids have a countdown clock. That does not sound fun.

          • Indeed–and at the end of the day at the end of the week, without sufficient entertainment at hand, it is *really* short.
            My mom said later that evening: “Dinner didn’t seem very relaxing for you.” I nearly fell over. Dinner out with a 22-month old (at least mine) is never going to be relaxing, especially when we don’t have entertainment supplies! Oy. So many things she just doesn’t remember.

          • I feel ya – my parents are ALWAYS saying, “why not just keep him up later? then he’ll sleep in/sleep better/whatever”. Yes, that will obviously work – why didn’t I think of that? I hate taking my kid out because so many kidless folks think it’s ALWAYS poor parenting that causes poor behavior – it couldn’t possibly be any other number of thing – I’m always self conscious if we attempt to go out to eat. I never enjoy it, I end up scarfing my meal to avoid being there more than 20 minutes. But he needs to go out because if you don’t, then you end up with a child who doesn’t know how to behave in public because you never did it.

          • Bad parenting is not noticing or not caring that your child has left the table. Same with allowing them to tear up menus, throw food, etc. I know a variety of special needs children too, so I have personal experience there beyond anything I’ve seen while working in a restaurant. Kids (even without special needs) are going to act up. You as a parent can assist here by going out during non-peak hours, calling ahead if your child has issues to try and get space from other diners, going to child appropriate places, and eating quickly beyond any actions to curtail the bad behavior like not letting them run off. I’ve seen a toddler fall out of a regular chair and hit his head on a concrete floor because he was jumping up and down in it. Why is a 2 yo in a regular chair? Why didn’t the parents see the child jumping around and stop it before he became injured?
            There are also plenty of opportunities to give a child social interaction outside of a restaurant, so if you know your child cannot handle it, do something else.

          • I can’t answer the questions about what you have specifically witnessed in terms of poor parenting, nor was I looking for the help in how to give my pretty well behaved child social interactions. I was just commiserating with mtpresident.

          • If your child is pretty well-behaved, then why do you feel self-conscious dining with him?

          • because people can be very obnoxious when a young couple with a child tries to go out to dinner. You sit down, they roll their eyes. I’m aware of how much food goes places other than my son’s mouth (which we then clean up). People are generally jerks about things like that. Not that difficult to imagine.

    • Pablo Raw

      I heard about the tamal festival but was too tired to go (and now I’m glad I didn’t do it). My neighbor gave me one a while ago because I helped her taking her groceries to the third floor, she told me she got it at some latino market in Hyattsville.

      • Last year at the COlumbia Height farmers market was an amazing tamale vendor. I hope they are back this year. The mole tamale was one of the best I have ever had.

        • Pablo Raw

          That’s good to know! I’m salivating now. I am biased here, but I can tell you that there is no tamal on earth as good as the Nicaraguan Nacatamal. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy one some day.

          • I have a frozen batch of Nacatamales in the freezer right now! Some angel in Virginia makes them a couple of times a year. Best $7 ever spent (but wishing it was 35 Cords instead!)

          • Pablo Raw

            I need that information!!! if you can, e-mail me raw dot pablo at gmail

  • justinbc

    Rave: Hybrid roses are in at Merrifield! Picked up 7 new bushes, along with a Korean spice viburnum, thanks to a rec here like a year ago. Still have 3 more roses I want to find, and another unique bush I’m undecided on…debating between a passion flower trellis, blue satin hibiscus, or dwarf pomegranate.

    • That was me! Is the viburnum blooming yet? Will you be weirded out if I spend a few hours in your yard smelling it? I don’t know why more people around here don’t have them, they were everywhere in NE and they are the best smelling spring flower.

      • justinbc

        Haha yeah I remember 🙂 It hasn’t started blooming yet, maybe in about a week or so. We got the last / only one at the nursery, it was hidden in a bunch of other plants. The lady kept trying to convince me this other plant was it, but I knew she was wrong, and then thankfully finally found the right one.

      • saf

        Mine is still in bud.

    • Ally

      One quick thing to note on the pomegranate. I bought a full side and had it flourish in my front yard for about 4 years (even got to harvest lots of fruit) — until the last two winters. It took a very bad hit last year and this year I think it may not make it. The passion fruit vines seem to be a bit more Winter-tolerant. Good luck with whatever you decide, though! And I did love my Pom tree while it lasted.

