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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: It looks like Dan was out taking photos in my ‘hood yesterday 🙂
    Rave: DC Water replaced our pipes a few months back, ripping up our street, sidewalk and front lawn in the process. Before I could even get annoyed enough to complain to anyone higher up, they managed to repave our street and fix our sidewalk and front lawn. It looks better than it did before now. Props to DC Water.
    Rant: The puppy is growing into a tween dog, which in his case means that he is now doing some inappropriate peeing and trying to pick fights with other dogs when we go on walks. Any help out there? Will this get better after we have him fixed?

    • hi Shawess,

      I had 2 fosters that went through this and it was actually due to discomfort (especially the peeing) from being sick. It made them cranky and more sensitive around other dogs. Just something to keep in mind in case you start noticing other symptoms.

      • Oh, interesting! I wonder if a vet visit is in order then. He’s otherwise been acting pretty normal, but maybe just a bit more aggressive and agitated than usual. It couldn’t hurt to have him checked out in any case. FWIW, in the case of the peeing, he ran away from going outside (on a nice day) so he could go in our living room and pee on a blanket. Little weirdo. He did something similar in the morning, too.

        • Rant: Too much pollen. And too many dog parks. Where did they all come from?
          Rave: Gawjiss weather. I hope the summer is cool.

        • If he isn’t neutered yet, that may help alleviate aggression / running away / inappropriate urination.

          For those who don’t know, Washington Humane Society runs a very low cost spay / neuter clinic as well as vaccines in Navy Yard. $130 for a dog spay/neuter.

        • Has he previously been comfortable walking outside with city noises/trucks/bikes etc.? My rescue came from a rural area and was (and still is to some extent) freaked by city life, so preferred to pee indoors.

          We worked on de-sensitization (front yard is fun!) and I taught her to ring a doorbell when she needs to go out – to give her a sense of control. (I ring the bell – I go out and pee – I come right back in.)

          • He’s always been just fine with city noise and doing his business outside. He can be a bit stubborn sometimes about going out in the cold or rain, but seems to like being outside for the most part. He seems to be “spite peeing” or “separation anxiety peeing.” Like, he peed on the blanket when I wouldn’t give him chicken I was cooking and he peed on another blanket (oy) when we left him alone in the bedroom for (literally) five minutes. In both cases, his usual spots were fully accessible and he chose not to use them. I’m taking him to the vet to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

  • Rant: Baltimore
    Rant: The inability of this country to deal with so many issues in a just manner
    Rant: My husband’s job is making him travel this summer solely because they have an increased travel budget. It doesn’t serve their mission and there’s no actual need, beyond spending the travel budget. It’ll cost us money to handle childcare and possibly dog walking.
    Rave: It’s making me realize how much my husband DOES do, and how lucky I am. Even though he is absent minded, I couldn’t make it without him.
    Rave: South Mountain Creamery Festival this weekend – taking the kid to see cows, eat fresh ice cream (since I stopped making it 🙁 ), and maybe offer him a little pit beef. Weather should be great. You should all go!

  • I need to go and vote but I don’t know who the candidates are. It’s my fault for not researching them. Does anyone know if there is a cheat sheet.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Caps!!! 2-1 win and the best game I have ever seen them play. Onto the Rangers with a lot of momentum, and playing very well. Dare say this may be the year we get past the 2nd round?!?

    • theoutregirl

      HolyShirt I hope you’re right. The last 5 of the game yesterday were the longest minutes ever.

      • Accountering

        Agreed. Somehow the Islanders had zero shots during those 5 minutes, even with a power play and a pulled goalie. Excellent (if nerve-wracking) win.

  • Rant: Baltimore. 🙁

    Rave: We won trivia again last night!

    Rant: The food/service at the trivia location is terrible.

    Rave: I had a really good therapy session this morning before work. Yay!

    Rant: I’m currently in a fight with the color printer at work. It’s like there’s a little man living inside of it who is just coloring in each page individually, taking his time, so that I get one document every 30 minutes or so. IT was called and they’re like “Yeah, sorry…” Lucky for me, the deposition I’m getting these documents ready to go to is 2 weeks away, so they should be completely done by then (I bet I just jinxed something)…

  • Accountering

    Rant: Still haven’t voted/figured out who to vote for. These candidates are incredibly frustrating. We have an empty suit/rubber stamp for an empty pant suit (who happens to be fairly moderate, if beholden to “long-term residents”) and a bunch of other jokers trying to out-liberal each other. Where is the center left candidate? Why did no candidate respond to the question on crime about getting tough on it, and putting more officers on the street etc? I don’t want a republican in the least, but I am honestly surprised that with this many candidates, that every single candidate is just trying to out liberal each other.
    I am going to wind up finding a way to vote for one of these jokers, just so when Todd does something stupid, I can legitimately say “I didn’t vote for him!”

  • John Angelos is one stunning class act of a man. His comments on the protests in Baltimore were so eloquent, so compassionate, and yet so complex… If I weren’t such a determined hometown fan when it comes to baseball, I’d be all over that “kids’ game” of his.

  • Rant: I haven’t had time to write a rave/rant since last year 🙁
    Rant: Buried in work and feeling so burned out. Haven’t had a weekday off since January 5th. Any tips on how to cope with an insane amount of work when you are exhausted?

