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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Little Bennett Regional Park. Very peaceful, quiet, and secluded walk in the woods on Friday – and best of all, it is now transit accessible (although it did take 2 hours each way from Metro Center to get there).

  • Rant: Good friend in Kathmandu with family and friends.
    Rave: Heard he was ok on Saturday. Hoping he stays safe and able to care for his family.
    Rant: Had lots of niggling ones but really, worry for him trumps all.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m glad you heard he was safe. The waiting to hear from people after a disaster is awful. And it sucks to feel so helpless.
      I wonder if the Duggars are doing anything to help. Jill’s husband spent time in Nepal and that’s where they first saw each other in person (the met via Skype and some prayer group). (I almost hate that I know this, but the Duggars are fascinating creatures.)

    • Glad your friend is safe. One of my good friends is from Kathmandu and her entire family still lives there. Heard from her yesterday that almost all of them are safe, but there’s a lot of damage to their homes. Absolutely devastating.

  • Rave: Fantastic potluck on Saturday. It was nice to socialize for a few hours, since I haven’t really had any time because finals.
    Rave: Last class today, almost done! Just need to finish up the paper.
    Rant: Weird dreams involving an ex this weekend. Like that kind where you wake up and feel kind of anxious and depressed.
    Rant: Set up a time to talk with someone who wanted to sublet my apartment this summer, they asked to reschedule 20 minutes before the call, then never emailed me back when I proposed a time. I politely asked them to let me know if they were no longer interested since I have other people interested, and they didn’t do that either. Arg. I might be flakey on occasion but at least I keep people posted instead of just vanishing!

    • Re your first rant – were boiled breakfast breads involved?

      • Not that I know of. Haha. Did you have a potluck Saturday, too?

      • lol, dcd. I was wondering the same thing. : P

        • I have NO brain this morning and it took me a couple minutes to figure out what dcd was asking. Haha. Frankly, I forgot that whole happened for a moment. Pretty sure he wasn’t there! It was a different one.

    • That was the worst part of finding a roomie. Cancellations and no show. Argh!

      • Gah, I really don’t get it. Like, it takes two seconds to tell someone “Sorry, I’m no longer interested” and I don’t think anyone would be too offended.

      • Agreed… I had four no-shows for my basement rental this weekend. On the plus side, I think I’ve finally found a good prospective tenant!

        • I think people definitely book multiple showings in a row then when they pick a room they “forget” to cancel. I’ve always been quick to cancel on both sides. I even had one girl cancel because her pipes burst and still never rescheduled. The irony!

      • I was on the opposite end of this once – showed up to take a look at a room, but couldn’t get ahold of the girls and had no idea what was going on. Finally, half an hour after I was supposed to see the place they call me saying “Oh sorry we gave it to someone else a couple days ago.” Super annoying.

    • I’ve been having very similar ex dreams this weekend. ._. Hope they stop!

      • I hope they stop, too. But I really hope yours stop — that sounds worse. I still hold this particular ex in pretty high esteem, the dream was just really bizzare.

    • Additional “late” rant: A male colleague who is my main contact for my place of employment abroad keeps going around me, or not CC’ing me on emails, and last week on a phone call he was very dismissive of my ideas (and my role in the office generally). Not sure if this is just a lack of professionalism or a case of #everydaysexism, or whether I should approach him directly about it (I think I may wait and consult my team in the office).

  • Tough weekend for the Nats. Got swept by the Marlins over the weekend and lost by a combined 17-4. Lead the league in blown saves, bottom tier in both hitting and fielding. They sit with the 2nd worst record in the NL with over half their wins coming against the Phillies.

    When is it time to press the panic button? I realize baseball is a marathon and not a sprint but this is just sad.

    • It is quite frustrating. I think it’s too early for the panic button since the rest of the division will probably implode. I just don’t see the Mets sustaining their level of play.
      Nats are playing sloppy, so hopefully they will get over the mental yips the team is having and start playing sound error free baseball. Honestly I’m still undecided on Matt Williams as the skipper – Davey Johnson was much better at getting the best of his players.

      • Yeah, the Nats are lucky that they are in arguably the worst division in baseball. It’s too early for these kinds of moves yet but if this continues I could see a J. Zimmerman/Strasburg trade for a hitter. The Red Sox need a front of the line starter and now the Cardinals do too (maybe Betts or Wong could be in play for Zim/Strasburg + B level prospect).

      • Nats get cursed every year by all of the sportscasters predicting they’re going to win the world series before the season even starts. Don’t they know if you say it, it won’t happen?

    • palisades

      Just gotta hold on tight and wait for it to get better. Scherzer is hurt. Zimmerman is playing with plantar fasciitis. Bryce still plays outfield walls with PTSD. Span and Werth are still figuring things out. and Rendon will be back next week. Janssen will be back….who knows when.
      On the upside – Desi top notch defense is back. Bryce and Yunel are hitting everything. RBI Zim is putting in work. Pitching has been pretty good.
      I can’t help but blame Gio falling apart on crap like Wilson messing up a routine play. Has gotta be frustrating as a pitcher.

  • Rant: Didn’t get the fade, but I realized the woman is playing that “game”: take at least a day to respond, etc. So annoying.
    Rave: Should have a week off. Not mad about that one.
    Rave: Thanks to whoever recommended rug doctor. It was very easy, and my carpets are a lot cleaner.
    Rave: Lost my match, but got an ovation from the crowd. Can’t be mad about that one!

    • Wait… “the woman” = your ladyfriend??

    • I’m always torn on the “game.” If you don’t play it, you come off as needy and aggressive, and if you do there’s some sort of dissociative quality to the way you interact with other people… There’s got a to be a middle ground, right?

      • There is definitely a middle ground. I feel needy is texting everyday, but taking 24 hrs just to say no is silly. I’m usually pretty busy, and have to juggle a range of activities in my week, so having someone at least say yes to x day quickly (the same day) is really helpful. We can certainly spread out the planning part.