    • Passion flower spreads quickly; in our community garden it was becoming invasive. Gardener beware ~

      • justinbc

        Yeah I’m generally hesitant to use any vines, but I’ve got a good spot for this one to be isolated. Even still, I’m leaning towards the hibiscus, because I rather love blue flowers and they’re hard to come by.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Wizards! They tried their damndest to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but pulled it off with some really impressive defense.
    Rave: The comedy of the Raps/Wiz series. So much self loathing and secret hate from each fanbase for their own teams, both kind of hoping they lose so the coach gets fired. It’s hilarious in a bizarre way.
    Rant: The other series were all kinda boring so far, none of the incredible drama we’ve come to expect, especially out west.

  • Rave: Got to work in one piece after being stuffed on my Red Line train coming in this morning.
    Rant: Today is the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Was a freshman in college when it happened and it stuck with me for some reason. Still remembering my roommate starting at the TV screen at the video of a half blown away building.
    Rant: Not feeling that I deserve my promotion. I hope it’s not the stupid depression creeping up.
    Rave: French class. Instructor is funny and knowledgeable and my classmates seem friendly.
    Rave: Got a new purse Saturday for the spring/summer that I love.

    • If you’re into it, Rachel Maddow did a special on the bombing with the McVeigh tapes last week. It was really interesting to hear his words and reasons.

  • The photo for today’s RRRR looks like it should be the setup for a joke: “And then the one bald eagle says to the other bald eagle…”

  • Rant: the mental health system and how incredibly difficult it is to get help for an adult family member. Involuntary commitments, arrests and court appearances in multiple states, yet we are no closer to a solution or any kind of legal option. I feel like we’re waiting for this family member to commit a crime where someone gets hurt before there is any chance of getting the needed care.

  • Rave: Accomplished a ton of gardening-related digging this weekend.
    Rant: My body hurts from said digging.
    Rant: Crazy nightmares. Waking up not feeling rested. Feeling groggy.
    Rant: I wish the timeslots of “Mr. Selfridge” (9 pm Sundays on PBS) and “Wolf Hall” (10 pm) were reversed, so that I would have the option of skipping “Mr. Selfridge” and going to bed.
    Rave: Spring!

    • Additional rant: Litter, litterers, and people who don’t pick up litter from in front of their houses. I did a really thorough litter-pickup of my block on Saturday, and was just disgusted.

      • epric002

        ditto! after mulching the front i walked down our block picking up litter and filled the entire empty mulch bag!

        • I KNOW!! It is so annoying. I swear I’ll pick my yard and sidewalk up and the next day there’s litter again. I do not get why it’s so hard for people to throw their nasty trash in the trash can.

          • If you live anywhere near public trash cans, it’s very likely that the properly-disposed-of trash is blowing out of the can. I live just off a main pedestrian route, and routinely see the wind lifting trash out of the cans. I bet if we had better-designed public trashcans, we’d have less litter blowing around.

          • WDC — In my neighborhood, it’s both. Unfortunately, I think most of the items are coming directly from litterers, not from the cans.

          • Oh, we definitely have some eye-popping direct littering. Like the folks who idle their cars on my residential street for an hour or more, periodically opening a door to dump something on the street. Fast-food trash, a used diaper, random articles of clothing… Those people deserve to get the flu. Not a bad cold, but actual influenza, where you feel like you are actively dying.
            Still LOTS of trash coming from the over-full, open trashcan on the corner, though.

      • Thanks for your anti-litter efforts, epric002 and ParkViewRes!
        What’s particularly puzzling to me is things that don’t even fall into the category of “thing you might consume while walking” — like a 2-liter bottle. The only scenario I can figure out is a bunch of kids sitting on the edge of someone’s retaining wall and each taking swigs of it.
        I once found an empty bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake syrup. How the hell does that end up being discarded in a gutter??

