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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Love the cool mornings. Pretty sure I’m alone in this, but I love it.
    Rave: Steve Coogan has a show coming to Showtime. Thank goodness for chromecast.
    Rant: haven’t had any time to watch Veep or SV yet.
    Have a good weekend all

  • Rave: I slept last night! Praise the gods.
    Rave: Sunshine! I just wish it was a bit warmer.
    Query for Popville crowdsourcing: Does anyone have a recommendation for shoes that work well with orthotic inserts? I find that I have to take out the inserts that come in shoes in order to make my orthoticsfit but then most shoes don’t have enough cushioning and support for trekking across DC streets. Recommendations?
    Rant: I am old and busted enough that I have to post questions about orthotics.
    Rave: It is FRIDAY!

    • I have 3/4 length orthotics and have found shoes by Keen that they work with, but only styles where the insole is removable, and not necessarily all of those. Running shoes/sneakers are easier to find with removable insoles. Dress shoes are the ultimate conundrum and I’ve managed to a degree with Naot heels which I add arch support to using those stick-on things.

    • I live in Cole Haan Balle flats. They have Nike Air and are amazing.
      But for most of my commuting, I’m that girl who wears sneakers back and forth to work. But with a little over a mile walk to the metro, I want my comfy shoes! You might get funny looks (especially with the dress/sneaker combinations) but it’s TOTALLY worth it.

      • I also wear sneakers to commute – no shame! After a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis that required cortisone shots into the sole of my foot and six weeks in a boot, my podiatrist gave me a stern lecture about walking in ballet flats/heels/flip flops/basically anything other than “supportive athletic shoes.” So people can judge my sneakers all they want, but I’m not about to screw up my feet again!

      • Yes, when I walked to work I always wore my sneakers. No shame here! There’s no way I could walk a mile in ballet flats. I find flats to be so incredibly uncomfortable. My 3 inch heels are more comfortable than flats.

        • This is a great article on finding the “best heel” height for you feet. I was trying to find an article that I read once that said the “perfect height” was between 1″ – 2″. I believe the article was referencing the the height of flight attendants’ shoes because they were on their feet so often.


          • Well this just changed my life. Also explains why some of my more mid-level heels are so comfortable, and why it can be more comfortable for me to walk in them than other, more traditionally “comfortable” shoes. Can’t wait to actually measure this when I get home.

          • SouthwestDC

            I’ve been meaning to do that measurement to confirm my theory that I’m most comfortable in 3 inch heels, even for long walks and hikes. The only reason I switch to flats is because all that walking really wears down the tips.

    • Blithe

      I don’t know if they’re still made, but I have a pair of Doc Martens flats that are work appropriate. They have some arch support, and they’re cut wider than most American-market shoes, so there might be room for an insert.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay sleep!

    • Becks

      I wear Merrill Roc shoes. They are nice enough to wear to work and I can put in my shoe inserts. The shoes have become a staple and I wear the same pair hiking or to work.

  • Rave: Finished all my laundry (whites, darks, sheets, and towels) before 10 am, and ordered flowers for Mother’s Day.
    Rave: Working from home. TGIF! This was a rough week.
    Anxious, not really a rant, hopefully a rave: Waiting for a very important phone call. Stomach is in knots!
    Rant: I’ve been a total slacker about PoP happy hours (sorry JB!) — I need to add them as calendar reminders I guess!

  • Rave: Dinner at the Slanted Door earlier this week – always enjoy it.
    Eyeroll: Bartender describing beef dish to couple next to me – “Since it’s grass-fed beef, it has virtually no fat.”
    Double Eyeroll: Couple nodding knowingly, “Yes, of course.” Just stop.
    Rant: Entitled parents on airplanes. Yes, it’s freakin’ rude to ask someone (not me, I just observed this exchange) to switch from a window to a middle seat so your family of three can sit together. Of course, the young guy could have said no, but he didn’t want to be a jerk, and you put him on the spot. Behavior like this makes people resentful, and makes it harder to get people to switch when it really is necessary (like when a small child isn’t sitting with any parent). Jerks.

    • Slanted Door = YUM.

      • Yeah, it’s really good. I tried some new things this time, and really loved them. I almost bought the cookbook, but I have a bunch of “food porn” cookbooks that are severely underused already. I need to put a dent in David Chang and Sean Brock’s latest efforts before I expand my library.

    • topscallop

      I’m having trouble picturing how the guy moving from a window to a middle seat would allow the family to sit together. Is this like that puzzle about getting the fox, the chicken, and the grain across the river but only two can be in the canoe together at the same time?

      • The guy probably moved to a middle seat in a different row.

      • Parent 1 and kid have aisle and middle seat, young guy has window seat. Parent 2 is in middle seat across the aisle. Young guy graciously agrees to switch from window seat to middle seat to allow Parent 2 to sit in window seat with rest of family. What makes this whole scenario even more irritating is that (i) multiple people (including me) already had moved around for this family before boarding began – they had three separated seats to begin with – and this was just being greedy, and (ii) as soon as the young guy agreed to move from window to middle seat, the kid said, “I want to sit next to the window,” immediately fell asleep, and the parents sat the entire flight watching separate videos on separate ipads, and not saying a word to each other. So the young guy who gave up his seat was crammed into a middle, while the kid slept in his old window seat and the parents, who just had to be together, ignored each other the whole flight. As I said, jerks. I hope, by some chance, they read PoPville and recognize their jerky behavior.