        • Accountering

          The strong move is to sometimes respond semi-quickly, sometimes in 20 minutes, and other times in an hour or two/next morning. This waiting 24 hours is crap.

          • I also think texting complicates it terribly. Somehow being “always available” makes it really intimidating to reach out / respond / set expectations / understand humans / figure out where the hell things are going / ugh.

          • I agree, and I usually do this not intentionally but it works out with work and the gym. Whoever came up with this wait a day thing is an idiot.

          • I disagree Carmie. I think it’s easier in many ways. Lots of places I can text but not speak on the phone which is great. I am a little old fashion though because I definitely try to call semi-regularly if the other person is into it.

        • Are we talking texting time specifically during “the game”? I wouldn’t expect a text every day until something’s official, but I’d hope that if I was actually dating someone they’d want to at least say good morning or goodnight or something each day… Maybe that’s just me.

          • I definitely don’t want texting everyday before I’m committed, so you may be in the minority there. I’m complaining about delays related to planning stuff or saying your not available or whatever. 24hrs is a long time to respond for me when I know you got the text immediately.

          • I’m with FridayGirl…. If I’m actively dating/talking to someone, I do expect daily texts. If not, I see it as lack of interest and I really am on to the next. To be fair, this is also been the expectation of me as far as I have seen. Unless I really am intentionally fading on someone, I always text back when I receive a message. I mean really, it take half a second to say hey. If I’m busy I can just as easily say hey, I’m busy I’ll text you later. Unless I’m not interested, in which case, I don’t respond.

          • The last time daily texts came up it was a big problem for me. The woman texted me constantly even when she was at work or in an important meeting. I felt that was rude and unprofessional. When I took half a day to respond once, she freaked out. It was a huge turnoff. If she had sent a simple have a good day text or goodnight, I wouldn’t have minded, but she expected me to maintain a conversation all day, everyday. It flowed into her not being able to handle me being in the gym most nights during my tournament season. The ladies who are too busy to text me constantly are cool with me having hobbies which at times take up a good chunk of my time.
            I have generally texted gfs daily, though.
            I’m also separating we’re planning a date from hey texts. I think the former deserves a more prompt response.

          • Anon Spock – Ah, wow, even I agree that’s a lot. That is unprofessional. And here I am always worrying that my check ins or short evening conversations were too much… And I totally agree that planning texts deserve a more prompt response.

          • Whether it’s too much is up to that person, but I hope someone would be upfront if they felt it was too much. Ultimately, I try to stay in the middle and do some calling to balance it out to make sure I’m covering all the bases.

        • Three years later, my boyfriend continues to call me out for being a passive texter when we first started dating. I had always been a very responsive texter in previous (crappy) relationships so I made a conscious effort to wait a little before responding and initiate conversations less. He is a few years older and we started out as long distance so my passive texting was also an attempt to not get too attached on my end since I did really like him from the get go… He still gives me grief about that and I always point out that it actually worked!

          • If you were used to people not making an effort, it totally makes sense. Waiting a little is also cool. I think long distance also changes the dynamic, so your approach makes sense.

      • Just say no to the game! If you get a text and have time to respond, just respond. If the person on the other end thinks you’re needy then they are not the right person for you.

        • +1,000
          Dating has too many rules. I’ve never given a thought to someone who responds immediately. In fact, I usually take that as a good sign.

          • Yup. It’s amazing how happy a swift response makes a person feel. All my friends gush when the person they’re dating replies quickly. It’s cute.

          • The only time I thought it was bad was when LF did it. She was usually slow to respond but during the reconnect she responded in less than a minute. In fact, it was a good sign that we’d like to give it another go.
            That is why I think the woman is doing the game. She took time to call and such even though she was losing her voice, but then takes a long time to respond when I try to work in seeing her before her vacation. Get it together lady!

      • justinbc

        The “middle ground” is doing whatever comes naturally, without thinking about how the other person is going to neurotically perceive anything about the text other than its actual content.

        • Agreed. I wish everyone would just do that and be normal.

        • Agreed. It always amazes me the difference you feel when one person is playing the game and the other isn’t vs. when both people like eachother and just want to chat. Makes life so much happier and easier.

  • Rave: Wizards sweep the series!!! SUPER jealous of my friends who went to the game last night.
    Rave: Only 2ish weeks left til I leave for Italy! Can’t wait to spend 11 whole days abroad gorging myself on pasta and wine.
    Rant: Finally given up on the garden table at Rose’s Luxury, so I’ll be in line next Monday. Any tips on what we shouldn’t miss?

    • The menu tends to change but the lynche salad is a regular item and is incredible. If they have it, I would also recommend the korean fried catfish. In theory, the grilled avocado sounds good but was extremely disappointing for me.

    • jim_ed

      The Wiz game last night was the happiest I’ve been as DC sports fan since RG3 led us past the Cowboys to clinch the division in 2012, which is super depressing when looked at objectively, but whatever. It’s so nice to have the national talking heads respect the Wizards and finally acknowledge that John Wall is a legitimate superstar. I think they have a legitimate shot against Atlanta in the next round. I’m bummed it won’t be until next Sunday at the absolute earliest they’ll play again.

      • palisades

        Yeah sweeps can be a curse. So much time off to get rusty and cocky/nervous.
        Pierce has been an impressive veteran presence and his leadership should help keep their heads in the game for this long week.

    • Yay for Italy! I just got back after 10 glorious days. Why cities are you headed to? If you need recs, I’m happy to share!

      • It must the year for Italy. I’m leaving for 2 weeks in about a month. Doing Rome, Florence, and Monterosso (Cinque Terre). Any tips are appreciated!