    Rave: Going on vacation to the UK in 3 weeks! Spending a few days in London and then driving up to the Scottish highlands, making a few stops along the way.

  • Rant: Anyone else notice a change in the traffic lights, my morning commute has alot more stop and go than it used to …

    • where? I don’t drive, but there was a news segment the other day about an “updating” of the light flow over the weekend.

    • Which direction are you going? I would assume the reprogramming is optimized for normal inbound/outbound rush patterns.

    • YES! I thought I was going crazy on Monday, but today it occured to me that they must have done a city-wide update on the flow.

      I bike the same route every day (and have been doing so for almost 10 years) so it was quite surprising. It appears to be a mixed bag for cyclists–the lights on Georgia/7th going South seem to be much improved–I can now make it from W to a right turn on RI Ave without stopping.

      The cross town lights on T St. NW seem to have been updated for the worse though, probably because the N/S streets were the ones optimized for commuters.

    • Red Panda

      Yeah, they changed the traffic light timing over the weekend. It’s really messing with my walking commute between Adams Morgan and Foggy Bottom.

    • I noticed it too going Southbound (U STreet area) on 11th Street toward Pennsylvania Ave. I thought maybe I was running late.

  • Rave: Work fixed an insurance issue and now my birth control pills are free, as they should be. Thanks, Obama!
    Rave: Slept really well last night, thanks to running the AC. Our walls are solid plaster and retain heat very well. Even with the windows open during the day, our place stays warm.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: ignoring rants today b/c they are too big.
    Rave: My silly cat who likes me to shake my wet hair in her face.
    Rave: Giving out gold stars to my team members because they got some awesome feedback from the customer.

    • Love this remark. Variation of, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

  • Rant: Threw out back at practice this morning. Can’t figure out whether to see a doc or not, don’t know if I’ll miss a day or a month.
    Rave: Put apartment listing up! If someone rents the place by Sunday, I can pay my American Express bill. Would normally offer to help them move as an incentive, but see item above. (Your unsolicited comments and kibitzes are solicited. of course). http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/4999948855.html

    • That’s NICE. I feel like you could get more. W&D in the unit?? I see that the bedroom is quite small, but the layout of the kitchen and bathroom appears really thoughtful.
      One thing I can’t tell from the photos is what the living space is like. Is there any? Maybe list the total square footage.

      • Accountering

        I think $1500-$1600 is pretty much the cap for an basement. It does look pretty nice though.

      • The finishes are very nice. I too was wondering if perhaps you could get more… but it looks like the unit doesn’t get much light from either side. I’m assuming pic #3 was taken in daylight, right?
        Are there any windows on the back other than in the bedroom (?), in pic #4? (It looks like the bedroom looks out onto a carport-type area under a deck.)
        A rough floorplan might help — I have trouble picturing the layout.

        • The chief drawback of the unit — aside from me as landlord, is the light thing, unfortunately. No windows except the bedroom. Ultimately I want to tear that part of the deck down but that’s a little ways off. I will speak to my marketing agent — that is, my more Craigslist- and rental-savvy son — about a floor plan. The bedroom’s actually reasonable sized (for a basement apartment) and there’s a decent living/dining room. MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED 🙂

          • That’s too bad about the light; the unit looks pretty nice otherwise. Perhaps you could find some shade-loving plants to place in the carport area so that the view from the bedroom isn’t quite so bleak?
            It doesn’t look like the bedroom has any blinds (or other window treatments) — I’d recommend adding them, as renters don’t usually expect to have to supply their own.
            What is the backyard like? (I see from the listing that there’s a back entrance, so it looks like the tenant has access.) If it’s nice/big/lushly planted, it might be good to include a photo.
            Like WDC, I recommend listing the total square footage if you know it (or can approximate it). A pic of the w/d would also be good. (Where is it located — in the kitchen? In a utility closet?)

    • That is adorable and a good deal.

    • If you’re having trouble, it could be worth considering well behaved dogs. We’ve never had an issue finding tenants simply because we specifically advertise that well-behaved dogs are welcomed. We take a modest refundable deposit. Every applicant ends up having or is interested in getting a dog. Just a thought! It’s a nice place, but I can’t get a sense of the layout – and if you’re worried about the feeling of natural light, there are lighting tricks you can use to make it brighter.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Went to bed an hour early last night, so I’m less horrifyingly tired today.
    Rant: Already had three meetings this morning. Meetings…
    Rave: Looks like people are happy with the data coming out of the science machine and I’m going to get new stuff to put in it.
    Rant: I’m pretty sure the room with the science machine is getting colder and colder, which is not good for my sanity. Wore gloves all day yesterday.
    Rave: I don’t know, seems like a pretty good day today. The thermometer outside my window says 55F already, and it’s in the shade.

    • I love the phrase “Looks like people are happy with the data coming out of the science machine.” ha!

      • Mug of Glop

        That’s the third stage of the progression of science machines.
        1. No data comes out of the science machine.
        2. People are unhappy with the data coming out of the science machine.
        3. People are happy with the data coming out of the science machine.
        4. People understand the data coming out of the science machine.
        4. People don’t understand why the data coming out of the now old science machine isn’t as good as the data coming out of the new, expensive science machine those other people have.