  • Hey all you job seekers out there. Free tip: Customize your cover letter, and then make sure you send the right one. The only thing worse than the general cover letter is the cover letter addressed to another company (or with the wrong job title, or with any indication that you copy-pasted-failed to proofread). Ditto if you customize your resume, of course. When I’m reviewing 200+ applications, I don’t need to look past any sloppiness and discover what a gem you really are. Chances are there will be a dozen applicants who are perfectly qualified, and 11 of them will have error-free applications, with thoughtful and pertinent cover letters demonstrating that they really want, and are really qualified for *this* job.

    • skj84

      While I use the same general template for my cover letter, I make sure to customize the content to the job. I sent the wrong cover letter out once, and since then have made sure to double and triple check my cover letter before sending. Cover letters are the absolute worse, but a killer one can land you the job!

    • Can anyone recommend someone to review/re-do a resume and make it more interesting & creative? It’s for a friend with an unconventional and varied career path.

  • Rave: Friday Caps
    Rant: Sunday Caps
    Rave: excellent weekend
    Rant: Painting my nails and messing them up 3 hours later. So annoying.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: The possibility of renting a car and taking a trip north, stopping along the way to take photos and spending a couple days at a farm.
    Rant: Printers.

    • North where-ish? Trying to find a good route to western mass that has good stop options since we’ll have my son, who HATES the car. The idea of stopping every few hours stinks, but I’ll do it if it makes the ride tolerable.

      • Pablo Raw

        A friend invited me to her farm in Connecticut. I have traveled in that direction a couple of times for different events, so have not been able to stop, but I’ve always wanted to do it. Once, the driver decided to avoid toll roads, so we went through all this back roads and it was amazing.

        • Heyyy Connecticut! I grew up next to a farm in small town CT haha. My hometown was only about 2000 people. What area?

          • Pablo Raw

            Oh I forgot you are from there, she told me the farm is in West Hartford. I’ll definitely ask you for advice and places to go 🙂

          • I’m happy to offer suggestions too, I’m from an area close to there.
            Collinsville is pretty cute, especially the area around the old ax factory and Elizabeth Park in W Hartford has amazing rose gardens.

          • Pablo Raw

            Thanks Jeslett, I’ll contact you when I’m ready

          • GiantSquid

            I worked in East Haddam for a few years. You can take the steam train from Essex along the river for some great shots.

          • Ah, I’m unfortunately not familiar with the West Hartford area – I’m from near the NY border. Hope you have fun though, there is a lot of pretty scenery in CT at least. 🙂

        • Ditto Elizabeth Park–it’s gorgeous!

      • Consider going through Harrisburg and Scranton from DC to western MA. It adds half an hour to a 7 hour trip so not that much further (and still faster if you’re in heavy traffic on 95) and much easier to stop along the way, if only to go to a city park en route to run around for 15 minutes.

        • we’re going up 95 to Philly – staying over night at home and then continuing on. It’s a good break up of the drive that way….so if anything north of there you can recommend, awesome!

  • Rant: certain old coworkers figured out I post on this and told my boss about my rants about our workplace. boss slipped and brought it up in my exit meeting last week.
    Rave: I don’t work there anymore.
    Rant: taking a break from posting updates but will comment more. thanks, old coworkers.

    • Nightmare city. I guess it’s good you don’t work there anymore!

    • Gah. This makes me nervous! Glad you have a new job and don’t have to deal with that!

    • skj84

      Wow. Your coworker is an ass. Hope they read this! You have every right to be able to vent about your job in a safe space. They need to mind there own business. Seriously I’m mad on your behalf.

    • Snitches get stitches! What a jerky bunch of people.

      • and there you go encouraging violence….What a jerky thing to say.

        • Oh, gimme a break. “encouraging violence?” You took from that comment that LA should go assault her former coworkers? Come on.

          • Yeah, that interpretation is a stretch.

          • where did I say I thought that LA should go assault anyone? It was a general response to the term used, which is a real problem/threat that many people and victims in our own neighborhoods are faced with and are scared to come forth about crimes because of that mentality.