        • Rome – reserve everything you can in advance, otherwise the lines are insane. If you do the Vatican, your ticket lets you do the museum and Sistine chapel, but you still have to wait in line for St Peter’s basilica unless you do a private tour. The line was about 3 hours long both days we stopped by. Make sure you get a view of the Swiss guards. The Colosseum is worth going inside.
          -Food: sciue sciue, broccoletti (these are both delicious – but need reservations), Enoteca Provincia Romana – locally sourced food, Suppli/arancini – get anywhere, typical roman; Gelato – Come il Latte, Ciampini, Il Gelato di Claudio Torcé; Pastries – Ciuri Ciuri
          -Outside of typical touristy things, we did a visit of the food market and a cooking class. There are a lot of options at different price points. Ours was private (and expensive) but several courses, lots of fun, and in a local Roman apartment. If you want specific names, let me know.
          -Borghese gardens are gorgeous, free place to spend an afternoon walking/picnicking
          -Aventine Keyhole, which is on top of one of the seven hills of Rome, from there you look through to get a view to St. Peter’s basilica. It’s a very, very pretty walk to the top of the hill.
          -Another thing I’d recommend is taking the elevator to the top of the Altare della Patrie (the big white building). You have to wind your way through the building but it’s not crowded at the top and you get an amazing panoramic of Rome.
          -Trevi fountain is undergoing renovations so it’s not very pretty.
          -Do everything during the day, then again at night. Seeing everything lit up is awesome.
          -If you’re taking the train from Rome, the station can be super confusing and some entrances to the lines have construction so you have to access a different way. Allow yourself enough time to get there and figure out your entrance. If you are leaving luggage at the station, the line gets suuuuuper long. Check with your hotel/airBNB for a better solution.

          Florence – food: La Cucina del Garga (probably best meal we had in Italy), Gusta Pizza(loud, crazy, delicious – can take it to go and head to the Boboli not far away for a pizza picnic); gelato: Grom, La Carraia
          – get out of the city into Tuscany and the Chianto Classico region. We did a wine tour (tuscan wine time) that took us to two vineyards with amazing wines, olive oils, and balsalmic vinegars. Expensive, but was my most favorite part of the trip. You could probably rent a car and go at it on your own, but can’t beat convenience of someone else figuring it all out and a DD dropping you back off in the middle of Florence. Most museums/public things are closed on Mondays, so we chose to do the wine tour on that day instead.
          – Duomo -they are renovating right now due to the Pope’s scheduled visit in November. A lot of things are taken down or posters are up instead of the real thing. Museum is closed. Going to the top is a hike, but worth it for the view (10 eur). Cathedral itself is free, just make sure you get in the right line.
          – Accademia/David – Book in advance. David is just ridiculous.
          – We didn’t find the Uffizi to be worth the entrance fee.
          – San Lorenzo market – haggling for leather goods is fun, but watch your bag. Then you can head inside to the food stalls and eat amazing food and pastries. It’s super packed during lunch, but is open until late. The fresh food market (downstairs) is open until 2 pm. Free tastings.
          – Piazzale Michelangelo – take the 13 bus. Beautiful view of city.
          -Boboli gardens – another place to picnic/walk off some of your wine and pasta, 7.5 entry fee, though. If you follow your way up in elevation, you get to the back of the PItti palace and have a pretty good view.
          – Ponte Vecchio – great place to catch a sunset
          – Piazza di Santa Maria Novella – in the evenings this place has food stalls with super fresh antipasti type foods, cheeses, meats, and wine. Nice to sit outside and people watch.

          If you’re going Florence>Cinque Terre you can arrange your ticket to go Florence>Pisa>Cinque Terre and give yourself a few hours in Pisa to see the tower. You generally have to stop somewhere along the way anyways, so if you want to see it, check your route.

          Cinque Terre – Try to schedule this during the week rather than a weekend if possible. Monterosso is gorgeous. Two beaches, both are rocky, but nice. Delicious seafood – shrimp scampi pasta here, so good. Be aware that most of the trails to hike are closed between the cities. We took the train to Vernazza and hiked to Monterossso (only trail currently open). It’s 7.5 euros to access the trail. LOTS of stairs/climbing both ways, it’s pretty rocky and some places the trail is tight. Bring water and sunscreen. You can hit each of the 5 cities by train cheaply and they are each worth it. Monterosso is definitely the biggest city and nicest beach, but others have beaches as well and are just fun to walk in. Take the ferry to get a pretty picture out from the water.

          If you have specific questions, let me know!

      • Yes please!! We’re doing about 5 days in Rome and another 4 on the Amalfi Coast (based out of Salerno) and trying to do some day trips up the coast.

        I haven’t done much research as to what we’re doing outside of the bug touristy attractions in Rome, so recommend away!

        • See above for Rome! Didn’t get a chance to visit Amalfi coast this time, so this is a 5 year old advice.
          Not sure what kind of plans you have yet, so general recommendations –
          – Palace at Caserta. The gardens should be amazing this time of year.
          – Pompeii is an absolute must see, and it’s nice to have a guide here (even though I generally find guides cheesy). Some things are obvious and have signs but there’s a lot of interesting facts and “hidden” things that you’d miss out on without a guide.
          – Naples – go in for the pizza and the archaeological museum, but I didn’t love the city otherwise
          – Ferry out to Capri, climb to the top. It’s a hike, but you’ll regret it if you don’t.
          – Rome in limo tours are amazing, but expensive. We had a great experience with the Positano/Pompeii/Sorrento tour. Our driver was hilarious and we had a fantastic meal at a restaurant he suggested. Willing to stop at picture taking locations. Limoncello is a must here.
          – If you can sneak in a wine tasting, I’d go for it. This isn’t the best region for Italian wine, but it’s still delicious…when in Italy! We started one around 930 am and finished by 3. Enjoyed a doze and slightly buzzed, lazy walk along the beach afterwards.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Made it into work!
    Rant: I already need 2 naps.
    Rave: I have a desk job.

  • Rave: Scored some honey from the Franciscan Monastery’s plant sale early Saturday! Hoping it will help subdue my allergies.
    Rave: Then spent a few hours at Kingman. Got a free beer from the good folks at REI, and got to introduce By & By to some new friends.
    Rave: Full-blown, through and through spring cleaning yesterday. Toothbrush to the bathroom floor tiles style!

