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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Safeway Gas Rewards Program ending May 31st.

    Even though I’ve knew their prices were higher than Giant (Safeway Press Release) and they stopped accepting Internet Printed coupons – the convenience made it hard to resist.

    • I don’t know how many of those cards I’ve given away over the years. I shop at Safeway regularly – it’s only a block away – but I have no car. So the awards pile up and I can’t use them, so I wait until someone is giving me a ride somewhere and give them a gas card. I once asked if Safeway could offer an alternative award, but that got nowhere.

  • Rant: homeless men sleeping in the stairwell of my building and leaving chicken bones in the window wells..
    Rant: the management company that was instructed to install better security in October but hasn’t.
    Rave: Only 18 months until I am off the condo board.

  • Rant: Was up for an hour and a half because of congestion
    Rant: Felt a touch woozy on the train this morning
    Rave: A stop to the nurse’s station to check my blood pressure (it’s fine) resulted in hard boiled eggs & juice left over from a breakfast eveng!
    Rave: New office as white boards!!!
    Rant: moving offices made me VERY congested and sneeze because of all the dust. I hope today is better!
    Rave: Kiddo slept better last night (as far as I could tell–though I could hear her coughing when I woke up in the middle of the night)–and was in better spirits this morning, even though I had to wake her up. Yay! Still giving her Tylenol before we get home to make sure she eats dinner, though.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Nicest of times was had at the unofficial HH, enjoy some photos of all the anonymous people https://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/sets/72157651675407077/

  • epric002

    rave: darling husband got lots of delicious things from sticky fingers for dinner last night 🙂 he’s being very supportive of the dairy free thing. their cowvin cookies remain my favorite cookie of all time. i had 1/2 for breakfast this morning 😀
    rave: my dogs are such goobers.
    rave: got my 2 aj rumina shirts- they both fit really well but i don’t like how poufy the sleeves are. hopefully that’s an easy fix for the tailor?

  • Rave: headed to Lafayette, LA for music festival today. Not going back to work until next Wednesday!

  • Rave: Looking forward to a potluck this Saturday! Need to figure out what to make.
    Rant: Work has been terribly busy this week but…
    Rave: my last class of the semester is next week so that’s a plus.
    Sad: White House Press Statement this morning.

    • “White House Press Statement”?

      • “It is with tremendous sorrow that we recently concluded that a U.S. Government counterterrorism operation in January killed two innocent hostages held by al-Qa’ida. Our hearts go out to the families of Dr. Warren Weinstein, an American held by al-Qa’ida since 2011, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian national who had been an al-Qa’ida hostage since 2012.”

  • Rave: Found a floor tile I really like at Porcelanosa!
    Rant: Going to cost a lot of money to replace my perfectly good but incredibly boring beige kitchen and bathroom floors. Anyone know of a place to find Porcelanosa tiles (or similar contemporary tiles) at a more affordable price?

  • Rave: Breakfast “sandwich” (it was on a tortilla): runny egg, avocado, bacon, cheese, and strawberry jam!. So messy and so good!
    Rant: Burned my first set of eggs trying to do 3 things at once. Dog was not pleased with the smoke alarm.
    Rant: Biker who blew through her stop sign then looked at me and smiled.
    Rave: Karma caught her because they had to dismount later because (I think) she hit a pothole and started falling.
    Rant?: Think recent date is doing the fade after she said she’d call last night and didn’t. I’ll give it until Monday before I confirm the fade.

    • Anonynon

      Do people still call each other? I haven’t called a girl in a long time…then again they haven’t called me either 🙂 texting seems to work best for setting up dates and meetups

      • I’m actually getting to a point where I want to tell my dates that they *have* to call me (since it requires effort, I figure it’ll screen out the jerkfaces).

        • I called to confirm our first date, and she was shocked even though I said I’d call when I got her number. I don’t call often, but I think it is a good way to express an interest, and something most people below a certain age don’t think to do.
          You should make that a policy.