        • topscallop

          Ooohhh, thanks for explaining. For some reason I was not considering that he’d be moving to the middle seat of a different row. Friday brain strikes again!

          But yeah, that’s super rude. I don’t know if I would give up the window seat. I really love the window seat.

          • Accountering

            I know I would not give up the window seat. I am a nice guy, but this goes too far. I booked my flight further in advance/went online and spent the time to pick my seat, and I am going to sit there.
            Zero chance I would move from a window to a middle.

          • Yea, rude for sure.
            I was put on the spot to switch seats (give up an aisle and take a middle elsewhere) for a transatlantic flight because someone “gets really anxious when flying.” I’m sorry, but that seems like something you should plan for, and you definitely should have to person with the aisle give trade it away if you really need to be together. This was 5 years ago and yes I’m still mad!

          • Becks

            I wouldn’t have given up my window seat either. I book in advance and pay extra if I need to. I’m a big girl and everyone would be more comfortable with me in the window! Lol!

          • Let me preface this by saying I HATE to fly. HAAAAATE. I was once on a flight with my bf and there was an in-flight emergency. Oxygen masks, the whole bit. They re-routed us back to the airport and 11 hours later, we were finally on our way. They didn’t seat us together for the new flight though so of course I went into a mild panic. After what we had already been through, I needed a sedative just to be in the airport! That was the only time I have ever asked anyone to switch. Luckily we were asking him to move TO a window seat. 😉

          • I wouldn’t have given up my seat – maybe I would give up a seat if it was a for a kid sitting ALONE to be with a parent but for an adult when the kid already has one parent with them? Sorry, no. You’re an adult, you got stuck with a middle seat, deal with it.

          • “Gets really nervous while flying” has got to be a scam to get a more comfortable seat. I’m usually pretty accommodating to people traveling with kids (sometimes booking seats together can be painfully difficult) but being asked to make yourself uncomfortable to alleviate someone else’s avoidable discomfort (e.g., book earlier, pay extra for a business class seat, don’t fly) is the height of rudeness.

      • LOL, Topscallop!

    • Ugh. People should know better than to ask someone to trade a more desirable seat for a less desirable seat. Works much better if they offer THEIR more desirable seat in exchange for someone else’s less desirable seat.
      Did you see this recent New York Times article on the subject?

      • I did see that. I’m happy to switch out of a more favorable seat if there’s an unaccompanied minor situation. But that’s it. Once, a 20-something couple asked me to switch out of my aisle seat to a middle (in the back of the plane, next to the bathroom, no less) so “they could sit together” on a flight to California, and were really offended/snippy that I wouldn’t. Unbelievable.

        • Accountering

          I would have laughed at their offended behavior. I then would have clarified that they actually thought it was reasonable that I switch from aisle to middle. Then I would have laughed some more.

      • skj84

        I shared that article on Facebook and got a huge response! I would never. ever. give up my seat. I’m a nervous flier. I generally try to sit by the window, being able to see where I’m going keeps me calmer. Aisle gives me motion sickness and middle is claustrophobic. So if you ask me to change seats it better be one of equal or better standing. No one should feel obligated to move seats. No one should feel guilty for not doing so. I understand families need to be near each other, but they should bring that up with the flight attendants, rather than their fellow passengers.

        • Yeah. I’m pretty partial to aisle seats — I fly mainly internationally, rather than domestically, and I like to be able to get out of my seat multiple times during a flight without having to climb over someone else. I don’t think I’ve been asked to change seats in a while, but on an international flight, you’d have to pry that aisle seat out of my cold, dead hands.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Recently, I was flying on a smallish plane with two seats on each side of the aisle. So every seat was either an aisle or a window. That wasn’t good enough for the woman next to me – she wanted an entire row to herself. Twice, she sat in empty rows, only to get booted when the people assigned to those seats arrived.
        She annoyed the flight attendant so much that when the flight had boarded and there were a few empty rows, the flight attendant preemptively offered those rows to other people so that pushy woman couldn’t sit in one of them. I giggled to myself.

    • I hate when parents just switch their kd’s seats without asking first. One time I arrived at my window seat to only to find it taken by someone’s kid. OK fine, the kid shouldn’t sit by himself, but then I find out that the dad’s seat was a middle seat all the way in the back of plane. Luckily it was a short flight.

      • skj84

        I don’t understand why anyone would think its ok to just take someone else’s seat? How entitled do you have to be? The article textdoc linked highlights this phenomenon. I’ve never had anyone take my seat, but I do know I’d raise hell if anyone tried to pull that on me.

    • That’s super rude.
      I have asked people to let me and one of my kids sit together (with no regard for desirability of seats– we’ll take a middle) just because she tends to barf and it’s not fair for a stranger to have to scramble for the bag.
      But most often, I have reserved adjacent seats, called the airline ahead of time, verified with the gate agent, etc. In other words, done *everything* possible to get seats together from the outset.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Big, all-day meeting #2 is done! I have a lot to do today, but they’re all relatively easy tasks.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda got a new phone and gave his (not so) old one to me. I’ve only been using it since last night, but already my geriatric Galaxy S3 seems impossibly wee.
    Rant: I thought we were done with cold weather?