    • Blithe

      Good luck with your Rave! Do you know if local honey helps if tree pollen is the irritant? PLEASE report back if the honey helps!

      • Unfortunately, the “local honey helps with allergies” thing is a myth — the New York Times debunked it a few years ago.

        • Not actually the NYT that did the debunking — that was the University of Connecticut Health Center — but that’s where I read about it:

          • Oh, bother. Good to know, thanks for sharing the info. I don’t think I’ll break the news to my geepa, though. 🙂

          • Thismoi, the placebo effect is a powerful thing! If he believes that it helps him, that belief might actually make a difference.

          • Blithe

            Well, I think the article leaves open the possibility that if you’re allergic to pollen / plants that are being pollinated by bees — then honey might help. If you’re allergic to oak, which is wind pollinated, then there’s no reason to think that honey would help. If you’re allergic to, I don’t know, maybe clover or orange blossom pollen, then maybe the local honey would help. So there’s room for further study — which is good news if you like honey.

          • textdoc, it’s worth mentioning that this is my geepa who at one point seriously considered doing a kitchen reno to remove the stovetop/oven, because he and geema bought an industrial food dehydrator and were going to adopt an exclusively raw diet. Sometimes, I just leave them to their whims and see how it all shakes out. They did not go through with the reno, needless to say. But, he still has a dose of honey every morning.

      • My grandfather up north swears by it, but this is the first time I’ve had access to such hyper local honey – the monastery is only a few blocks from where I live. 🙂 My symptoms are relatively mild this season compared to other folks (in fact, I only have a reaction every other year or so, and I’ve never been tested for what the source is)…but, I sure will report if I notice a difference. FYI, there’s going to be a honey extraction workshop the weekend of May 9th, and after the workshop, honey will be available in the gift shop until it’s gone. I’d definitely recommend reaching out directly to the beekeeper at the monastery (not sure of contact information), as that might be a good source of info about the irritant question.

    • “Toothbrush to the bathroom floor tiles” — I’m impressed!!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Greatest weekend of the year so far
    Rave: Partying with Laduvet! what a wonderful person!
    Rave: got into a dance party for free, so I felt the obligation to spend the extra money on more beers but
    Rant: Sunday morning
    Rave: Being able to walk to wonderful places to get hungover person’s brunch
    Rave: NIcest conversation with someone yesterday that could lead to an even better next weekend.
    Question: (asking for a friend) Is there a place in DC where one can have a drink with another person, a place where maybe there is slow dancing music and ears won’t be ringing the next day?

  • Rant: Tinny feeling in my head after only sleeping a few hours last night. Woke up to the sound of gunshots, called the police, then was awake because I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Just as I was falling back to sleep, the police called me for any additional information.
    Rave: The cops seem to be doing their jobs.
    Rant: There always seems to be something bad going down at the bus stop on the corner of 7th and P. This is the second time I’ve called the police in that last month about violence there. The last time, a mentally disturbed guy who seems to live on that corner was going around threatening people with a two-by-four. I blame the city for not moving on the RFP for the land, and also the ANC rep for not making more noise to get the city to act. The police should be stepping up their presence there, too.

    • ugh, so sorry. That area is still bad – and the cops seem reactive vs proactive. foot patrols around there would do a lot of good. I’m so tired of calling them re: Kennedy Rec Center.

    • Accountering

      Thanks Bowser. I think that was her second or third thing she did when she came into office was the turn back the RFP at that site. It should be surrounded by fencing and with a hole in the ground as we speak…

      • Accountering, any idea why she turned it back? It seems like the entire neighborhood wants it to move forward and I believe Commissioner Chapple wrote several letters saying that. I wonder if we can get all of ANC 6E to fight for it. Commissioners Nigro and Pedro seem to be able to actually get things done.

      • Accountering, any idea why she turned it back? It seems like the entire neighborhood wants it to move forward and I believe Commissioner Chapple wrote several letters saying that. I wonder if we can get all of ANC 6E to fight for it. Commissioners Nigro and Pedro seem to be able to actually get things done.

        • No idea why this double posted. Sorry.

        • Accountering

          Sounds like they changed the development team a bit into the project? Just a technicality it looked like, but ultimately she didn’t like it for whatever reason. Instead, we get a vacant lot for even longer.

          • I wonder if there is any way to write her/the government about this, requesting that it be reconsidered, without sounding like a total crackpot. It seems like there is a clear need to get this project moving, but I’m not sure how an average citizen can be heard if the ANC itself can barely get anything to happen.

          • I mean, I don’t even know -who- I would contact. I’m guessing that any emails sent to the mayor’s office would fall in a black hole.

          • Accountering

            Fear not… She has formed a committee to look into studying the issue. Once we get all the stakeholders to the table, this thing is as good as done.

          • … in five years? How many more people will be shot by then??

          • justinbc

            I’ve heard of killing something by committee, but this may be too literal.

  • Accountering

    Rant: W4 election. I cannot figure out which one of these fools to vote for. Todd is an absolutely useless puppet for an empty suit, Renee Bowser doesn’t understand economics (her “facts” on pop-ups were wrong. You can hate the aesthetics, but when your opinions are wrong, you too are wrong.) Her views are also a bit scary to be honest. When you are the most progressive candidate of 13 – all hell bent on running to the left of each other… That is saying something.
    The latest flyer I got in the mail from Leon Andrews literally spent four pages talking about one issue (seniors) but was simply pandering, and didn’t say HOW he wanted to help seniors. Defer real estate taxes to the estate? Sure! Fix the tax sale so seniors don’t lose their home over $300? Sure! Cut the already cheapest senior citizen RE taxes to zero – no.
    I am leaning towards Toliver, as he specifically favors a bus lane on 16th, but also wants to can the Georgia Avenue Streetcar… Sigh. Do any of these fools deserve my vote?
    Rant2: Caps. Plenty of chances, should have closed them out on Saturday.
    Hopefully Rave: Huge game tonight. Please win…

    • Accountering

      Reading some of the Q&A responses, and these guys are all morons. I just want to find someone to protest vote for against Todd, that isn’t actually worse than Todd.