        • +1! My best dates/boyfriends have been ones who have called sometimes.

      • I’m generally a texter as well, but I find calling a bit faster for trying to plan stuff, and it is good to mix it up sometimes. I bet if you called a girl you really like, you would get instant brownie points. 🙂
        When I’m at work missed calls and vm don’t register, so I left her a text in case she did call during that time period. Balls in her court now.

    • Well, if she’s doing the fadeaway, she’s not being an adult. Sorry, human.


      • I was thinking of the same clip. Love Garfunkel and Oates.

      • How have I never seen this before?

        • I think I’ve said this before, but their show is -awesome-. I highly recommend it and think it’s on Netflix. At the very least, I’d recommend the other clips on YouTube.

          • I’m pretty sure they’re my musical spirit animal. I would totally be friends with them if I could do it and not be a creepy stalker.

          • The last two episodes of the season are pretty perfect parodies of egg freezing too. It’s funny because it’s all true.

  • Rant: Loved Dacha last night, but ended up being super weird and hanging out with people I know rather than meeting you very cool peeps. Kinda disappointed in myself on that one.
    Rave: Sunshine. Just, all the time.
    Rant: So much work, plus one of my coworkers is just being weird and nitpicky and can he stop it already?
    Rave: I think I’ve effectively ended the weird sexism / awkward old man flirting I had been experiencing in office. It only took 5 months.
    Rave: Fun things this weekend: bookfest at Dupont, Bluegrass, and apparently Willow and Jaden Smith will be at Broccoli fest? How does one choose?
    Rave: Sticking to my “stop eating out at lunch” budget is working so far.

    • I’ve saved so much money just packing a lunch and walking to work most days. I think abut $50/week. Kudos for sticking to it. I know it can be tough.

      • Man, you walk to work? I guess I could do that… but since I’m inherently lazy I pretty much know I won’t. At least it’s pretax metro benefits…

        Do you pack the same lunch everyday or are you like a fancy cook who does all the things and has different options? Still getting the hang of this “living” thing.

        • Ha! I usually do the same thing: chicken+veg+carb
          I sometimes do spaghetti or a salad+protein instead. I’m doing 2 lunches per day, so between that and my busy life, it is tough to get terrible fancy. Lots of ppl here recommend the crock pot to add in lots of variety w/o a lot of work.
          The walk is 40-45 mins roundtrip, and it is faster than taking the bus, so I figured what the hell.

        • I’m a big fan of crockpot lunches – I make a batch of chili in it on sunday afternoon/night. I brown some ground turkey, but otherwise you can just throw the ingredients in crockpot and let it cook. Each day I put some raw kale/veggies into the bottom of my container and scoop some chili on top. Heating it up at work cooks the raw veggies. A big batch will last me and my s/o all week, and it’s easy to mix up the spices when you want something different. Throw in some fruit and trail mix and there’s your lunch!

      • Same here, I try and mix it up a bit, between leftovers from the night before, sandwiches, but for $20 you spend at your supermarket, you can probably have lunch for the next two weeks as opposed to spending 8-9 bucks every day.

  • Rave: Fun dinner with an good friend at El Rey
    Rant: Hate that El Rey allows smoking inside the covered patio
    Rave: Kimpton Hotel taking over the Glover Park Savoy – praying for a good restaurant
    Rant/Rave: Office move on Friday – lots of IT issues already and more soon. Thankfully I’ve purged 20+ burn bags, trash cans full of crap, and have archived nearly a gig of emails. No more river view in new office – but its a gorgeous space and I’ve got the office Chris Farley as a neighbor!!!

    • Smoking on patios is a major rave of mine as well! I’m guessing it’s legal in DC, but just a bar/restaurant policy if they want to allow it or not? I was eating dinner on a rooftop the other night and the guys at the table next to us were chain smoking the whole time. It’s even worse when the patio is partially enclosed, it’s basically like allowing smoking inside.