  • Rant: Yesterday was stupid
    Rave: I went to Mimosa for a pedicure… I semi fell in love
    Rant: Caps fans on the metro. While traveling to mimosa last night, the caps game was about to begin. Many of the fans aren’t familiar with the fact that you are to stand on the right and walk up the left of the escalator. One lady was nice enough to ask us if we wanted to walk up so she could move. The guy behind her looked directly at me and told be to remain calm several times. I was not the only one who wanted to walk up the left but he chose me. I THOUGHT: Who are you sir? Why are you talking to me? BUT I replied “I’m very calm sir, the definition of calm, please enjoy your evening” Why do random ppl insist on talking to me? -__-
    Rave: Free champagne at mimosa made it all better
    Rave: Caps win.

    • I change trains on the way home at Gallery Place, and I’ve come to despise Caps home games. Yes, I’m stereotyping, but the crowds seem to be evenly split between (i) families/couples who are terrified of the metro city denizens, and clutch onto each other and their belongings like someone is going to come up and rip their kids/purses right out of their hands, and (ii) (often) bemulleted country boys who are oddly aggressive. And yes, universally clueless about Metro etiquette. Strange folks – I sometimes feel like I’m in the bar scene from Mos Eisley.

      • Me too! I work around there and to me, the Caps crowds are worse than tourists. There are just so many of them that it overwhelms the whole area. I’ve stopped catching the bus at 7th and H because it’s such chaos.

        • Deal with the same thing during Nationals games since I get on the metro at the Navy Yard/Ballpark station 🙁

      • Its really bad for me you guys. I live by Nats Park and work on the Red line so I basically have to avoid Caps, Nats and Wiz fans daily. I love city sports, but still.

    • skj84

      Mimosa is the best! I once went in right before closing for a pedicure and they gave me half a bottle of champagne. Best Pedi ever!

      • It is my goal to come in at 10 pm one night and be waited on hand and foot (literally). I had 3 glasses last night they are very nice there!!!

      • +1. It’s a clean, affordable place with a great color selection and a nice staff. They are open at pretty much all hours and I’ve never had to wait in line. I think it’s the best nail place in town by a large margin.

        • I have never been there… I’ve only done a manicure/pedicure once, I’ll have to give it a try! Champagne sounds excellent.

  • Rave: The cold last night didn’t kill my newly planted tomatoes
    Rave: Getting ready for my mother-in-law’s visit this summer. We haven’t seen her in person since our wedding four years ago, so we’re pretty excited.
    Question: Any suggestions for activities with my MIL? She’s visiting for 3 weeks in July. We already have Independence Day weekend covered as we decided to take her down south to visit my parents. This will be her third visit to the US and I think we’ve already taken her to all the major DC attractions (and NYC, as well).

    • Union Market? Dumbarton Oaks? What about a day trip to Anapolis or Baltimore?

      • laduvet

        Mount Vernon! Middleburg wineries?

      • We’ve already taken her to Annapolis (she loved it) and Dumbarton Oaks but Baltimore is a great idea. And Union Market will be a perfect afternoon adventure.

        • Baltimore is great for a day trip – lots to see and do. You could also do an afternoon in Frederick, which has some lovely shops and restaurants. There’s also nothing wrong with just finding a spot of grass on the P St Beach or in Logan Circle or another nice patch of grass with a picnic and catch up (if you’ve got that type of relationship)!

          And there are some new exhibits at older museums she might not have seen, like at the National Archives.

    • Two lesser-known D.C. attractions I still haven’t been to: Hillwood, and Lincoln’s Cottage.

    • Newseum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Eastern Market?

  • Rave: My neighbor down the block rescued a beautiful cream-colored chow dog with a lavender tongue and I got to hang out with the two of them this morning before work.
    Rant: I’m really going to miss my great block and my nice neighbors
    Rant: Still too in the weeds with all of my move-related decision-making. Project management software is helping me visualize it and therefore rationalize it all, but it’s still pretty overwhelming. Maybe different software would help. Does anyone have a program to recommend? I’d really like software that has Gantt charts and allows me to have multiple levels of subtasks. Ideally free or pretty cheap.

    • Re: the PM software, when I was in grad school, we used Visio for a lot of our Gantt charts and that seemed to work well. Not free, but I believe you can get a free trial.

    • Open Project. It’s free and pretty easy to use.

  • epric002

    rave: empty RCP was perfect for frisbeeing the dogs. <3 tired dogs.
    rave: happy friday!
    rave: white house garden tour this weekend!
    rave: and dinner at bombay club w/husband's family to celebrate him finishing grad school!
    rave: life is good.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Found out my position at work is being eliminated
    Rave: They gave me a two months heads up, are writing me letters of recommendation as needed, and told me to take as much time off without using PTO for interviews. I really appreciate that.
    Rant: I took this job in part because of the supposed security of the position. Whoops!
    Rave: I should make significantly more money at a new position even if its a lateral move.
    Rave: Can’t wait to watch the Wiz tonight.

    • You seem to be handling it really well! I once got laid off w/ two months notice and while it sucks to lose your job, it’s good to get a jump on your job hunt. I assume they are also paying severance? Good luck!

    • I found out similar about my position when I returned from maternity leave. But it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m in limbo – which is great for morale. I hope you find something quickly, and it’s nice that they’re being flexible!