    • gotryit

      I plan to vote for Tolliver. Not that I agree on every issue, but he seems smart / capable / genuinely interested in making a difference.

      Not that it matters, because Todd is probably going to win. Enough people favor him and he’s got the machine behind him.

      • Accountering

        I was reading more of Tolliver’s Q&A. I agree with very little of what he has to say. A great example is that he wants to increase by 66% the amount of revenue that is generated by recordation taxes. 2.2% of the sale price of all homes is currently a tax. To get a 66% increase would raise this to 3.7%. That is ridiculous.
        He then wants to take all of this money and dump it into affordable housing.
        He also wants to start taking money out of the rainy day fund (reason why our borrowing costs continue to decrease!) and also dump that into affordable housing.
        He also thinks that our speed camera program is only about money. Oh, and he also wants to build city funded municipal parking garages at Ft Totten and Takoma. This guy stinks to high heaven.

    • The pool of candidates is so bad that Todd comes out looking like one of the best, despite being a Bowser puppet. It’s sad. I plan on voting for Tolliver, in part because I just can’t bring myself to vote for Todd.

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend at family farm, lots of good gardening and contemplating nature
    Rave: 1050 native trees and shrubs planted at farm by MD Dept of Natural Resources plus 25 more planted by sibling.
    Rant: Oh my aching back (long standing issue) — any recommendations for accupuncture in DC? Strengthening/stretching helps, but lots of room for improvement

    • Re: acupuncture, I swear by Pekoe in Shaw and have seen both Noah Samuels and Nicole Mires. They accept more insurance plans that you might expect and will verify your eligibility for you. I recommend calling them and asking which practitioner that would recommend.

    • Thanks Shawess.
      And rant(ish): Just realized the prayer flag at the farm disappeared into the wind this past week.
      It was needed in Nepal more than here.

    • Acupuncture… second the recommendation for Pekoe and also add Welch and Yonkers at Farragut West. Both options are very metro accessible and really good, knowledgable, and caring.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Nice, although short, 4 day trip down to NC to visit my parents this weekend.
    Rant: Chilly, rainy weather the whole time down there.
    Rave: So many great breakfast options there. And so cheap. While the Northerners here may lament the lack of good bagel options, us Southerners yearn for someone who appreciates the value of a good biscuit to make your morning happy.
    Rave: Came home last night to a big box from J Crew sitting on our doorstep, which had been out in plain sight since Friday. Wow, DC, bravo for once.
    Rave: 4 out of 7 new rose bushes already producing flowers in massive quantities.
    Rant: Somehow got ants in my messenger bag while we were gone, likely from all the yardwork before we left. I’ve been fighting them on my desk at work all morning.

  • Rant: Foster homes for cats are still in desperate need. Homeward Trails and Four Paws are both over-full. This morning a volunteer from Four Paws found a beautiful adult cat in a carrier left where she feeds ferals in the alley behind my house. This clearly looks like someone’s pet that for whatever reason, they no longer want.

    She said Four Paws will take care of vetting this cat today, but there is no where to keep him or her. If anyone could offer some space – even for a few days – in a spare room or bathroom – we can set you up with litter box, food etc. email me at vicmck at gmail dot com.

    • Thanks Popville – I had 3 wonderful offers to take in this cat and s/he is going to a temp home tonight. Stay tuned – for anyone considering adopting a cat – I’ll be posting updates as we learn personality etc.

      Meanwhile – another friend has been emergency fostering a sweet young orange tabby named “Claire” who likes to play fetch! She is about one year old and has had a rough life, found as a pregnant & skinny stray, all her babies were born premature and died. Now she is loving and healthy and ready for a home!


  • Rant: Narrowly avoided running into my terrible ex at a bar on Friday night. Gaah. This city is too small sometimes. He messaged me out of the blue a couple weeks back wanting to “reconnect” after leaving me alone for a couple years… Nope nope nope. I hid behind friends and I don’t think he saw me at least.
    Rave: I have had frequent stress dreams about running into him the past couple years, and although I panicked for a few minutes it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared, so that’s a relief!
    Rant: Was out Friday night with a bunch of people who were all married couples except for me (11th wheel, woohoo). Dates this weekend didn’t go very well either (both nice but no chemistry), and I’ve been having dreams about my most recent ex this past week. All of this leaves me feeling a little out of sorts.
    Rant: Have to start work at 6 am tomorrow.
    Rave: But it’s to go to the White House for the opening ceremony of Prime Minister Abe’s state visit this week. 😀 I have never been to the White House before, so pretty excited about that despite the unholy hour!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Picked our tile this weekend! Went to four tile stores to look for bathroom tile, and were having absolutely no success. Andie had a very specific vision that frankly, I hated. We managed to find something on Amazon that was an awesome compromise, that I think we both actually like better than our original visions.
    Rave2: Wound up being about $3 cheaper per sq foot than what we were expecting, so that was a nice surprise.
    Rave3: Inspections today! Finally getting the project back on track!

    • justinbc

      If you go out looking again, check out the Creative Concepts Design Center out in Merrifield. We loved their selection (and they’re doing our master bath remodel).

  • Rave: A good weekend with family, celebrating my daughter’s birthday.
    Rant/Rave: Got a bonus (rave); 40% went to taxes (rant-ish). I’m not really ranting because I think taxes can be a good thing – they pay for lots of useful things that I definitely take advantage of. I just wish I had more of my bonus.
    Rave: Grocery store birthday cake. The best.