      • * rant not rave!

      • Yea, it’s ok on patios/roofdecks, but it is up to the restaurant to allow it. I wish places posted whether it was allowed that way us non-smokers can easily avoid those places or if they allowed smoking some nights and not others.

        • Agree! I would like signage making it clear if it’s allowed or not.

          • YES — I agree. I’m allergic and it gives me tremendous sinus problems if I’m around it for an hour or two. I don’t think people realize that some people really just cannot be exposed to it (for health reasons, not just because they don’t like it).

    • That and the Carlisle in Dupont. While I’m a little sad to lose the cheap, reliable old Carlisle, Kimpton hotels rock!

      • I’m interested to see how they maintain quality after selling off to intercontinental group. We’ve always done Kimptons when we can – got married at one, ect. Big fan….just sad they sold.

        • Just stayed in the brand new (~3 mos) Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh. Still excellent, and a really good restaurant as well. As long as IHG allows them to stay quasi-independent, I’m hoping they’ll be fine.

    • El Rey has terrible food and terrible service. Smoke or no smoke. Why would anyone go there in the first place?

  • Rant: Pretty sure my hair is like “well, it is humid SOMETIMES, so why not just pretend it’s humid every day?”
    Rant: Literally helicopter parenting. WTF? having a drone follow your kid to school? So creepy.
    Rave: The bright pink nail color I picked at the Nail Saloon this weekend – I’m in love and need to buy it
    Rant: Trying to communicate with my spouse that I can’t make his decisions for him. I don’t know where he should go to school, I’ve told him my preference (to defer and continue to find a job at home, because if not, we’re stuck here until he’s finished school). I have enough on my plate, I can’t run his life any more than I already am.

    • On your last rant–I totally feel you. We’re not in that space right now, but I hate it when it happens!!!

  • Rave: Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event live stream 😀

    Rave: Going to UK in two weeks time to see Badminton Horse Trials!!

    Rant: Friend who has had major anxiety issues has decided to move back home (after big move to the west coast). Trying to remind her that she’s not a failure…that it’s not a competition. That at least she tried. But she’s moving back home to her parents and they are not supportive of therapy, medication, etc.

  • Rant: one day I’ll work up the courage to go to a PoP happy hour. The challenges on being a hopelesy uncool introvert.

    Rave: my dog who became reactive after being attacked in October is finally showing improvement after 7 months of training and meds. She even made a new dog friend on our walk yesterday. Progress!

    • Hey you could have sat at the “we’re here for Popville but are incapable of talking to new people” table with me!

      • CarmieCarms that sounds perfect. I’ll sit there in silence with you next time.

        • Pablo Raw

          I think there are some introverts attending the HHs, I am one of them. I always enjoy the time with other PoPvillians and then I don’t go out for a couple of days in order to restore the energy that was drained from my being.

      • I Dont Get It

        Maybe we could text each other as we sit there in silence?

    • That’s wonderful you’re seeing signs of progress with your dog. Are you working with a trainer or on your own?

      • With a trainer for the first 4 months and now I’m continuing on my own. Poor dog used to start peeing in fear or growling & barking at any dog within 3 blocks. Now we can pass other dogs on the sidewalk, but she still can’t usually stop and meet them.

    • Introverts happy hour?

    • Yay for progress with your pup! I’ve posted on here numerous times about the ups and downs of training my reactive dog. What kind of training methods and meds have you been using? As a fellow introvert, I thought getting a dog would help me meet other dog people and be more outgoing, but so much for that plan! Now I go out of my way to avoid other dogs and their people (sorry dog people, nothing personal).

      • My vet recently put my dog on fluoxetine in order to get her reactivity under control enough to start training her. It’s made a world of difference and I feel like she’s starting to improve again. I think we could do better with some professional help, though – I would love trainer recommendations if anyone has them!

        • epric002

          jen at woofs! (arlington) is amazing. she trains with the foster dog alliance at the washington humane society and was SO helpful with our crazy fosters that we decided to do full obedience courses with her there. she also does private training. can’t recommend her enough.