          • Well, if I’m encouraging violence on this post, it would obviously be toward LA and the old co-workers. I’m from Baltimore home of the stop snitching video. You really don’t need to educate on this issue. It was OBVIOUSLY said purely tongue in cheek. I hope you’ve done more than be an armchair activist toward something that affects you so strongly about “our” neighborhoods…

        • All I can do is laugh because that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and that says a lot for PoP.
          LA- please don’t beat up your former co-workers. 🙂

    • That wasn’t very nice of them to tell the boss. Just as well that you’re now in a new job.
      On the flip side, though, maybe this should serve as a warning to PoPvillagers… depending on how frequently you post and how much identifying information you put in your posts, you might want to post specific rants anonymously, just in case your co-workers/landlord/tenant/etc. are reading.

      • Accountering

        My coworkers all live out in the far out burbs, and are afraid of DC (I work in North Bethesda) so I feel pretty safe 🙂

        • Yeah — the risk definitely varies depending on the demographics of your co-workers… where you work, where they live, how old they are, etc.

        • Didn’t you post recently you work for R****k? I work in the same building as you in Bethesda (not at the same company) so I don’t think its too far off to assume your co-workers read Popville.

          • Accountering

            I stopped working there in November of 2012. I am now in North Bethesda at a company that has three DC residents total.

      • I never said where I worked specifically but someone figured it out. But yes, warning to all, you’re never truly anon.

        • RIP #FormerlyBagelBoy

          • +1 I was going to add “or dates!” Hahaha.
            And he’s still here! Just with a new username periodically. And less identifying info…

          • Accountering

            He is definitely still here. Andie often points him out to me when she spots him with his new usernames. Come back FBB!hahaha.

          • Yep, he keeps changing usernames! I can still spot him, though. 😉

        • One of the few but great benefits of not having a “real” career yet.
          I like my co-workers, and no one would bother reporting me for some foolishness.

      • skj84

        I’m careful about ranting about personal stuff. I know I have friends who read this site. I’m just waiting for the moment someone mentions something I said. I wasn’t particularly worried about my co workers identifying me at my last job. I worked with a bunch of bros based in College Park. By the time the place restructured I didn’t care.

        • Ally

          Yeah, my husband started chuckling one morning, and it was because he’d stumbled upon my comment on here the day prior where I said he had the temperament of a pussy cat but looked like a Hell’s Angel. I didn’t know he even read the message boards. Luckily, I think he was mostly flattered.

      • I Dont Get It

        Back when I used to post under my real first name, I had a boss who mentioned that “some” might feel I post on here too much.

  • Rave: started gardening in my backyard yesterday. Im excited to see what grows!
    Rant: I can get my bagel and cream cheese in 60 seconds at Bethesda Bagel but it takes me another 10 minutes to get my self serve iced coffee because first they’re out of ice then they’re out of lids that fit.
    Rave: 48 more days of school
    Rave: contemplating visiting Michigan for the first time in over 3 years. Tickets are kind of pricy though.

  • DC Reynolds…is that place a madhouse on a Friday night? Looking for a somewhat chill spot for a late Friday drink 730-8pm, and they seemed cool with the HH running until 9. I could potentially get there a little early if that would increase my chances. Petworthians, what say you?

    • skj84

      Hmm. THe last time I went on a Friday the crowds weren’t too bad. However the weather that night wasn’t great, so that might have affected how busy it was. I would try to get there early.

      • What time did you go? I’ve had good luck getting to places a little before my time to meet to get seats, so I’m probably doing it here.

        • skj84

          Around 8 I think? This was back in September and DC Reynolds was the second place my group hit up that night. My memory is a bit hazy. 😉

    • When the weather is really nice, it can get pretty packed around that time. Don’t know if it reaches madhouse status, but definitely crowded. The Looking Glass might be more chill at that time (but HH is over then too).

  • Rave: GREAT picture
    Rant: Bronchitis coupled with what are apparently allergies (that I never had before. holy crap, am I old?!). The drugs do nothing. I’m miserable.
    Rant: The ONE thing I wanted all weekend – yummy thai food – was botched. Beau Thai, my fave, had a wait for pick up, so we grabbed ThaiTanic, who proceeded to F up the whole order. Total first world rant, but whatever!
    Rave: gorgeous manicure color from The Nail Saloon – it’s been hit or miss lately with the techs there, but I’m loving my bright pink hands and my freshly cleaned rings.