  • Rave: Leather jacket weather.
    Rant: So not prepared for my 10k race tomorrow morning.
    Rant: Packed my lunch and then left it at home.
    Rave: Just put my last day of work on the calendar!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: since I don’t use a real phone but an iPad mini (there’s a “phone” app + mic/earphones), I considered the apple watch. So I went to the store and they said it is not compatible.
    Rave: a friend introduced me to the Pebble, which works great with my setup and it’s a really fun gadget!
    Rant-ish: I suffer of the worst earworm ever in history, sharing it here with the hope that it will be exorcized out of my poor soul. It’s Hanz and Franz’s “I want to pump (clap) You up!”. Thanks.

  • Rave: Friday, weekend, etc.
    Rant: Whyyy is it so cold.
    Rave: Couple dates lined up for the weekend, getting back into the swing of things.
    Rave: Forgot to say this before – my sister mailed me *Mercer’s wine ice cream* for my birthday. It is amazing and boozelicous! She’s the best.
    Rave: With all the crime in Bloomingdale, right where my ex lives… at least I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Although I hope he wasn’t one of the basement apartments hit by burglaries.
    Rant: That the only association I have with Bloomingdale is him so I can’t help thinking about the above.
    Rant: Next week is going to be insaaaane with the Japanese prime minister in town. Gotta rest up this weekend! I have to be at work at 6 am one day, which is just an unholy hour.

  • Rave: Former ladyfriend is back to being ladyfriend. We’re going to take it slow and expect nothing more than fun times. More awesome dates for me to plan. Woot!
    Rave: Checked out some cool new bars.
    Rave/rant: Projected ended early, but I’m not feeling well, so it’s probably all for the best. Looking forward to a few days-week off.

    • Great news on your Rave #1!

    • Anonynon

      Just curious, what is a ladyfriend? Is that a friends with benefits type situation? Sounds cool! Also…what bars did you check out that were cool?

      • TKST, keep up in the back! You’re enough of a frequent/longtime PoPville reader (despite the name changes) that you should know by now that 1) Anon Spock is a lesbian and 2) “ladyfriend” is how she referred to the woman she was dating for a while.

        • Despite _your_ name changes, that is.

        • I should have just waited for you to respond. LOL
          Even if I was a guy, I think ladyfriend would be fine. It just sounds better, imo.

          • LOL!
            Something about it sounds quaint and polite. I don’t know if I’d endorse it for everyone, but I like your use of it. 🙂
            I think I might have assumed it was synonymous with “girlfriend,” though. So it’s good to know it’s something in-between.

          • I guess I’m going for quaint and polite. Someone I actually like shouldn’t get relegated to FWB (nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not what we’re doing), and she isn’t my gf, so I had to come up with something else to describe her.

            No everyone should definitely not steal my word. LOL

      • Ladyfriend is someone I’m dating…I prefer that over “this girl I’m dating”. On the scale of FWB and gf, it’s in the middle.

        DC Reynolds; although, the patio needs more heaters in the back corner. The drinks and food were delicious though.

    • YAY on having your ladyfriend back!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My appointment with my podiatrist went well and he didn’t even ask which Golden Girl I nursed through a K-Hole at the 2001 The White Party™ at Villa Vizcaya.
    Rant: Although when I told him I once shared a bong with Willie Nelson he rolled his eyes and said “Big deal, who hasn’t?”
    Rant: The entire time I was waiting in the examining room the door was propped open which prevented me from rifling through drawers and cabinets. Apparently the medical community has spread the word.
    Confused Rant/Rave: I asked WDS why there was a package of King’s Hawaiian Honey Wheat 12 Pack Dinner Rolls on the counter he said “I have a date tonight.”

    • IDGI, I may not be your podiatrist, but I certainly would like to know all of the celebrities you have shared K, weed and honey wheat rolls with. I hope you asked WDS if he was making sloppy joes because what else would you do with honey wheat rolls on a date?

    • Blithe

      Actual LOL at your CR/R. Not sure I want to know what the dinner rolls are for….. :-0

      • Yeah. Didn’t WDS have sex in the kitchen on some previous occasion, and not tell you about it until after you’d been preparing food there?

        • Blithe

          Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of when I read the CR/R — and had the horrible thought: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. eeeewwww.

      • I Dont Get It

        My take is that they were going to smoke weed and snarf down a package of King’s Hawaiian rolls but I didn’t ask specifically, sometimes it’s best not to know with him. He’s actually gained a lot of weight since moving in although we eat healthy meals since I cook* but he snacks the rest of the day and night.

        *Not sure why I always cook since he was a “chef” at a drag diner in a bowling alley when he lived in SF. Or it was at a diner at a drag bowling alley, I’ve never been clear.

  • Rave: Finally making moves towards buying my own place!
    Rant: Happen to be looking very close to the area off Logan where shots were fired…
    Rant: Unsure on whether or not I should be looking for one or two bedrooms? Two bedrooms is the better buy but I’m having doubts about the friend I was going to live with.
    Rave: Jane the Virgin. I know its ridiculous but I cannot stop watching this show.
    Rave: 2.5 months til I leave my job – also means 2.5 months til I leave DC to travel for a few weeks!
    (Rant: 2.5 months is a long time in a place where ~4 people leave per month on average)

    • You can find another roommate. I wouldn’t hinge a long-term buy on whether or not one friend can move in with you.