        • I highly recommend Spot on Training on H Street (at MetroMutts). Our dog was too reactive for group classes so we had a few private sessions with Jackie and it was so helpful, for us and our dog. It was expensive, but worth every penny. Our dog is also on Prozac to help with her anxiety. We learned the “look at that” game with other dogs, and she’s able to handle seeing a dog across the stress without flipping out. She still has bad days of course, but overall she’s a much calmer, happier dog thanks to the combination of meds and positive training. We’re going to sign her up for the reactive dog level II class this summer.

      • Thanks Pixie! I started by retraining my pup in all the basic commands because her anxiety level was so high she was no longer responding reliably. Then we started desensitization training – first to other dogs barking (by walking by houses with barky dogs inside), then to the sight of other dogs from far away, and then to walking by other dogs (getting progressively closer over time). I started her on flouxutine (Prozac) once she could be within a block of another leashed dog because her anxiety was too high to make any more progress.

        She still is reactive to offleash dogs that within a couple of feet, but now she can pass leashed dogs and even meet calm leashed dogs sometimes.

        Good luck with your pup! I know how frustrating it can be sometimes.

        • Thanks! It’s so hard having a reactive dog in the city, there are so many dogs around all the time. We celebrate all the small victories. The first time my dog looked at another dog then looked back at me for a treat without barking or whining I nearly cried I was so proud of her!

      • SouthwestDC

        I don’t even know where to begin with my reactive dogs. One goes crazy whenever there’s another dog in sight, and the other goes crazy when dogs or people are in sight. And we live in the middle of Capitol Hill, so there are always dogs and people outside. Most of the training I’ve read about involves being in a less busy environment.

        • epric002

          i would think you would start during the least busy times of day. have you tried working with a trainer before? it can be incredibly helpful.

          • SouthwestDC

            My street’s always busy– I’ll be laying in bed at 1am and still hear groups of people traveling up and down it. I plan on asking someone to buy me some training sessions for my birthday but that’s still 6 months away. It’s not really in the budget.

        • For training you can start in your home, then moving on to different rooms in home, then slowly work up to outside. I live in the busy area too so I know it’s hard. If you have access to a car you can drive to less populated areas, which is what I did with my dog. Working with a trainer was absolutely worth it for us, but until you can sign up for lessons there are some great online resources – Google BAT (behavior adjustment training) and Youtube videos from kikopup’s Youtube channel. For books, check out Control Unleashed; Fired Up, Frantic and Freaked Out; and Click to Calm. Also if you’re on Reddit, the dogtraining sub is a great resource.

      • OMG I feel you. I am highly introverted too, but my dog goes nuts around other dogs. So, that did not work, and now here we sit together in isolation. I have tried many things over the years. We can actually walk on the other side of the street now, as long as I have treats ready to distract her, but nothing closer, and she still reacts to the dog in the apt below us when we walk by their door! I found a place that does private agility lessons, and I am going to start her there to get her a nice fun work out, and build up her confidence!

        • Where are you going for agility classes?

          • Frolick Dogs in Alexandria. Haven’t been there yet but have our first session this weekend. I think she will love it 🙂

        • There needs to be reactive dog support group (for people)! It’s hard to be social having an antisocial dog. Agility class sounds like so much fun! I want to sign my dog up for a nosework class, I think she’ll love it.

          • epric002

            does anyone have any recommendations for a place that does dock diving for dogs? i think formerly foster puppy would be fabulous at dock diving.

  • Bear

    Rant: Woken up in the middle of the night by what I thought was my fiance coming up the stairs and going into the office (he usually stays up later than me). Then I fully awoke and realized that he was in bed, which then got me totally freaked out and unable to get back to sleep. Our house has been making a lot of settling noises as the weather changes and it can be kind of creepy at times!
    Rave: So far my plants are doing well, except that I forgot to water the pepper seedlings for a couple days and I may have killed some of them. I hope they perk back up!
    Rave-ish: Got quote in from landscapers and we think we’ve found the company we’re goingt o go with. I can’t wait to have a proper patio in our backyard!