    • emvee

      I feel you on your first rant. I thought I’d been coming down with a cold for two or three weeks now, but it’s just allergies. Zyrtec doesn’t help anymore. I don’t know how to fix it.

      • epric002

        an allergist. i recommend dr. fishman.

      • I think an allergist is a good idea, but you can also try a different OTC allergy medication in the meantime. It’s not about which one’s “best” it’s about which one works best for you.

      • So I just broke down and got zyrtec – how long do you usually give to see if it’s the right meds for you? Aren’t they all basically the same meds? I have zyrtec and saline spray and eye drops. Any other recommendations would be good! (I got zyrtec because it was 2 for $30 at CVS – but I’ve never had to deal with this before…and I can’t tell how much of it is an allergy vs. my bronchitis)

        • Blithe

          I’m fairly new at this — but I realized that I had allergies because of my itchy, teary eyes, in addition to sniffles and other cold-like symptoms. Zyrtec makes me sleepy. I tried Claritin, which worked perfectly for a while, then the magic wore off. Now I take Allegra — which works great. If you’re already having symptoms, my experience has been that I feel noticeably better, but not symptom-free within an hour or so after taking the meds. If I start taking meds before the symptoms are severe, and take them roughly at the same time every day, it seems to work better. Some people take Zyrtec at night — and feel that it helps them sleep better, while preventing their allergy symptoms.

        • emvee

          Zyrtec worked well for me last year, but it’s not cutting it anymore. I used to use Claritin, but then that stopped working. I just bought some Flonase today, so we’ll see. I wonder if it’s just my body needing me to change it up.

        • It usually takes me about two days of taking allergy meds (Zyrtec, etc) to feel like they are working.

        • If you have itchy eyes, try zatidor. Seriously, that stuff is gold.

  • The Earth Day concert on the Mall on Saturday was great. Well, sort of great. The weather was amazing, it wasn’t too crowded, the NASA booth was fantastic, the musical acts were on point. However, (and I KNOW it’s an advocacy event and the point is to share information) they really should have worked on the format and the content of the speeches. We left earlier than we wanted to because the kids were so bored with the Dutch vice minister of this and the Ghanaian under secretary of that and the non-celebrities reading buzzword-filled speeches. For the majority of the crowd who hasn’t spent a decade+ in political/ development/ advocacy jobs, I can’t imagine they got ANYTHING out of it. Correct me if you were there and I’m wrong. I understood it all, and I was bored.
    I wonder how they can fix this. An event of that size should have had the best marketing/communication folks. Did they fail, or is that just as good as it gets?

    • Interesting to hear about the crowd size. We were returning to DC from a weekend road trip to Pittsburgh late Sunday afternoon, and braced for rush-hour like inbound traffic in NW. Nothing of the sort, straight shot into the city. Perhaps the promotion was a bit lacking?

  • emvee

    Rave: I got my first Hungry Harvest yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion, Popville!
    Rave: Hiking in western MD yesterday. What a gorgeous day for it.
    Rant: I sliced the top of my finger on my spiralizer yesterday and am now hesitant to get my nails done tomorrow as a result. However, I’m in a wedding this weekend and my nails are down to the quick awful looking. I’d been counting on gels to make them decent. Suggestions?! I don’t want awful nails for my friend’s big day, but I also don’t want a staph infection.

    • Liquid bandaid before you get your nails done, but I’d wait a few days. I find silver antimicrobial helps cuts heal fast.

    • Pablo Raw

      I’ve heard that rock stars use super glue. But I’m not sure you want to look like a rock star at the wedding.

      • emvee

        I’m also not sure I’m baller enough to put superglue on my cut!

        • Pablo Raw

          Rock Stars have been doing that for centuries. Some of them are still alive.

        • That is in fact the purpose of superglue: fixing wounds in the field.
          I think liquid bandaid while it can burn is a lot less scary, and it lasts for a while.

        • epric002

          definitely wait, but you can totally put superglue on it. buy one of those multipacks of tiny tubes so that you use a brand new tube. i sliced my hand open and called my mom, who is a PA, to ask her whether or not i should go and get stitches and she and her plastic surgeon neighbor recommended that i just clean it really well and superglue it shut. it worked!