    • You might also want to consider, though — do you want your homeownership to be contingent upon having to have a roommate? (Or can you swing the mortgage for the two-bedroom on your own, if I needed to?)
      Do you currently live with roommates? Are they friends or is it a strictly business arrangement?

      • Meant “if *you needed to.” Apparently I am taking this situation a little too much to heart. 😉

      • Yeah I’m mostly just worried because I don’t want to live with just anyone – I’m about to start law school and I worry about coming home to a stressful situation when I’m already taking on something stress-inducing.

        I could swing the mortgage myself – obviously not ideal but its a possibility. I currently live with craigslist roommates that I adore! But there’s four of us in the house and I just know that its not an ideal situation to come home to if I want to do well. None of them want to move from where we are currently either :\

  • laurelo

    Rave: having so much fun planning my birthday trip to Greece in late August. Any recos for sights/hotels/restaurants much appreciated. Hitting Athens, Santorini and Crete (Iraklio and Chania).
    Rant: thinking about getting in shape for said trip is daunting *puts down M&Ms*

    • If you have time on Crete, I also recommend Paleochora, on the Southwest part of the Island. Much smaller beach town on the south side of the island. I stayed at the Margarita Paleochora, which was pretty basic (bed, AC, bathroom).

      Most of the people on Crete are extremely friendly.

  • Bear

    Rave: FRIDAY! Commence the birthday weekend celebrations. Pre-birthday happy hour tonight, hiking in Catoctin tomorrow morning, then dinner tomorrow night. I want to check out one of the newer places in Brookland for dinner – any recommendations?
    Rant: The pile of work/wedding planning tasks that I have to get through before any celebrating happens.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Snagged my discontinued Kniepp potion thanks to Shawess’s suggestion. Thanks Shawess! 🙂
    Rave: I saw some paper on the ground in a parking lot — and realized it was a $10 bill! I decided that $10 worth of blackberries would be a perfect treat.
    Revel: I ended up giving it to someone who clearly needed it much more than I do. The startled look on his face was pretty nice. I rarely give away cash, but this time it just seemed right.
    Rave: I got my summer shoes of choice for less than half the Zappos price. And, to those who might want to know, I DO think the DSW at Old Georgetown Rd and Democracy Blvd has a much better selection than the other stores I’ve been to.
    Hmmmm: I’m on the fence about going to the battle of the bands at UDC on Monday, so I’m hoping that if I decide to go at the last minute, I can get a ticket at the door. Any other PoPvillagers planning to attend?

    • Pablo Raw

      I’m just waiting for nicer weather and more free time to contact you for a second visit to the museums!

    • YAY! Where did you find it?

      • Blithe

        I called the Dupont Circle Tschiffley — and was told that they didn’t carry Kneipp. That seemed odd, since I’m sure I’ve seen it there. Not only do they carry it — they had FOUR large bottles of my discontinued fragrance-of-choice. So now I have enough for quite a while. Thanks SO much for suggesting it — because I wouldn’t have thought to go there. Someone at one of the other Tschiffley’s said that Kneipp was bought by L’Oreal about a year ago — which may mean a few changes…..

        • I’m so glad you found it ! I was positive I had seen that fragrance at the Dupont location some time ago, and didn’t think it was likely they had sold it 🙂 BOO that L’Oreal bought them. Maybe I should start hoarding their products before they start adding whatever nonsense they’ll inevitably add to the mix.

          • Blithe

            Sadly, I think that hoarding would be prudent. I’ve been using the Spruce and Pine for years — I hope they have the sense to leave it alone. So far it seems that a few fragrances have been quietly discontinued and a few new ones have been added. Natural oils are expensive, and I’m guessing that “Jasmine” is a lot cheaper to produce than “Black Night Blooming Jasmine”.

          • Blithe, even if it’s been discontinued, you might be able to get it on Amazon. (I had some success there getting a lipstick color that had been discontinued elsewhere.)

          • (After the local supply runs out, that is.)

          • Blithe

            Thanks textdoc. I did check Amazon, and couldn’t find any single bottles — either from Amazon directly or from anyone selling through the Amazon site. I DID see some sets (10 assorted bottles) that included small bottles of the one that I want — but I’m trying to avoid going that route, which could easily lead to yet another unrequited obsession should I really like yet another discontinued fragrance.
            I really appreciate your help and suggestions!

          • Ahh… yeah, buying a set of 10 bottles to get the one you want sounds like the road to beauty-product perdition. 🙂
            I had a beauty-product crisis a few years back when I discovered that Clinique had stopped making the lipstick color I’d been wearing since college… and that the discontinuation had taken place five years earlier, meaning that there was no more of it to be found.
            I finally found a Cover Girl lipstick I liked as an alternative, but after a few years, Target.com stopped carrying it. (It was never available in Target stores.) I was determined not to run into the same problem as with the Clinique shade, so I bought a whole bunch of the Cover Girl lipsticks from an Amazon supplier and now have enough to last until kingdom come. 🙂
            (I know lipstick is supposed to have a shelf life of only five years or so… but we’ll see about that.)

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a blast at NASA social media day yesterday. We started with a press conference at the Newseum then toured the NASA Goddard facilities. It was a really cool group of people to be with, and I learned a lot about Hubble Space Telescope. I eventually got over my shyness and ended up grabbing drinks with my group afterwards. Plus Space Ice Cream! Yum!