  • Rave: My daughter turns four today. FOUR!
    Rave: My boss let me know that our raise is retroactive to April 1, so tomorrow’s paycheck should be a bit fatter than expected.
    Rave: Today is my Friday.

    • Holy moly! I am completely mind-blown that my daughter will be two in June, and will be even more so when we get there. But FOUR! Wow. I bet she’s awesome 🙂

      • Thanks, mtpresident. Two is amazing! Four…she’s crazy and funny and silly and challenging and stubborn as all hell. Every night we tell her she’s our best favorite thing. Even on days when we contemplate selling her on Craigslist. 🙂

  • Rant: Performance reviews today = stomach in knots
    Rave: Dine Out For Life tonight, have a good group of friends joining me for dinner (and donating to an incredible cause)

  • Rant: My body completely rejected waking up this morning.
    Rave: Worked three 15 hour days in a row so coming in 45 minutes late was not a big deal.
    Rant: I always have a hard time leaving NYC and settling back into D.C.
    Rave: Had a great time hanging out with the BF last night. Now that I’ve picked a school, it’s time to start focusing on his business school app process. Exciting!
    Rave: Have every song from Jersey Boys stuck in my head.

  • Rant: I was ticketed by a cop for running a red light yesterday when I was actually turning on yellow. It’s getting towards the end of the month so I’m sure he was just trying to meet his quota. Anyone have luck contesting a minor moving violation? Do they have traffic ticket lawyers in DC like other states? Or should I just suck it up and pay?

  • Rant: The Basic Bitch on my block this morning who let her dog run up into people’s yards (like, jump the retaining walls!) and do its business on private property, instead of in the treebox like normal.
    Rave: My two neighbors who called her on it.
    What ever happened to curb training? Was it deemed unnecessary when people started picking up poop instead of leaving it where it fell?

    • What’s curb training? I’ve never thought of taking my dog into someone’s yard, and I almost never let him even walk on someone else’s grass in case he has to go. Maybe I curb trained without realizing it.

    • Was the dog not on a leash? Or on a retractable leash?
      It seems like most leashes wouldn’t be long enough for a dog to jump over a retaining wall and into a yard unless the owner joined the dog in doing so.

      • epric002

        mine try to hop up on retaining walls on a regular (not retractable) leash. grouchy corgi is often too short and doesn’t make it, but formerly foster puppy does sometimes, and then if it was a really high wall won’t jump down and i have to pick him up and put him back on the sidewalk. i certainly don’t encourage my dog to go in yards but sometimes it happens and i get them out as quick as possible.

      • I think it was a retractable leash, which are the worst thing ever. They *encourage* a dog to pull. She definitely just stood on the sidewalk looking vapid while her dog jumped into people’s yards.
        Curb training, or curbing your dog, is just having them do their business in the street, right next to the curb, instead of on sidewalks. It’s maybe more common in cities where there isn’t any grass between the sidewalk and the street?

        • epric002

          yeah, i don’t see ANYONE curbing their dog in our neighborhood. and agree about the retractable leashes. they drive me nut b/c oblivious owners let their dogs wander up to my dogs even when i am clearly trying to create distance and distract/reward my dog(s) for not reacting.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome turn out for the PoP HH @ Dacha last night. Also, those new toilets are amazing.
    Rave: Work from home day while getting ready to head down to Charlotte to see my parents for the weekend.

  • Rave: it was great to see everyone last night at HH last night. I had a terrible day at work with lots of tears and a headache yesterday and I forced myself to go. Im glad I did.
    Rant: blah blah general work angst
    Rave: my principal’s boss complimented the feedback I gave students on their bulletin board.
    Rave: 43 days left of school!