  • Almost all raves from over the weekend:
    Rave: Last Crystal City 5k — I may not have hit the time I wanted (31:00 or less) but I did really well considering how frakking sedentary I am (31:59, for those who care). Glad I signed up for the series, 2 more 5ks next month with friends! Color Run will see me dressed as Robin Sparkles, Y’all!
    Rave: old DC friend who moved to Charm City came to visit for 24 hours, and will hopefully get that job she interviewed for (and killed it, I might add). She needs some changes in her life so here’s to that!
    Rant: Weather on Saturday was useless, considering I wanted to lay in Meridian Hill Park and sip delicious juice mixes. Also, the World Book Day in Dupont was a major letdown, and the Bluegrass thing was too far away and too cold…
    Rave: Dim Sum at Honk Kong Pearl with old coworkers was AMAZING. Even got some squash and tomato plants at Eden Garden (let’s hope I don’t immediately kill them)
    Rave: Got weird enough to do yard work for 4 hours yesterday, despite the fact that my “yard” is a set of concrete stairs in an alley with a huge overhanging plant that wants to eat me. Also did a number of DIY projects in the house at about 1am.
    Rant: DIY projects mean I was too excited to get a reasonable amount of sleep.
    Rave: New hire this week!

  • Rave: had a wonderful party at my house for my 30th birthday. I have a ridiculous amount of booze left over. I’m not buying any more for the next several months.
    Rant: got a cryptic email from my supervisor requiring a phone conference today on saturday so I spent the rest of the weekend freaking out about what I did wrong.
    Rave: it was just a “last one in, first one out” conversation. So I might be transferred in the worst case scenario.
    Rave: taking Friday off for a dental appointment/mental health day.

  • Rave: 10k on Saturday went surprisingly well.
    Rave: Extremely lazy and wonderful Sunday.
    Rant: Work has been extremely dramatic and stressful. Is it Friday yet?
    Question: Any dog-friendly, long weekend trip ideas?

  • Revel: To whomever recommended the book Attached, thanks! Very useful, at least in theory. I have to see if I can put what I learned into practice.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Kentucky Derby Week! I’m wearing my fascinator today! Derby Week reminds me of that time I did body shots with the Bush twins in the infield at Churchill Downs.
    Rave: The weather today! I lurv it!
    Question 1: I’m thinking of upgrading my phone from Samsung Galaxy 3 S Note to Samsung Galaxy 6 S. Any fans??? And I don’t need to hear from any iPhone folks, thank you very much.
    Question 2: I’m looking at moving from Verizon to Sprint—the deal seems too good to believe which makes me question the level of service.

    • Rave 1 = my all time favorite

    • I’ve had Sprint forever. Occasionally I hit a dead zone, but it affects most carriers such as some spots along 295. Generally I’m happy, and I love the unlimited data. You can get many questions answered through the online chat service, but I’ve found them easily reachable by phone. Issues have been rare, though.

    • I just upgraded from S4 to S6 Edge(little slippery). Great phone- finally delivered a solid built/looking phone. There’s definitely improvements on operating speeds/processing etc. There’s also some functionality that I had on my S4 that I don’t have on the S6 ie; I could control my music(Pandora) even when the screen was locked, now I have to unlock the screen to control music. Maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet. Haven’t really played with it much.

    • justinbc

      “Question 1: I’m thinking of upgrading my phone from Samsung Galaxy 3 S Note to Samsung Galaxy 6 S.”
      I’m doing this exact switch today, except moving from Verizon to T-Mobile in the process.

    • check out T-Mobile. Their prices are low and the data speeds are much faster than Sprint.

    • Question 2: I’ve only ever had Sprint since I’ve lived here and I really like it for this area. The biggest plus in my opinion (other than unlimited data because that’s obvious) is that it roams on Verizon for free (if you do have that unlimited plan). So I always have service on the metro from the Verizon signal.

    • skj84

      I had some issues with spotty service when I joined Sprint last year, but they added a new tower in the interim. No issues now. In fact I get good service even in rural areas.

    • IDGI – your sense of humor is SO much like a friend of mine’s! You’re not from Thibodaux, LA, are you…?

  • Rave: Productive weekend — got lots of yardwork/gardening done.
    Rant: Totally forgot about the Franciscan Monastery’s garden sale.
    Rave: Stumbled across the bulbs/seeds section at Home Depot and bought a bunch of bulbs for spring planting/summer blooming — some gladioli in different colors, white lilies, and two things whose names I don’t remember.
    Rant: What I really wanted was a package of irises in complementary bluish colors, but they were out of stock.
    Rant: The bulbs were kind of a foolish impulse purchase, since I have no clear idea as to where exactly I would plant them.
    Rave: 90-day return policy.
    Rave: I’ve been working on beautifying my neighbor’s weed-filled treebox area (digging up the weeds, putting down landscape fabric and mulch, and planting daylilies). One of the guys who lives in the house has twice thanked me, which is nice — it’s hard work, and it’s nice to feel appreciated.
    Rant: Apparently I have become preoccupied with gardening — I need to get back to posting rants/raves on other topics!

  • Rant: seasoning cast iron. Wouldn’t have felt so labor intensive if I didn’t mess up the first time (too much oil) and if the pan wasn’t 100 pounds (or so it felt). Hopefully it will be worth it!
    Rave: a record 17 minute long annual pelvic exam. It helps this was my skip year, but also my gyn is like super efficient (while still having great bedside manner!)
    Rant: I have to schlep to woodbridge (VA) to see her.
    rant by proxy: friend in the dumps over dc temp agencies. Anyone here have good and/or bearable experiences with entry level/clericlal temp agencies in DC?

  • topscallop

    Rant: Feeling uninspired/unmotivated at work. There’s a weird combination of lull/downtime and a couple of activities that are in a tricky, early defining stage that makes me not want to come in to the office. I think this weather is also not helping my mood. What happened to spring?!
    Rant: I’ve been on a few dates with a dude and I’m not really feeling a connection. Would it be worse to give it one more shot or to call it off now? We talked about going out again this weekend.
    Rave: three weeks until vacation!

    • How many is “a few” — three? IMO, if you’re not feeling anything after three dates, it’s unlikely a fourth is going to change your mind.