    • Mug of Glop

      Oh, and I forgot rave/rant: I find out about my entry/rejection to the Chicago Marathon today.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Had some raves, but it all seems rather trivial after watching this stuff go down in Baltimore. So much I want to say, but I just can’t even bring myself to get into it right now.

  • Rant: Didn’t get into the arrival ceremony this morning. Line went up 3+ blocks of people who probably didn’t get in. I hope the others who mentioned they were going got in.

    Rave: Fostering the cat Victoria mentioned yesterday. He’s really sweet and will hopefully find a good home. Vet’s guess is he’s about 1 year old, he’s black with two small white spots, and loves to be brushed. I think he’ll end up a lap cat.

  • Rant: Baltimore. When will this country learn to deal effectively with racism and begin to really move on dismantling it and moving forward?
    Rave: In a work meeting the other day, I sat next to a 75 year old man who was reading “The New Jim Crow” with his wife on the recommendation of his daughter. Good to see people who are willing to engage difficult topics and see beyond of their own life experiences. That kind of thoughtful engagement keeps you young (and hopefully helps improve the world a bit).
    Rave: I slept really well last night.

  • Rant: Finally asked roomie to stop slamming doors again, and she said she didn’t know I was home. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop rather than trying to figure out when I’m home or not?
    Rant: Baltimore. Took my mother 2+ hours to get home from work because of all the shutdowns.
    Rave: Week off gives me plenty of time to finish this bar app.
    Rave: Clean carpet smells great!

    • In my experience, door-slammers are unaware… and a gentle request is all that’s needed. I say, “The door is just as closed if you pull it gently as when you slam it.” Sometimes door-slammers (like loud talkers) are hard of hearing too. Or they are recent college grads, or they door-slammed in their household of origin.

      • This is the 3rd time I’ve asked. I’m open to any of those reasons, but after asking 2 other times I’d hope the issue would be fixed by now. I did mention taking extra time to simply pull or push it more gently. Hopefully, 3rd time is the charm.

        • In my experience, asking nicely probably won’t help. Is there anything you can do to physically impede the door from slamming when your roommate shuts it? For instance, I discovered in my new place that plastic over-the-door hooks prevent my bedroom door from slamming against the sill, so when I shut the door, it makes a soft thunk instead of a loud slam. good luck!

          • Textdoc-all doors, but the front and bedroom are very near to my bedroom.
            I’m going to try weather stripping. I do not have those auto-shut things…my doors are not that fancy. LOL
            I’ve found those over door hooks to make it worse. The door jam isn’t very large, so those hooks didn’t quite fit; therefore, she had to really slam the door to get it to close (basically forcing the hooks into the space which is too small).

    • Is she slamming the door to the apartment, the door to her bedroom, or both?
      Is either door equipped with one of those automatic-shut things? If so, it might be that to stop it from slamming, she needs to pull really gently and/or hold it to stop it from shutting loudly. If the door does indeed have one of those automatic-shut things, could you disable it?

    • HaileUnlikely

      I once had a very small tenant (a 5’10 male who weighed perhaps 135 pounds) who seemed to spike his heels into the floor with as much force as humanly possible with every single step. I tried to help him to learn to walk more gently, both for obvious selfish reasons and because he was a competitive runner who was often injured, probably from spiking his heels into the ground as hard as humanly possible with every single step. What I learned from this exercise in futility is that when somebody has done something all day every day for 25 years, nicely asking the person once or twice to do that thing differently doesn’t work too well. Unless your roommate is deliberately slamming the door as to express anger about something, and this is just how she operates doors, it ain’t gonna be easy.

      • If it’s for anger, she’s the angriest person I’ve ever met…I don’t get that impression. Yes, I know it’ll be tough, but when I’m jolted awake from a late sleep because she is heavy handed, it sucks. I usually leave very early, and I am very cautious about these things. She’s young, so I can only expect so much.
        Old roommate needs to eat a sandwich, btw. 🙂

    • “Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop rather than trying to figure out when I’m home or not?”
      Ha ha ha! I don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune but talk about your roommate missing the point… The human brain is a mysterious thing.

    • Blithe

      With the exception of the front door, maybe you could ask her to leave the door “cracked”. The way most of us shut doors is pretty automatic, and, as others have said, likely to be an ingrained habit. “Cracking” the door, takes more conscious effort, and is less likely to involve slamming. She can always shut the door fully after cracking it — which might also be a quieter and more conscious process.

  • Rant: My stomach is in knots over the SCOTUS oral arguments today. It sucks having your life hanging the balance of a legal hearing. While I am fortunate that my marriage is recognized where I live, I would really like to be able to visit my parents without worrying about the legal ramifications if something were to happen to one of us.
    Rave: No matter what happens, I recognize how fortunate I am to lead the life that I do.

    • I feel your pain (My wife put a moratorium on trips to Virginia in the last month or two of my first pregnancy for this reason)–but do you have documentation put together that would at least help to protect your rights in other states? We have a general power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, etc for this very reason. We also went through a formal second-parent adoption process with our daughter just to be on the safe side on that front as well. It’s a pain in the rear and expensive, but it might help to have on hand if you’re concerned.

      • Grghhh, I worry about this. Not that we are even close to this point, but my OBGYN is in Arlington and I love her. So if/when we have a kid I’d likely have it in Arlington. Hopefully by the time that comes it won’t be an issue!