  • Rant/Rave: Vacation ended up not being restful even in the slightest. HOWEVER…my newest nephew was born early and I just so happened to be close enough to get to them before, during, and after the birth! Yay for small favors.
    Rant/Rave: Puppy’s veterinary prescribed car sickness meds did not work. At. All. BF (and his shirt sleeve, and his watch) found out the hard way. Thankfully I too get a little car sick and had Bonine to give to her. Worked like a charm.
    Rant: Incredibly, incredibly sleepy from all the travel and life events.
    Rave: Got to see one of my favorite musical duos last night over in Annapolis. If you haven’t heard of Over the Rhine and you like folksy/blues/beautiful music, please do.
    Rant: No end in sight for the sleeplessness as we have both family and friends staying at the house tonight, a trip to the airport at o’dark thirty tomorrow, a walk/run on Saturday morning, and a yard that looks like there may or may not be a dead body hiding in the weeds.

    • I thought my dog got car sick, but it was that I was feeding him too close to the ride. Have you tried spacing out food from the ride at all?

      • Yep. We don’t feed her for at least 12 hrs before the car ride. It’s an inner ear thing according to the vet, and I agree. The major barf episode happened in the PA mountains just as my ears were popping from the altitude. So I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to her. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it by year 1.

        • Ahh ok. That sucks, but hopefully, she’ll grow out of it.

          • I hope so too. We do a lot of road trips. The Bonine works great, but she ends up just sleeping through the whole trip. We bought her an absolutely ridiculous dog bed/bench/couch/booster thing for the car and she loves it. But I feel really bad about having to “drug” her before we leave.

  • Rant: Still struggling to book a table at Rose’s Luxury!! I was on the website on Monday 15 minutes before reservations went on sale (credit card ready for that $200 deposit) and still didn’t manage to get one. It’s supposed to be a surprise but I’m thinking we might have to wait in line? Help!!!
    Rave: Finally met someone! It’s still only a few weeks in, but I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to work out. We see each other basically every day so that has to be a good sign.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Appointment today with my podiatrist
    Rant: Where we will discuss the long-term impact on my Plantar fasciitis due to me doing blow with the cast of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” backstage at the People’s Choice Awards in 1999.
    Rave: Going to Dining Out for Life tonight with good friends I haven’t seen in a while. I’m not revealing the restaurant since I don’t want the PoParazzi showing up taking unflattering pictures.
    Rant: Wiccan Dog Sitter is back. When I asked what he is doing Saturday during the day he asked when that was.

  • Rant: Realizing you and your best friend have become very different people. I’ve known my best friend since I was a kid and we’re still close even though we don’t live in the same city. After high school and even later in life we took different paths so of course you’re not going to see eye to eye about everything. I may not be the most progressive person but some of the things he says come off as being really lazy, narrow minded, and sorta provincial. What’s even more interesting is that he considers himself to be very cultured and open minded. I still think he’s a good person but there are some discussions I know we can’t have and I feel like there’s a lot we don’t have in common as of late. Kinda sucks.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: nice neighbor is going to bring me tamales this weekend. That’s it for now.

  • houseintherear

    Anyone have route advice for biking from the Bloomingdale area to 14th & Hamilton? Would that be an awful idea (I’m not fit)?

    • laduvet

      it’s a pretty flat trek and you usually hit lights! I do that ride a lot… and after drinking too.. soo… that’s some idea of the flatness 🙂 just map it with bike lanes.

    • Wouldn’t it be easier to do it in the other direction? 😉

    • Find a way over to Sherman you’re comfortable with. i tend to sneak back through Howard. From there, Sherman Ave is the easiest hill to crush to get to pleasant plains. From there, make a left on Kenyon and then take 13th. Not a tough ride, but you’ve gotta be prepared to ride when there are no bike lanes. Just follow the rules of the road and act like a car and CLAIM THE LANE. Safest way to ride sans lane for sure.