    Rant: WHY IS IT COLD?!?!?!

  • Rant: The oxygen thief who rolled his Brompton right onto a packed Red Line train during rush hour. Folding bicycles are supposed to be FOLDED!
    Rave: Super cheap utility bill due to weather, finally.
    Rant: Uncoordinated road and utility work that screwing up parking on several adjacent blocks.

  • Rant: Idiot already being “supervised” by GPS ankle monitor commits 19 car break-ins and now his DNA is linked to Mr. Oh’s murder. A hardworking family that knew the whole neighborhood suffers, likely because of this piece of scum.

  • Rant/rave: went to a class and heard about schools even more f-ed up than mine. One that won’t consider giving ESL kids an special Ed services.
    Rave: no drama at work today
    Rave: birthday weekend is coming up and I’m having a little house party
    Rave: my landlord told me he’s bringing in an appraiser Monday. Scared the crap out of me because I thought he might be trying to sell. He texted me back saying he’d never sell. Just a numbers thing. Whew

  • laduvet

    Rave: The delicious pear I ate this morning from my Hungry Harvest delivery

    Rant: Didn’t get scholarship for grad school in London – actually the 3 girls I know didn’t get it either, so I don’t feel alone. Back on the grind to bridge the financial gap!

    Rave: AWESOME weekend plans set! YESSSSS

  • I said I was taking a break from posting but I had to say that I got my first paycheck today, and I don’t know how it happened, but I make a couple hundred more per paycheck now than I did at my previous job. I only got a salary bump of a few hundred dollars annually. Wow, company covered healthcare saves me that much money!

    • Correction: per month not paycheck. again, it’s all healthcare savings. cue cost of healthcare in America rant.

  • Rant: I’m disappointed that I bought a condo I love in a neighborhood I love, but my neighbors are nothing but rude and disgusting toward me and my guests because I live in an “ugly pop-up”.
    Rave: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship. Happy Friday!

    • If someone on your block did something to their house that you thought was ugly and that you hated looking at every time you looked out the window, went outside, etc., wouldn’t you consider the buyer to be at least partly responsible for enabling the whole ugliness to take place?

      • Accountering

        This is a pathetic viewpoint. No. I would not take it out on my new neighbors that a developer did something to their personal property that I didn’t agree with.

        • But this isn’t someone buying something that an ill-advised (if you perceive it that way) developer built 40 years ago. It’s the willingness of dcnative and others to buy pop-ups that made it possible for the developer to build this pop-up.
          Even if you don’t agree with their perspective, can’t you see it from the neighbors’ point of view? If they think that something in their neighborhood is ugly — and permanently ugly, not temporarily ugly, like if someone painted their house fluorescent green — is it all that surprising that they might be resentful of the people whom they perceive as having enabled that ugliness? (Not that that excuses their being openly rude.)

          • Agreed, as usual. Not that being openly rude to your neighbors is the solution, almost ever. But if developers who built ugly pop-ups found themselves holding the bag because no one would buy their eyesores, then they would stop building them and start doing better work. Maybe they’d even be forced to revise their unsellable work and make it more in line with the prevailing aesthetic.
            I think we’ve seen what the limit is, with the V Street pop-up. Have we seen anything quite as bad, since that monument to greed backfired on its builders?

          • Accountering

            Sorry, but no, I cannot agree with that perspective, or even claim to understand it. Housing in this city is incredibly tight, so trying to draw a connection that someone saves a hundred thousand dollars, and wants to invest in the city should be shunned because the previous owner decided to add a floor is just way too big of a stretch for me.

          • As pro-pop-up folks have mentioned before — If no one were willing to buy pop-ups, pop-ups wouldn’t exist. So it seems reasonable to me that neighbors who don’t like a particular pop-up (or pop-ups in general) are going to be unhappy with the buyers whose purchase made the pop-up possible.
            There’s nothing forcing people to buy condos in popped-up buildings — there are condos in subdivided-but-not-popped-up rowhouses, condos in newly built buildings, etc.

          • Accountering

            It’s just not even a reasonable thing to consider though. There are people who may think the popped-up building looks better.
            Further, with how tight the real estate market is here, the last thing on many/most peoples mind is whether or not the previous developer added a story to the building.
            Home buyers are looking for location, amenities, condo fee, $/sq foot, finishes etc. Especially if the pop-up looks good, it isn’t going to even be a consideration for a home buyer who has already been out bid on the previous 3 places.

          • Sure, it might not be on people’s mind when they buy… but people who do buy units in popped-up rowhouses shouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors don’t exactly greet them with open arms.

          • textdoc, not all people spend their time trawling DC blogs. Lots of buyers probably don’t even know that pop-ups are a sore subject for some people, so I think they very well might be surprised to be shunned.

          • You don’t have to trawl D.C. blogs to be aware of the controversy — the Washington Post has covered the issue, especially with the recent hearings regarding zoning changes.