        • FYI: before Virginia was under the circuit (?) court decision about same-sex marriage, they were *VERY* staunchly against second-parent adoption. Don’t know how that component will roll out in future. I think if you live in DC, you can still go through DC courts even if you delivered in Arlington–but you’ll want to confirm in advance.
          FWIW, I switched to the GW midwives when I got pregnant last time and LOVE them–Laura & Sierra in particular. They also do well-woman care, rather than just pregnancy/delivery/post-natal care. In case you ultimately end up needing another option.

          • Yeah, we would have to do a lot of research before committing to Virginia. I’m pretty sure Virginia doesn’t do second parent adoptions. If we can still go through the second parent adoption in DC, that would be fine. Thanks, open to DC doctors, but would hate to switch.

          • Six years ago, when we started looking into buying a house, we actually met with a lawyer to see how bad it would/could be to live in Virginia. We really wanted to buy in Del Ray at the time. The legal discussion changed our minds, and we bought in DC instead. I love it & am so glad we did. But so sad that it has to be like that.

          • Accountering

            Thats a tough on PVR. I know the other thing to keep in mind is if your chosen hospital is religious, and how they feel about those religious beliefs. I have put a personal moratorium forever against any sort of maternity care at Georgetown for that reason. On the small chance that there is some sort of medical issue, I want the doctors to be siding with my partners health, and not an unborn baby. The idea that in this horrible circumstance that a doctor would be making decisions/recommendations on anything BUT the health of the mother is disgusting to me.

      • We do have our documentation together since we visit my folks in TN quite often. It just scares me that it would take one accident in the wrong area for me to lose access to my wife. If something should happen to me, we would be fine (my parents love my wife and would give her full right to make decisions for me). But if something were to happen to my wife, I might be screwed. She has no immediate family in the country besides me. This terrifies me since we are now in the midst of fertility treatments. We were hoping to give birth in VA since they have already made the changes to their birth certificates but we may have to switch back to a DC doctor if the case doesn’t come out in our favor.
        And listening to the audio from the oral arguments isn’t making me feel any better. Justice Scalia is just awful.

        • Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. The fragility of it all is so tough. I think the main issue at hand with the VA/DC decision is whether you have access to second-parent adoption since the birth certificate hasn’t been tested in court (that’s what our lawyer said, at least). So if you live in DC or somewhere that your marriage is recognized, then I think you can still go through DC courts even if you/your wife gives birth in VA. But the supreme court ruling will likely impact the details when it comes out.

    • Super Rant: The Post is reporting that, during this morning’s oral argument, “Justice Scalia said he was reluctant to establish a new right that would be so “unpalatable” to so many people of faith.”
      Now, it’s possible – even likely – that the Post’s reporting is off. But if that’s accurate, I am speechless. Wait – actually, I’m not. We have a Justice on the United States Supreme Court saying that the question of whether something is a fundamental right depends on whether people of faith find it unpalatable? That’s the most outrageous effin’ thing I’ve ever heard. You know what you have when religious mores are the determinative factor in secular law? Sharia law, that’s what, or something approaching it. Unbelievable.

  • emvee

    Rant: My heart is breaking for Baltimore. As a former Baltimorean, it was crushing to watch everything happen there and to hear the harrowing tales from friends and loved ones who are living in it.
    Rant: SO’s father was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.

    No raves today. I just can’t.

  • Rave/Question: Hanging out with a guy this weekend, and to be honest I am not quite sure if it’s a date. I’m thinking no. But in any case, does anyone have suggestions for good places to eat/drink on a Saturday afternoon? He asked what I’d prefer. Bonus points for having rooftop/patio, or having afternoon happy hour.

  • Rant: BFF has to have brain surgery. It’s totally proactive but still so scary. She’ll be at Hopkins, so add another layer of uncertainty and unease with everything happening in B-more.
    Which leads to another rant – I know that there are things that, as a white middle-class woman, are beyond my understanding. I have no idea what it’s like to grow up in a rough violent neighborhood. But I do know that throwing bricks at cops, and burning down cars and buildings does nothing to help anything or anyone. It broke my heart to see thugs (not protestors – thugs) stealing prescriptions and throwing them all over the street in front of the CVS. Those are things the people in that neighborhood need to survive.
    More ranting: Favorite great aunt passed this weekend. Just now found out about it. Ugh, family. My dad’s cousin passed too this weekend (unrelated – just weird timing). Her poor daughter – she just broke up with her fiance about a month before the wedding was supposed to happen not even a year ago, and now she loses her mom. Poor thing.

    Rave: um, the sun’s out? That’s about all I got right now.

    • Re Rant: I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope it goes well for her.
      But also, (and I might be alone in this), while I agree that rioting is not the right thing to do — doesn’t calling them “thugs” just perpetuating the racism that created this mess in the first place? White college kids turn over cars and drunkenly burn things down after sporting events, at parties that are out of control, etc. and I’ve never seen one of those white privledged men called a “thug.”

      • You march/chant/boycott/hold up signs/act like an adult, you’re a protestor.
        You start destroying property or jeopardizing others, you’re a thug. Regardless of your race.

        • You purposing drive your car into protestors, you’re an Orioles fan.