  • Rant: Dermatologist sending suspicious mole to the lab. Gastroenterologist concerned enough (maybe just about his fee) to want to run a camera up my butt. Two low-level cancer alerts plus a ginchy elbow, a bad shoulder, and chronic foot and stomach problems. For someone in pretty good shape, I’m a complete wreck.
    Rave: None of it keeping me from crew practice. Yet.
    Trying to live up to new motto: A little worse for the wear but wearing it well (yes, Beck)

    • If you’d like to have a laugh about the indignities of aging, look up the Louis CK bit “Incurable Shitty Ankle.”

  • Accountering

    Rave: It’s a hockey night tonight! Beat the Islanders!
    Rave2: HH last night! So much fun!
    Rant: HH last night! So hungover!

  • Rant: The people dropping their dogs off at Wagtime on 9th Street who literally stop and park their car in the middle of the road to do so. I understand if there is no parking, but there are always a few spaces a few feet up!
    Rave: This cookie I am about to eat.

  • skj84

    Rave: Touring Nasa Facilities today as a part of Hubble Space telescopes 25th anniversary celebration. I got to attend a press conference at the Newseum as well.

    Rant: Feeling slightly inadequate on my space knowledge. I have general interest, but most people on the tour seem to be experts on the subject. I’ve been sitting quietly while everyone else have been socializing.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Gun shots and a Sexual assault happen on back to back nights/mornings within 2 minute walk of my apartment. Not ideal.
    Rave: LANY is coming to DC9 Monday May 4th
    Rave: Kickball season starts today

  • Rant: Dudes party out on the sidewalk on Sherman Ave late on weeknights. I’m glad weed is legal in the district and all (even though it’s public housing – whatever) but I’m anti-drinking-and-screaming-and-arguing out on the street at 11pm on a weeknight. I never want to call the cops cause they are more annoying than criminal, but the gun violence in that building a year ago gives me pause.
    Rave: Someone else on the block called the cops.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: still sick as a dog; I’m ready to be put to sleep now.
    Rave: Lungs still feel clear, it’s just everything else that hurts.

  • RANT: When I tried to use Uber to get a sedan to work this morning, they were on 2.8x surge pricing with a minimum fare of $42!! What kind of rip-off is that?!?! $70 – 90 each way to work really adds up and kills my budget. It’s just ridiculous that Uber has been allowed to tear the dependable taxi network in this city to shreds and replace it with this corrupt thievery. The attorney general ought to investigate these crooks.

    • What “dependable taxi network” are you talking about?

    • Buy a scooter! You can get a good one on Craigslist for 1k and show up to work in style. That’s three weeks of Uber commuting!

    • Anonynon

      I took an Uber last night and was pleasantly surprised. My biggest issue with Uberx Drivers is that they don’t know how to drive! I had one guy that turned a 15 minute trip to glover park into a 35 minute crawl in the most roundabout way (and it was expensive) he didn’t get above 25 MPH the entire trip. Last night from friendship heights i got an uberx it cost $11 and only took 15 minutes. Thats a great deal….however the driver was listening to some kinda strange religious self help speaker, but he was a good driver so i just went with it.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Unless you were coming from outside the district, the speed limit probably wasn’t above 25 mph anywhere for the entire trip.

        • Yeah, a lot of that is residential with a million stoplights unless he took you all the way downtown and then back up Wisconsin Ave. But also, if you rated him poorly Uber usually recalculates the price and reimburses you.

  • Noticed: three different groups, which seemed entirely unrelated, rolling joints completely out in the open in Shaw on my walk home last night, including one in front of the City Market at O Giant. All within a span of five minutes or so. Curious if this is the new normal.