          • So if you don’t read the DC blogs, and you missed the couple of articles the Post did (not everyone is interested in articles about zoning…), and you don’t already live in a neighborhood where it’s a hot topic, exactly where are you going to hear about it? Basically nowhere. There’s a whole lot of people out there who aren’t tapped into these kinds of things.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I halfway agree with Accountering here. I don’t blame the neighbors for not embracing the pop-up itself or for not embracing the developer (like it or not, it is pretty normal to care more about your block than about the macroeconomics of the housing market), and I can understand why they might have some less than warm and fuzzy feelings for the buyer of a property that they find objectionable, but it’s pretty lame for them to act in an openly hostile manner toward their new neighbor, and they should find a way to quickly get over their resentment toward their new neighbor, even if they still don’t like his or her house.

      • Would I blame the buyer? No. Not even a little bit. It is their loss. I wanted to be a good, friendly neighbor who is an active part of the community. They have squashed any chance of that ever happening and so now I ignore them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s not like it would get torn down, so why not make the most of the situation and enjoy the new neighbors. Being mean and nasty and holding a grudge is just going to suck all the joy out of life.

      • further, I have to look at their ugly signs everyday so I guess we’re even, eh?

  • They’re laying a red brick patio at Pub and the People this morning. It looks great!

    • We popped in last Sunday and they said they were about two weeks away from opening. The patio will open a few weeks after. Can’t wait.

  • Accountering

    Rave: We got a hockey team hereee! Amazing game last night. Loved seeing it, and it seemed as if the Islanders just gave in. Martin or Czilik wasn’t even willing to answer the bell when Wilson was willing to fight when we were up 5-1. This series is over on Saturday.
    Rant: 3pm game on Saturday. I am guessing they are doing this to keep the people in NY from being too drunk when we eliminate them, so that way there is less looting at the stadium. This will be the last game ever at Nassau Coliseum, as they are moving to Brooklyn next year.
    Rave2: Penn Commons after the game! We had the sausage fest (two sausages, pretzel roll, incredibly spicy potato salad, all for $12. They also had the late night HH going, which was awesome!
    Rave3: Caps!!!

    • Although I’m a hockey agnostic now, I spent many happy years as an elementary and middle schooler listening to Islanders games on WOR radio as I went to sleep during the Brian Trottier/Denny Potvin/Brent Sutter/Mike Bossy/Billy Smith dynasty, and later the Pat LaFontaine era. I am sad to see the end of hockey at the Nassau Coliseum.

    • Do you really think the Islanders will lose an elimination game to make it their last game at Nassau? I doubt it. Would love to be wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Accountering

        Yes. Yes I do. They gave in in game 5, and that is incredibly difficult to turn back on. We have the better goalie, and we are playing very well right now, and have all the momentum. They have an incredibly steep hill to climb IMO.

  • Rant: Friend that was visiting and staying with me left this morning…its going to be so quiet
    Rave: Neighborhood crossing guard – not that I need assistance crossing the street – she’s super cool!
    Rave: New tire and tubes for road bike – ready to start riding again – after Sunday’s marathon.
    Rave: Half day moving day today and work from home on Monday – in my PJs resting my legs.
    Enjoy the sun PoPvillagers and have great weekends!

  • Anonynon

    Rant: I wish i had a flex friday schedule
    Rant: I think i have to quit my gym, my roommate saw my ex gf there again….not that i care much, but i was planning to leave anyways once the weather got nice again. This is just making me want to do it today.
    Rave: Relaxing tonight, busy saturday and sunday.
    Rave: The thing iv been raving about is still going well…fingers crossed.

  • Rave: Tiny 6 week old foster kittens are rocketing around my office.

    There is a big need for foster homes right now – with a big Spring “crop” of kittens and cats plus many fosters going on vacation or students going home for summer. If you’ve ever thought about it – now it the time! Please get in touch with Homewardtrails.org or another rescue group.

  • Rant: Renovating our house
    Rave: Renovating our house
    I am sure it has been asked before but can any of you refer me to a really good general contractor? We are redoing our kitchen and bathrooms and maybe a few other things here and there. Would really appreciate any information that is provided. We are ready to get this done yesterday…

    • Accountering

      I would refer you to my contractor, but we are a month overdue, and I want him to finish my project first. Haha.

      • I feel you on that.

        • If you find a contractor, send him my way. I can’t even get people to show up for an estimate. I think there is so much work in DC, and my project(s) are to small for them to mess with. If anyone knows a carpenter who can frame walls and ceiling in a new room, let me know!

  • Rave: Potluck for alumni from my college who are living in DC this weekend. HOORAY!
    Rave: Slow day at work today means I’ve gotten some more work done on my last final.
    Rave: Have a few people interested in subletting my apartment this summer. The room falling through may have actually saved me a TON of money compared to how things could have gone in the worst-case scenario. A ton as in like, $5000.
    Rant: Migraine.

  • Rave: Just got suite tickets for the Wizards game tonight.
    Super Rave: Leaving for Playa del Carmen tomorrow morning for my wife’s bday. We are staying there for four days and then heading to Cozumel for a day and then to some area right outside of Cancun for our last night. I am looking forward to seeing the Mayan ruins in Cozumel. Any recs on which to see or what company to use to see them (if needed)?
    Rant: Trying to set up a last minute deep sea fishing trip in Playa and I am not having any luck. Hopefully something will shake out once we get there.
    Rant: Packing – The worst part about traveling.

    • In Cozumel, Wet Wendy’s for giant frozen margaritas that are served on a plastic plate because they are so big they melt before you can drink them (and they have really unique flavors with herbs).