          The issue is that ONLY Black people rioting are called thugs. White college kids going crazy after a game, nope; people running over protestors, nope….you get the idea. See also savage

          • having gone to a university where “white college kids went crazy” after a game, they were most certainly called thugs. I mean, they didn’t loot but they did light things on fire and crap like that. But maybe we should ignore that. (it was also 10 years ago)

          • http://mic.com/articles/116680/11-stunning-images-highlight-the-double-standard-of-reactions-to-riots-like-baltimore
            Actually, there’s a level of nuance in this article, I think, that I certainly didn’t appropriately express in my comments.

          • This.

            In the media, the term “thug” is used as a code for scary black person.

          • jindc- Yes, I’m sure some people call white kids thugs, but we’re discussing the media specifically which seems to avoid doing so. I’ve never seen a white college student called thug in the media. If you can link me to something even semi-recent and national, I’ll be happy to consider it.

          • I don’t get the point of this argument… What would you prefer these criminals to be called by the media? “criminals”? “rioters”?

          • I do not care what you call rioters as long as all bad folks in the mix are called the same thing. The issue is obviously the selectivity of the usage not the word itself. Thug has taken on a racial connotation because of that selectively. Was that not obvious?

          • Well, the local papers where I went to school called them thugs. But I guess since it’s not the Today Show or whatever passes for news, it doesn’t count. I’m just glad I don’t spend time with people who rely on the media to encourage them to call a spade a spade

          • So 10 yrs ago your local paper called a white kid a thug, and you feel that is relevant to the situation at hand or the lack of national media following suit? It doesn’t count because I’ve never seen it and have no idea what locality you went to school in 10 yrs ago. I asked for something national specifically because the rioting in baltimore (and other areas) is being broadcast nationally via numerous outlets, so I am looking for something comparable.

      • Yes, it does. White Orioles fans were driving through crowds of people. I have yet to hear them called thugs same with your examples. I’ve only seen Black people called thugs actually.
        I do not support rioting, but no matter what Black people do, we’re always going to be the thug, looter, etc.
        During Katrina, white folks “found” food in stores…Blacks looted.

        • Anon Spock, I think you should do some more research regarding the “looting” vs. “finding” issue when it comes to Katrina. Perhaps you want to read what Chris Graythen has to say on the matter (the photographer who used the “finding” caption)? I trust your Google skills are sufficient to find his comments on the matter.

          • I looked up his comments. First, different phototogs, but the AP does have guidelines for loot v find. Second, Greythan said he had to “draw his own conclusions” and was unable to speak to the white couple, so he really doesn’t know if everything they carried was found in a store or out of it, but he chose to say found even though the AP chose the word carry. He says that taking food shouldn’t be called looting but taking electronics should be. I’m fine with this idea. Third, the phototog who took the other photo did not offer comment or explanation, so we can only speculate on his/her motivation for the word looting to describe getting food.

          • 1. Yes, and they both explained why they used the terms that appear in those captions. 2. Greythan said that there were whites and blacks at the same grocery store, but only the picture of the white people ran. 3. The AP photographer absolutely provided his reasoning for using “looting” (his name is Dave Martin). You’re going to interpret those image, captions, and explanations by the photographers however you want, but you should be doing so with full knowledge of the background.

          • I looked on numerous sites, and I couldn’t find anything from Dave Martin specifically, so my apologies if his prospective was missed.

          • Did you see the NY Times article “Who’s a Looter?” from Sept 5, 2005?

        • But they’re being called thugs by the Mayor and other city leaders(majority black) so how is that racists? Or is it only racists when a white person refer to them as thugs?

          • Yes, the leaders are mostly black, but there has to be a smarter and more legitimate way to condemn your own people. I mean, the mayor also said she was providing space for people to destroy things at one point… I think we can all agree THAT wasn’t the brightest thing to do.

          • Racism is not simply calling the rioters thugs. Racism is only calling Black rioters thugs, only focusing on these instances and almost no coverage of the peaceful protestors of which there are many, and ignoring white supremacists and the like who are mowing down people downtown.

          • I think the mayor comments were taken out of context and hearing her explain herself last night really made more sense compared to what I saw reported beforehand. She basically said that they provided a space for protestors to protest- which was peaceful-but that others took advantage of that and incited violence and rioting. She never stated that it was OK for them to riot and be violent anywhere.

          • She said she gave them space to destroy. and use their first amendment rights. Maybe she clarified this statement later, but she definitely said it.

        • “White Oriole fans driving through crowds of people” — were they mowing down the protestors? Did they send anyone to the hospital?
          Or, were they trying to escape violence?
          I don’t understand why you think they should be labeled thugs

      • It is absolutely not “perpetuating racism” to call someone who sets cars and buildings on fire, loots from innocent businesses, and attack police a thug. Whatever the cause – legitimate racial grievances or overdeveloped idiotic attachment to a sports team – it’s thuggish behavior perpetuated by thugs. I have more sympathy for those who get caught up in this kind of behavior in connection with a protest, but they’re still thugs. (And maybe I’m naïve, but I tend to think those who are legitimately protesting racism and just get caught up in the moment are few and far between, and those who loot stores are bad apples who use the protest as both opportunity and cover to perpetuate mayhem.)

        • It perpetuating racism when only one race doing the same actions are called thugs. The kids in KY after the basketball game rioted. Did you see any of them called thugs? Of course not. When thug, savage is used it is a substitute for the n-word that is why it’s only used for Black people.