        • The ER doctor in my family puts superglue on cuts all the time. It’s his favorite way to close wounds, when possible. Less invasive, less risk of infection than stitches.

    • skj84

      Agree with Anon Spock. Wait a few days. Get them done Friday. Or even paint them yourself if you can. Staph infections are no joke. Pretty nails are not worth potentially losing your hand or life.

    • emvee

      This is super helpful. I had been hoping to go tomorrow, but I may wait it out as long as possible.. Thanks all! Off to CVS for liquid bandaids.

    • laduvet

      I got my second order from Hungry Harvest! SOOO impressed thus far!!!

    • Oh where did you go hiking? I’m looking for new Maryland hiking spots.

    • You could also explain the situation and not get a full mani but just the polish application….right? Unless I’m missing where the cut is. (and BTW Ouch – hope you’re ok! I was JUST thinking about buying a spiralizer, too…ugh!) Try a place they might offer a solution – the nail saloon, IMO, is the cleanest in the city and might be happy to help make it work for you.

      • emvee

        See, this is my concern. I’m a nail biter (I know, I know….) so just the polish won’t do much to make my nails not look atrocious. If I end up going in for something, I plan on calling ahead and giving the tech a heads up that I have a pretty big gash.

        Definitely get the spiralizer! I was just trying to spiralize a bit of broccoli stem that was too small and cut myself that way. It’s like when folks don’t use the safety on a mandolin slicer. Don’t be like me! Follow the manual/instructions, and you won’t get injured!

        • they can probably do every nail but the f’d up one. And like I said, the NS is very clean, so I think it’s worth checking out. They don’t offer gel but if you can manage to be good….lol

  • skj84

    Rave: Wonderful weekend. I had a great time at the Nats game Saturday despite roasting in my costume. Got drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while that night. Very chill.

    Rave: My arm isn’t bothering me any more. Its a bit stiff, but not sore. I’m still going to see the doctor today.

  • RAVE: flying to Mexico tomorrow for a 7 day vacation. Not bringing my laptop with me since there’s no way to properly secure it in a thatch hut! 😀
    RAVE: did a ton of yoga this month (including twice this weekend). Should be good to do some acro training sessions in Tulum.
    RAVE: Jamie XX vs. Four Tet essential mix. Gah, so good.
    RANT: no way to save Soundcloud mixes to my iPhone’s hard drive for offline play. Grrrrr.

  • nightborn

    Rave: finally feels like I’m making progress in toning up and losing the winter weight.

    Rant: Why do I do this to myself every year? I make the excuse that “it’s just a few extra pounds” – but those (5) extra pounds on a petite frame make clothes fit badly and are so hard to lose.

    Rave: excited to have a running buddy for the GW Parkway Classic 10 miler next Sunday – a good friend who runs at the same natural pace.

    Rant: dressed WAY too warm for my run on Saturday and when the sun came out, I was a nauseous, slow, hot, sweaty mess after a measly 4 miles.

  • Rave: Bought plants and garden materials to redo our entire backyard on Saturday
    Rant: Spent Sunday clearing out our backyard that was filled with dense weeds. Seriously, it took us about 6 hours to clear 200 sq. ft.
    Rant: So sore. So very, very sore.

    • I spent most of the weekend using a trowel (and sometimes a shovel) to dig up weeds in my neighbors’ weed-filled treeboxes, so I feel your (literal) pain.

      • Bear

        Ditto. I wasn’t weeding, but breaking up very dense clay soil to try and plant some flower beds. Ouch….

        • What kind of flowers did (or will) you plant?

          • Bear

            I planted a bunch of summer/early fall blooms with the hope of having flowers in the yard that we can use in our wedding. Gladiolus, dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, bachelor’s buttons, and gaillardia. We’ll see what works! Last year the sunflowers did well but they were so big they blocked our front porch and the squirrels and birds had a field day with the seeds…all over the porch.