    • My family and I did Xel-ha (which had daquiris and margaritas in vats for free!) and the Tulum ruins – hired a van so we could drink/didn’t have to worry about driving. Enjoy!

  • PSA: My women’s basketball league is looking for more teams for the summer. We have about 6 teams now and are trying to get to 8. Registration just opened yesterday for the competitive and rec leagues. We play Sunday afternoons/evenings at Trinity in NE DC (great parking and not a bad walk from the Brookland metro) with a certified ref and scorekeeper. The league is DCCityball for anyone interested. It can be as competitive/not as you’re interested in, and is a really well-run league.

  • Rant: Managing an estate sucks. It is seriously the most awful experience I have ever gone through, and I am still in the middle of it. On top of being just plain sad and experiencing grief, I have to deal with incompetence and indifference and sharks. My advice: Don’t die in America.

    • so sorry LP – big hugs!

    • I’m so sorry you’re going through this. We (collectively) managed my father-in-law’s estate after he passed away rather unexpectedly a couple years ago and it was a nightmare. So many things that you have to do that all require paperwork and three signatures. Getting credit cards cancelled was a nightmare (“I’d like to speak to the cardholder” “well you can’t do that, since as I’ve already told you, he is deceased” “I can only modify the account with permission of the cardholder”). The only things that were easy to cancel was Sirius/XM and some PLUS parent loans – both complete shocks. I did find that doing some little things helped me deal with the enormity of the situation – it felt good to check things off a list – but at the same time it’s a constant reminder. Please be kind to yourself, and patient. A couple good cries in the shower always help 🙂

    • Blithe

      It does, indeed, suck big time. I hope that you have a good lawyer and an accountant that you trust to help shepherd you through a grueling process. I haven’t had your experience of incompetence, indifference, and/or sharks, but there have been some arduous times. Like having to track down the death certificates of multiple people in my family to support my right to make decisions that I rather not be making in the first place in the midst of grieving for a more recently deceased family member.
      I’m sorry for your loss. And I’m wondering if there’s a need for resources that can be aligned with hospice services to help people dealing with estate issues. To add to lucie’s comment, please be patient with yourself, and kind with yourself. And I agree with the idea of making a list. Some things have to be done sooner rather than later. Some things really don’t. Put the ones that don’t on hold for awhile, until the grief and responsibilities that you’re grappling with are less overwhelming.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I feel almost human today! Nothing hurts!
    Rant: still exhausted.
    Rave: I found some violet seedlings in the pot where I put the fancy violet seeds. yay!

  • palisades

    Rave: Broccoli City fest tomorrow!
    Why has it been ignored on this website but other festivals such as the Kingman Island one are promoted?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Probably because Kingman emailed me and Broccoli didn’t. Also I love Bluegrass.

    • I saw a poster for the broccoli thing on the metro. I seriously don’t get it.

      • palisades

        Ha! I’m still not sure what it is. Just going with the flow. Should be a mix of a bunch of fun things.

        • But they will have broccoli there, right? Or is it a benefit concert to broccoli aid?

          • palisades

            It’s a broccoli cosplay convention. Come dressed as the finest, organic, locally sourced, pesticides and GMO free broccoli.
            Cauliflower cosplay will be vehemently denied entry.

    • It would also appear that Kingman is a better match, demographically speaking, to Popville than Broccoli is, although I’m sure all are welcome at both. Might explain why PoP heard from Kingman and not from Broccoli.

  • Rant: Puppy destroyed the one thing in the house that I said I’d be really upset if she destroyed: a dining room chair. BF’s Mom was in town and I explicitly said that she could be left in her crate all day if she didn’t want to have to keep an eye on her. Welp, the story pretty much tells itself. She’s lucky she’s so darn cute.
    Rave: The company who made the chairs is freaking awesome and they are going to send me a replacement seat at cost since it’s the only part they don’t actually hand make in-house. Also, the customer service lady I spoke with says that she too has a puppy who likes to chew. We shared war stories and had a good laugh. All in all I’m much less likely to cry over this than yesterday evening around 6:00pm when I walked in to what looked like a rattan graveyard.
    Rave: Skipped out on dinner with friends and got 9 really solid hours of sleep last night. Plan on doing the same tonight. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body.
    Rave: Didn’t end up eating anything for dinner, but that’s ok because it’s FISH TACO FRIDAY!!!!
    Rave: Crazylegs run tomorrow morning along the mall for all us Badgers. Puppy will be coming along. Anyone else going to be there?

    • … Any offers by the BF’s mom to help get a new chair? Yeesh! That sucks, but I’d also be worried that the dog could have ingested something harmful and the BF’s mom wouldn’t have noticed!

      • Nah, BFs mom just turned 80, so I’m not really blaming her at all. Just disappointed that it happened because it so easily could have been prevented. Sh– happens and life goes on. I just needed to gripe about it for a minute!

  • topscallop

    Rant: I tried that forehead tapping thing to try to subvert my donut craving, and it didn’t work.
    Rave: No one saw me do it so I’m not embarrassed at work
    Rant: It doesn’t matter anyway, the donut truck isn’t here today like they were last Friday. I guess it’s not a set schedule 🙁
    Rave: I really don’t need to be eating donuts anyway. The universe (or at least the food truck schedule) is helping me fit into my pants

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