          If you have no problem with only calling Black rioters thugs while ignoring their white counterparts who do it simply because their time lost a game, that’s fine, but let’s call a spade a spade.

          • Yes, this is my point. No, it is not okay for people to loot and set buildings on fire no matter your race. Yes, there are bad apples who use protests to cause problems (this happened in Ferguson too — out-of-towners that just came to create chaos. But thuggish behavior is only called thuggish behavior if you’re black. The media fans the flames by using this word, and then only paying attention to those who riot instead of the THOUSANDS of blacks who peacefully protested. Its not so hard for me to see someone saying to themselves: “Well they’ve characterized us all as thugs anyway, so what the hell!”

          • As I stated above, I call ALL people who engage in that behavior thugs. If you set cars or couched on fire, destroy property and police cars, and terrorize small (or large) businesses, you are a thug, no matter what your color. I’m not OK calling one race thugs and another misunderstood, overemotional college kids – they are all thugs – and I’m not sure how you could have derives any other conclusion from my post. I also don’t know how I can be any clearer about this.

          • ded- you’re not the media. I’m glad you use the word equally, but the media has yet to catch up.

          • ded — I don’t know that anyone was criticizing YOU specifically. But unfortunately you’re just one person and you’re not any of the major media outlets that only call blacks “thugs.” We need individuals to understand this, but the mainstream media needs to get on board, too.

          • justinbc

            I’m trying to respectfully stay out of these debates today, but I’ll just say that if you (whoever you may be) take more umbrage to the type of coverage rather than the behaviors being displayed in that coverage, then I’m really disappointed in you. The major media outlets have not been “fair” or proportionate in coverage for decades with regard to sensationalized images, I’m not sure why you would expect any different in this instance. There is good journalism happening down on the streets, if you bother to look for it.

          • justin- if that’s what you got from my comment, so be it, but I’ve condemned the actions already. There is some good journalism and some really crappy journalism happening. No, this lopsided media coverage is no different, but that is in fact the problem. Something has to change in the media, with police, etc.

          • First, sorry for the typo – ded is the alter ego of dcd, if that wasn’t clear. But, back to the point, we actually weren’t talking about the media – at least that isn’t how this thread started. RHEMF started off by saying, “It broke my heart to see thugs (not protestors – thugs) stealing prescriptions and throwing them all over the street in front of the CVS.” Friday Girl’s response was, “while I agree that rioting is not the right thing to do — doesn’t calling them “thugs” just perpetuating the racism that created this mess in the first place?” That was a criticism of RHEMF as an individual, and an implicit criticism of other individuals who use the term thug to describe the Baltimore looters. That is what I responded to.
            FWIW, I agree that the media hasn’t applied the word thug equally, and it does have racial connotations, though not exclusively racial connotations – poor white people in rural areas are more likely to be referred to as thugs, though inexplicably middle and upper middle class white kids at large state schools (yes, I’m talking to you, Terrapins and Nittany Lions) get a pass, and they shouldn’t. I’m not sure I’m willing to take the next step, however, which, as I understand it (and correct me if I’m wrong) means that no one – not RHEMF, nor me, nor anyone else – should use the word thug to describe black looters because the media hasn’t used the word to describe white looters.

          • Accountering

            I don’t agree with this. People setting cars on fire are thugs, whether they do it in Baltimore or Vancouver.

          • Do white people loot stores after the Kentucky game? Let’s stop with the PC nonsense and address the real roots of these problems which are broken family structures, horrible public schools and lack of quality job prospects.

    • There comes a point when anger and frustration boils over. I think it shows… something– I have to give it more thought… that it’s not happening more often, in more places, given how extreme the reasons for anger are. As another middle class white woman, I know that I can’t fully understand what life is like on the other side of that divide, and so I don’t presume to say what an “appropriate” reaction to the situation might be. If I were in those shoes, I’d be so far beyond “appropriate” by now.

      • “If I were in those shoes, I’d be so far beyond “appropriate” by now.”

      • so are you implying their actions are justified, or at least understandable? Myself living through that other side of the divide as a child, let me ask you this. What about the majority of the community who tries to do the right thing only to get crapped on by these idiots who decide to destroy the neighborhood? Like someone else said, what about the people who depend on that CVS to give them the medicine they need for their well being? What about the people who can’t get to work and feed their families due to last night’s riots? Who is going to pay their (hourly) wages today? We’re not talking about salaried employees here. Myself growing up in very poor circumstances, I can’t only imagine what my mother would have done if she couldn’t get to work and provide for us. The majority of the people are just trying to do the right thing and get by, sadly there is part of the community with other intentions.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Not the OP and no horse in this race, but justified and understandable are different. I find lots of things understandable that I do not consider justified.

        • Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I KNOW THAT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND. So it would be presumptuous of me to opine on what’s justified or understandable.
          All the peaceful protests and think-pieces and calls to elected representatives aren’t changing anything. I don’t know what other outlets there are. I don’t know what can be changed. I don’t know how the relative peace has lasted as long as it has. I won’t be surprised when it all falls apart.