    • If you don’t hate him which I gather you don’t if you considered meeting again, I’d probably give it another one just to be sure. I think 3-5 dates is the window to feel the spark, but it can certainly take a bit longer. My criteria is: do I hate them? No, did I have a fun time? Yes, let’s do it again.

      • +1 on the 3-5 dates thing, although I’ve also started dating someone after the second date, and also realized someone is really creepy after the second date, so I’d go with your gut here if this guy could fall into the latter category.

        • Started dating…you mean exclusively?
          The criteria is from date 1… so if they’re creepy or gross or awful to the server, I’m putting them in the I hate you category and moving on.

          • Yes, exclusively. And I agree with you on the date 1 criteria, although I’ve had one or two guys who seemed fine on the first date, then were put in a different situation on the second date and were just… not cool. And I was like “Oh, there’s the true colors.”

    • Anonynon

      How many is a couple? I am curious…do you think the lack of connection is because you nothing in common? Maybe bad date location? There is only so much connection you can get from a 1-2 hour dinner/drink date, without taking some sort of leap of faith. I would say give him another shot….and if the next date isn’t great then just be up front 🙂

      • topscallop

        Thanks for the advice! We’ve been on 3 dates and while I certainly don’t hate him, I don’t feel intellectually stimulated I guess? I think the struggle I’m having is that the dates have been objectively good but I’m not feeling that excitement to see him again. We don’t have a lot in common but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I think I’ll go ahead and give it one more try to see if the spark is there. I like his face, so that’s a plus 🙂

        • If he’s not a horrible person and he’s nice enough, I’d say give it another shot. If it’ still lackluster, then you should end it. No one should have to settle for “meh” when there’s a “wow” waiting for you somewhere. But who am I to give people dating advice, really?

  • Rave: went camping this past weekend at Assateague. I’m not a big camper, but it was great. We stayed at the state park, which has brand new bathroom facilities. It was really cool to see so many stars. The weather got gloomy on Saturday, though, so we headed home early – but stopped at two breweries on the way back: Burley Oak and Tall Tales. Burley Oak’s Contact Rye (double IPA) was the best of everything we had, followed by Tall Tales’s Imperial Stout.
    Rave: spring cleaning on Sunday. I normally hate cleaning, but my bedroom is looking pretty amazing. I kinda want to socialize in it.
    Rave: super caffeinated right now.
    Rave: Wizards broke out the brooms!!!

  • rave: social weekend with good weather
    rant: everyone seems to be talking about a wedding i am not invited to. sad start to the week.

  • Rant – Lingering cold turned into an awful sinus infection and I spent most of the weekend in bed, missing the bluegrass festival and the Takoma Art Hop festival.
    Rant – Shooting this weekend in my neighborhood, a block away from my home. Very scary.
    Rave – My dog was happy to nap with me on the couch all day Saturday.
    Rave – Felt a little better yesterday and enjoyed a nice walk in the sun.

  • justinbc

    Rant: The reports that the mayor of Baltimore allowed protesters “space to destroy”, as if they’re children in the McDonald’s playpen. If I were the other citizens of Baltimore I would be just as outraged by this as those who are upset about the cops, but hopefully they show it in a more reasonable manner.

    • Anonynon

      Baltimore is such a weird place…pretty embarrassing those were not protestors those were people destroying property and accomplishing nothing productive.

    • Yes, by all means, run your city as if you’re living in season 3 of The Wire.

    • Accountering

      That is unbelievable. I just saw the video. She should be turning in her resignation effective immediately.

    • skj84

      I’m so upset by the medias focus on the few people who chose to riot, over the thousands of people who marched peacefully. I’m even more upset over the assholes who chose to splinter off and disrupt the protest. They hurt the cause. I had several friends who were at the protest and had powerful experiences. It’s frustrating that a day of rightful protest has been boiled down to violence.

      • +5000. I feel like the people who choose to focus on the rioters, rather than the protestors’ completely legitimate outrage over Gray’s horrific treatment by the police are missing the forest for the trees on this issue.

      • it’s kind of hard to ignore the rioters. Have you seen the videos?

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Ran a pretty good time at the GW Parkway 10 Miler yesterday morning! It’s my first clocked 10 mile race, so it’s a PR anyway, but I did beat my friend’s time by almost a minute, so…
    Rant: Super-tired now because of how early I had to wake up for it.
    Rave: Crystal City 5K on Friday was pretty okay, and the birthday party after was even better!
    Rant: It’s cold enough in the science machine room right now that I’m wearing gloves.
    Rave: I can type in gloves.
    Rave/Rant: American Odyssey relay this weekend might be fun, might be horrible, or I might just sleep all the way through it. Don’t know how to feel about it.

  • Neither R nor R, but I’m really curious to know if anyone else saw two people camouflaged head to toe in shrubbery (it was terrifying) hiding in bushes and scaring people at Lincoln Park last Friday evening? Bad street theater, a sociological observation, or just two wackadoos with too much time on their hands?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Nice, relatively quiet weekend, even if I was freezing half to death the whole time. Went to see Middle Zelda’s play. She was on sound effects, and all of her gunshots went off a the right time. 🙂
    Rant: Littlest Zelda sure does have that 12-year-old-boy, obnoxious, run-a-stupid-joke-into-the-ground thing going on.
    Rave: Ordered a gorgeous case for my hand-me-down new phone. It’s amazing how happy a little thing like that can make me.

  • Rant: Can someone call Monday and ask what the he– it did with Saturday and Sunday?
    Rave: Crazylegs run/walk with DC Badgers group on Saturday morning was fun, albeit a tad chilly. Beer and brats in the morning more than made up for it!
    Rave: Yesterday’s weather made for a suuuuper productive yardwork day. Good news: no dead bodies were found in the weeds.
    Rant: Homicide at 4th and Butternut in Takoma yesterday morning. 4th homicide w/in 1 mile of our house in the past 2 months. Bowser sure left her ward in good shape.
    Rant: Puppy does not know how to act right when loose in the backyard. She loses her damn mind and pulls out every chuck of grass/dirt she can get her cute little face on. Last night’s bath literally left a ring in the tub. Also, she does not enjoy bath time.