  • Rave: Home Depot was having a sale last weekend, and I picked up all my “balcony-gardening” essentials on Friday evening and saved quite a bit of money. I spent the weekend re-potting plants and the like, and my balcony is like a haven for me now. I love it! I wish I were out there today, sipping coffee and reading my book. This is my first gardening excursion, so I hope these plants live.
    Rave: The Filter Coffee/Bike Rack opening on Saturday in Bland was great! Not sure if anyone else went, but I’m really glad it’s finally open.
    Rave: Dog got so dirty at the SW dog park in the rain yesterday. We came home and he stood in the bathroom knowing it was bath time.

  • Rave: First weekend in a long time I didn’t work. Instead, dinner at Jaleo, Man of La Mancha, lunch with my best friend, lots of outside time. Hard to get going again today.

    Question: Once I finish my Shawess-inspired decluttering project, I want to treat my house to a cleaning service. A year or so ago, Popvillians praised a cleaning service that does a deep clean of a couple rooms, comes back a week or so later to deep clean a couple more, then does maintenance. I can’t remember the company’s name. Anyone know?

    • I’m not sure you’re looking for this, buy my cleaning service does a “full service” clean where they seriously clean EVERYTHING. With our mouse problem, our landlord paid for them to do a full service the other week where it took them 6 hours. I felt terrible LOL. Every dish, every book, every drawer. If you want their info, have POP give you my email address – I just don’t want her to get too busy to keep me on her books 😉

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Had many charming chats this weekend with a former DC resident this weekend who
    Rant: Moved to Seattle after our one date, which I thought
    Rant: Was extreme.

  • Rant: dog tied up outside Peregrine went after me/my dog yesterday and the owner was incredibly rude when he came outside and I (nicely) confronted him. Don’t leave your dog unattended especially if he/she is aggressive.
    Rave: still had a great albeit hilly run.

    • Yeah, people tend to get defensive and rude when confronted, no matter how nicely you do it or who’s right or wrong.

      • True, Krampus. This guy was so rude that I pulled out my phone in case he got aggressive and he actually walked over to me and tried to grab it out of my hand.

        • What a total jerk. Which location and what kind of dog? Description of the owner?

        • Wow, that’s really taking it too far. What does one actually do in that situation? I assume you can’t really threaten to call the police if he didn’t *actually* grab it… Ugh. (And frankly, trying to grab it to me screams aggressive, not just rude, but that could just be me.)

        • It was at the shop on 14th. The guy was white, 30s, dark hair and had a small fanny pack. Maybe a goldendoodle or something similar. I was so full of adrenaline that I can’t remember the details, sorry. I could have walked away, but I felt I needed to stand up for myself and my dog and let the owner know that he was creating an unsafe situation. When he grabbed for my phone I screamed for him not to touch me which made him back up. I’m shocked at how many people leave their dogs tied up outside and seem oblivious or uncaring as to what occurs when they are out-of-sight.

          • I totally agree with you about tying up a dog unattended, ESPECIALLY at that shop. There’s just nowhere else to walk. We’ve had problems over there too. I get the lazy logic behind it — you’re on a walk, and you want a coffee, how else are you going to do it — but it can really do a number on dogs and feed into their aggression/anxiety/fearfulness. What’s even more inappropriate is that this owner failed to see how his behavior created the situation and tried to get physical when called on it. Good for you for standing up for yourself, regardless of whether the dog was really in any harm.

          • Thanks, comeatmebro. I like the name, by the way.

          • My 1st grade daughter likes to yell “Come at me, bro!” while playing goalie. She does it with this cute/ fierce little wrinkle to her nose. No, I don’t have any idea where she picked it up.
            I know: cool story, mom. *eyeroll*

  • Rant: DC Office of Tax and Revenue -paid my property taxes well over a month ago but since DC apparently takes their sweet ass time posting payments when I refi’d at the end of March I had to put money for those taxes in escrow with the title company since there wasn’t yet a record in the OTR’s online system of payment. Still hasn’t posted as of today.

    Anyone else have an issue with taxes they paid in March still not being recognized as paid?

    • This might be sightly different, but two years ago we got a notice that we hadn’t paid our DC business taxes several months after the filing deadline. We had a copy of the cashed check & other related information, but still go the runaround on confirming that it was a closed issue. We ended up going through our councilperson’s office of constituent services, and it got taken care of lickety split. Something to consider if you have a problem down the road?

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