          • justinbc

            I just had this conversation with a friend of mine, so I’ll just paste here what I said to him, as he was disheartened by the lack of potential change in the country and the lack of change that really has (or has not) occurred. I don’t think it (change) will truly come either. I disagree with a lot of what my friends are saying, but I still love and respect them. Reading the comments on some of the images, from other randoms across the globe, there is still so much hatred in those comments back and forth between races. You can’t change that, cure it, fix it, it’s just inexplicably there. It’s systemic, not exclusive to one area, one job profession, class, anything, and it’s so unfortunate because we have the means to do something but not the will or receptiveness.

      • I Dont Get It

        I’m hoping the peace-loving citizens of Baltimore out in the streets today cleaning up the mess left by the criminals get as much media coverage as the criminals did.

  • laduvet

    Rant: work is ramping up!! and I keep getting asked to do projects that will last over a year…. and I can’t say anything about my September departure to London for grad school. I feel sneaky but i gotta cover myself ; /
    Rave: Putting down my deposit for Sotheby’s Institute tomorrow!!!!!!
    Rant: my emotions

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Thanks to all the PoPvillagers who recommended Taqueria Habanero. Went there this past weekend and the tacos were sooo good! Now I have to get to El Sol…

  • Rave: Looking forward to non-EU Embassy Days this weekend! Weather looks great. Off the top of my head, I think last year we got to Azerbaijan, Congo, Australia, Colombia, Botswana, Costa Rica, Fiji, Libya, Peru, Philippines and Venezuela (I know I’m forgetting 2-3 others). Any other faves or intel on good swag and/or food?

  • Rave: Our puppy adoption through City Dogs is being finalized! Hoping to bring home the little guy this weekend!
    Rave: Beautiful weather!

    • Congratulations!! I love CDR! Which pup?

      • Thank you! They are an amazing organization and we are thrilled to be working with them. In the process of adopting Crawley, the little black lab pup!

        • He’s so adorable! And CDR has a great community of adopters, fosters, and volunteers that provide a lot of support for folks. Hope you’ll keep in touch with the group. Best wishes!

        • Yay for new PoPville pups! Crawley is adorable.
          Lots of other cute pups on City Dogs website including two minature dachshunds. In case Gary would like a playmate (Shawess)

  • Anyone been to Mauritius? I’m dreaming of a two week vacation far away.

    • Accountering

      It’s pretty meh. Full of french people and pick-pockets. If you are going to go that far, you can do better.

      • And those better places are…?

        • Accountering

          Seriously? Most any far away beach would be superior IMO. Tahiti or Bora Bora. Some place remote in the Caribbean. Bali.

          • Um – you do know Tahiti & Bora Bora are full of French people too? Plus they’re expensive and do not have great beaches, or great scuba diving. (They have other charms, but are quite different from what most people think of.)

            But for a 2 week vacation far away I’d go to Corsica (again!)

      • Which is worse?

      • I agree. Although the Indian-influenced food was pretty good and we had a nice day of sailing in the Indian Ocean, it was so boring we actually went to see one of the main attractions: multi-colored dirt. Go to Madagascar instead.

        • Madagascar is fantastic. Most people go there for the plants and wildlife, but Antananarivo is a beautiful city. Great food and very nice people.

    • I haven’t been to Maritus so can’t comment on it as destination. But for alternatives with beautiful beaches, how about Philippines, Fiji, Zanzibar, Namibia, Sri Lanka?
      Bali is overrated, in my opinion.

    • I’ve been to Mauritius. There are sides of the island that are absolutely gorgeous and you will be able to completely relax and get away. That being said, unless you want to do that for two week straight, you could hop over to Madagascar for some more adventure. It was one of the few places I immeditely clicked with locals and had a great time. If you are dying to go, then go for it. As others mentioned, the Indian influces make it an interesting culutre. Rent a villa on the beach if you can.

      • Accountering

        What a coincidence you too have been to Mauritius 🙂

        I was the ship would have stopped in Madagascar. All I did was drink too much there, and deal with half my friends getting their villas broken into or otherwise getting pick-pocketed it seemed.

  • Rave: White House! Obama! Japanese PM! I got cute little Japanese and American flags! So exciting!
    Rant: So tiiiiiired. It was completely unnecessary to start work at 6 am. Oh well.
    Rant: Damn near froze while standing around outside doing nothing for over 2 hours before it finally started to warm up.
    Rave: Was nice and warm for the ceremony, and I managed to get at least some sleep so I’m not too much of a zombie so far. And I was with a couple great coworkers who made it fun despite being frozen.

    • Bummed I didn’t run into you! I really wasn’t expecting that many people!

      • Yeah I had no idea it was going to be so crowded! We were on the opposite side of you it looked like, near the podium.

  • Becks

    Rant: Baltimore. I don’t understand.
    Rant: Which seems less important than the above rant now. I have received several Kudos which were sent to my supervisor and he never sent them to me. Anytime anyone in my dept receives a kudos from a customer he emails it out right away. I received one last Thursday and another kudos from a customer on Friday. If I hadn’t looked through the dept email, I wouldn’t have known I had received any kudos.
    Rant: It’s lovely outside and I am stuck in a windowless room.