    • What kind of puppy? Has she been in Afternoon Animal Fix yet?

      • Yes she has! She (Ellie) was on there two weeks ago, and also the day of the NCAA championship… in full Badger gear nonetheless.
        She’s an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. We think with Whippet. She has her own Instagram if interested, @elenaorrigbydc

    • Did you and Ellie stop by Big Bad Woof in Takoma yesterday? I saw a pup there that looked a lot like her while I was there buying chew toys for my dog. She was so cute and wanted to play with everyone! Sorry if that is weird/stalkerish. I’ve seen her on PoPville and thought she looked familiar.

      • Yes, that was us! She tends to get overly excited toward the end of our excursions and we’d been out and about for almost two hours. We need to start stopping by there on our way to instead of fro!

        • Kind of like when a toddler gets tired and just starts to go crazy. Yeah, that’s how all of our days end.

        • Aww she’s is SO cute! I love her brindle stripes! I can’t bring my dog to Big Bad Woof because she gets way too crazy with all the people, dogs, treats and toys everywhere. My dog also enjoys ripping up grass and sometimes eating it. Then she rolls in it and gets grass stains on her white fur.

          • She’s usually ok if that’s the only place we stop. But we’d already been to Cap. City Cheesecake, ACE, played with random people/dogs on the street, etc. She was at the end of her manners rope! We’re doing our best to get her extra socialized early on as we’d like to someday get her certified as a Canine Good Citizen and have her go around as a hospital therapy dog. We’ve got a long way to go though!

  • I cannot stop staring at the photo. So beautiful and peaceful. Can’t wait to go to the beach.

  • Rave: I heard through the grapevine that my most recent ex is moving out of town! Woo!
    Rave: Went on a first date this weekend with a veritable ton of chemistry. We chit chatted back and forth all weekend through text, and we’re going on a second date tonight!
    Rave: Fun, fun, fun week coming up this week! Excitement.

  • Rave: I sent a personal email to someone who has the exact job I want late last week, asking for an informational interview, and the person wrote back today, telling me to call her this afternoon.
    Rant: I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high. Her organization is hiring for a position exactly like the one I’d want, but I applied for that job a month ago and never heard back.
    Any recommendations on how to approach the call?

  • P Street stench is *NOT* gone, despite whatever WASA was doing in front of Whole Foods last week. Seriously makes me question shopping for groceries there, not because the smell turns me off all that much (I just cross the street) but because I’m paranoid of whatever it is bubbling up into the aisles of the market. Blech…. 🙁

  • Blithe

    Possible Rant: When I went by Paul’s Liquor store, the old neon sign was gone. I hope, hope, hope that it’s just being refurbished and not completely gone.
    Rave: Those spinach feta fittata thingys at Wegmans. Which taste so much better than anything I’ve made at home. It’s probably a good thing that Wegman’s is not Metro-accessible.
    Rave: Gosh darn! The strategy of breaking up a HUGE task into smaller and even smaller ones actually does work!
    Rave: I don’t have a poker face. Sometimes that’s a GOOD thing.

    • I live near Paul’s and noticed the sign was missing, too! I REALLY hope it is just going through a check-up or something. It’s a great sign!

  • Andie302

    Rave: I just got the call that we passed inspection – which means…on to finishes 🙂 After being stalled nearly completely since 4/4 (or a few weeks bofore that, depending on your definition of stalled) I am super excited.
    Rave: Despite the long haul for the bathroom tile shopping, I think in the end we weathered that prettty well.
    Rave: My mom is coming in town Thursday, and friends are coming in on Friday – I’m ready for the week to be over already!
    Rave: Close friend is starting therapy tonight. I’ve been encouraging her for a few years now – so this is a big deal.
    Holding out hope for tonight: Let’s Go Caps 🙂

  • Anonynon

    Rave: The thing that i was raving about last week is still going well, and continuing 🙂
    Rant: I hate having to keep my emotions in check, I’m really excited but its so early…I am cautiously optimistic.
    Rant: So exhausted from the weekend, I really packed way to many activities in on saturday and sunday.
    Rave: Monday HH then bed early

  • Rant: People using the Nepal earthquake as an opportunity to re-brag about past travels there.

  • Rant: Having to pressure landlord *again* to fix a hazardous issue that he’s been blowing off for months.
    Rave: Dog that I’ve been trying to get adopted has a great family that’s applying for him today.
    Rant: Place I’ve been temping hired someone for permanent position that I applied for. And didn’t tell me.

  • Becks

    Rave: I went to Gettysburg on Saturday! It was amazing. I especially enjoyed the film and cyclorama. Thanks Popvillers for the suggestion!
    Rave: I saw Dame Edna on Friday! I never thought I would have the opportunity to see her live and it was amazing! Hello Possums!
    Rave: Chocolate Eclairs at The Diner in Fredericksburg.

    • Whoa! I thought that cyclorama was torn down. I might be thinking of a different one, but cycloramas have been in danger over the past few years.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Mr. Squid had a panic attack last week
    Revel: Was the kick in the butt to find a Primary Care Doc he likes and get a referral for a counselor/therapist. now to get him to quit his job…
    Rant: Saw dog in car this weekend, windows not rolled down, no water. Gave it 15 minutes and then called 911
    Revel: Responding officer was great. Car was unlocked (!!!) so she took the dog out while waiting for Animal Control & owners.
    Rant: Owners were entitled jerks “just getting coffee over on 8th for less than 30 minutes.” They’re lucky their window wasn’t smashed and the LAPTOP sitting in the back seat with the dog wasn’t stolen along with the dog. I don’t care how much you love animals and support the Humane Society, leaving your aged dog in the back of your car for over 45 min w/o cracked windows & water makes you an a$$hole.
    Revel: Vindication for my concern.

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