  • Rave: my big conference went really well last week and I got a lot of great feedback. Giant sigh of relief.
    Rave: I somehow managed to cobble together enough adrenaline and fumes to get some great dancing in this weekend.
    Rave: I took yesterday off to recuperate from both things and it was a good thing because I woke up at almost 4pm.
    Rant: that was not enough sleep to get me back in work mode. My synapses feel like they’re full of molasses.
    Rave: Capitals! Capitals! Capitals! Now we move on to the battle of the attractive goaltenders, aka Caps vs. Rangers. If we can solve Halak we can certainly unseat the King.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Appointment tomorrow with my Otolaryngologist/Plastic Surgeon who is always running about ten minutes late.
    Rave: Which means ten minutes alone in the exam room going through drawers and taking selfies in front of the “This is Your Nose” poster .
    Rant: Filling out the medical history forms in advance and there is no selection for “Did bath salts with all four Olsen twins.”

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Here’s to a bit of optimism in this crazy world we live in.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Miss Magnolia decided that 4 AM was playtime, so now I am very tired.
    Rant: Eldest Zelda is, apparently, going to take until the very last possible moment to finalize her college/gap year plans. I want resolution!
    Rant: My desire for resolution is probably a good bit of the reason she’s dragging her feet.

  • Rant: Baltimore.
    Rave: Nice weather.

  • Rave: Ordered 25 sycamore seedlings [for farm] yesterday from the Md State Nursery @ $1.00/each, seedlings being shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. More trees!
    Rave: First experimentation in tomato grafting successful so far, trying to do a few more to see if success rate continues
    Rave: Blue skies and sunshine – finally!

  • RANT: What’s with the guy who runs backwards up and down H and I Streets? If people don’t know who this guy is, here is an article from the Post from 2013:


    He has plagued my time living in the H St NE area. He runs through the neighborhood going backwards screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs. He has yelled at my dog when my dog reacts to the sound and causes my dog to bark even more. It can be as early as 6AM or as late as 7PM that I have personally witnessed him.

    On Friday, I was riding the X2 towards Lafeyette Square while we were stopped in traffic around the Walmart (1st St NW) while the running guy is hooting and hollering down the street, in the middle of the street, between the lanes and between cars. He was crossing back and forth on crosswalks and not on crosswalks and actively impeding traffic of both the Metrobus and other vehicles on the road. He would randomly go from the road to the sidewalk all while continuing to yell and scream.

    After examining the DC Code and the DC Municipal Regulations it is clear that this guy is in violation of multiple rules and regulations.There are major consequences if a vehicle was to accidentally strike him while he is running backwards down the street, all while he is facing no consequences. So my question is, why does MPD tolerate this guy? He is a nuisance, he disturbs the peace, impedes traffic and is generally annoying.

    DC Code

    § 22-1321 Disorderly conduct.
    (c) It is unlawful for a person to engage in loud, threatening, or abusive language, or disruptive conduct with the intent and effect of impeding or disrupting the lawful use of a public conveyance by one or more other persons.

    § 22-1307. Crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.
    (a) It is unlawful for a person, alone or in concert with others:
    (1) To crowd, obstruct, or incommode:
    (A) The use of any street, avenue, alley, road, highway, or sidewalk;

    DC Munincipal Regulations


    2305.2 Where sidewalks are provided, it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.

  • Blithe

    Rant: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/175884
    Rant: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
    Quandary: Not sure how to respond to request to help provide crisis intervention services in Baltimore.
    Rant: Wondering if those who did cost-benefit analyses and decided that the costs of maintaining wrap-around mental health and social service programs in Baltimore were/are too great are re-thinking their decisions.
    Rant: I’m very very tired of the costs of bitterness — and even tireder of the policies that underpin it.

  • Rant: What’s happening in Baltimore. I grew up in MD and worked in Baltimore city government for one summer when I was in grad school, and despite not being a true native, the stories I am seeing are breaking my heart. For anyone interested, I just found something by David Simon from a year ago where he talks about the systemic forces that are shaping our country (google his name and “two americas”). His comment towards the end gave me chills: “We’re either going to do that in some practical way when things get bad enough or we’re going to keep going the way we’re going, at which point there’s going to be enough people standing on the outside of this mess that somebody’s going to pick up a brick, because you know when people get to the end there’s always the brick. I hope we go for the first option but I’m losing faith.”

  • Rant: Baltimore. I’m not here to argue with people who disagree with my worldview, just to vent.
    I’m angry that the riots in Baltimore make some question the legitimacy of the protests and the #blacklivesmatter movement.
    I’m angry that the legitimacy of the police and their authority as conferred by the state after the murders of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and too many others isn’t questioned by the people who doubt the protesters in the wake of riots.
    I’m angry that the continuation of violence and aggression toward people of color in our country doesn’t rile everyone up.
    We have roughly 400 years of white supremacy in what we now call the USA. After the Civil War, we have had slavery disguised as Jim Crow, forced labor, the convict lease system, racist zoning rules, and now a drug law and criminal justice regime that ensnares minorities at unprecedented rates with arcane rules. We even, as the recent Department of Justice investigation in Ferguson showed, have modern day debtors’ prisons. We use our police to enforce morality-based civil fines, resulting in incarceration – Walter Scott’s death being the most recent example of this terrible overreach and its racially inequitable enforcement.
    When you see these rioters, understand that we have, as their fellow Americans, perpetrated violence upon them for centuries. Why are they where they are? Because we won’t let them be anyone, anywhere, or anything else.
    I’m just surprised these riots haven’t happened earlier.

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