    • Very normal. We take our son to Kennedy playground and the smell of pot is so overwhelming most of the time, we don’t stay long. I’ve called the police 3 times. The WHOLE walk up 7th st from Mt Vernon to the playground stinks like pot. The “employees” of the rec center – which is a great rec center – just stand there and don’t do anything. They know it’s happening. There needs to be a cop posted there after school. Large groups of teens congregate and get high almost every day behind the rec center. It’s a beautiful playground and it really, really pisses me off that families have to worry about this when they just want some place to go before dinner. I 110% don’t give a crap what people do in their houses, but when you’re at a playground, I shouldn’t have to leave because of the stench. I don’t want my child breathing in the second hand pot smoke (or regular smoke, either). I’ll keep calling the cops, and I’m sure nothing will happen.

    • my husband still cant get over smelling weed out in the open. as a past weed lover he is delighted!

  • Rave: Fun unofficial PoPville happy hour last night.
    Rant: I am not photogenic. Sigh.
    Rant: My cell phone is so old that it’s getting a little embarrassing. Maybe it’s time to finally get a smartphone. (And if I had a smartphone, perhaps I could/would take selfies and learn to be more photogenic?)
    Query: What kind of data allotment is 30 gigs/month — skimpy? Average? Generous? (That’s what T-Mobile has upgraded me to, but I have no basis for comparison.)
    Rant: It’s chilly today. I thought I was done with my winter coat for the season, but I was wrong.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think you are very photogenic!

      • +1. I was thinking the same thing when I saw Pablo’s photos!

        • Which one are you, textdoc? And who’s everyone else?

          • Hmm… I’m not sure I should definitively ID myself, in case I have any co-workers reading PoPville.
            Show up to the next happy hour and you’ll learn who’s who. 🙂

          • wdc, I’ve had fun all morning trying to guess who’s who in those pics. It’s really quite a fun game.

          • I Dont Get It

            I’m pretty sure I’ve guessed 6 of them but justin and Pablo are too easy so probably shouldn’t count.

          • If only there was someone on this site who would search for and link to the previously posted information that answers these questions. Oh wait…

          • Emmaleigh504

            There are only 2 people I didn’t recognize, which made me happy. But then sad b/c I missed it.

          • Haha, but Justin and Pablo are the only two I have been able to identify. So they definitely count!

          • I have had fun looking through the photos too. I think I can ID 4 people, including the easy ones. Textdoc, won’t your coworkers recognize your picture whether you id it as “textdoc” or not? BTW, I don’t think anyone was not photogenic in the photos, so you’re safe. At least, no one is as unphotogenic as I am.

      • +1 I think you are too! And somehow I knew you were going to be Textdoc when you introduced yourself.

    • Holy cow. 30 gb a month is incredible. I share 4 gb with the BF (who, thankfully doesn’t use hardly any).

      • +1. I only have 1gb. I don’t listen to music because otherwise I would run out but even that is more than enough for my normal app/browser usage.

      • Good to know — thanks! (I’d better find that postcard from T-Mobile and double-check, just in case it actually said 3 GB and I’m misremembering.)
        Maybe all these years of holding out against T-Mobile’s entreaties have finally landed me a sweet deal! *rubbing hands together inna Montgomery Burns stylee*

        • Yea, 3gb seems more realistic, but they don’t count music toward the limit, so that should be good for day-day usage. If you’re watching movies or stuff at the 3gb, I’d keep an eye on it, but you can check on your phone.

    • Pablo Raw

      I only have a data plan (no phone) and I never go over the 5 gigs of my plan.

    • When I listen to music daily 8-12hr/day, I used about 15g, so you should be covered for watching movies and everything else with 30g. I think t-mobile doesn’t count music against the allotment, so if that is the case, you could probably live stream all day, everyday, and be fine. Very generous!

    • Textdoc – have you thought about the new google wifi phone plan thing? I don’t know much about it…but….(that said, I’m happy with TMobile….unlimited everything for two phones for $100/mo)

    • Textdoc, you will also save a ton of data if you remember to switch you smartphone over to using your wireless network when you are at home.

    • Ha, I was feeling the same way about my lack of photogenicity when I looked at the photo stream.

  • Rave: Love my really short pixie haircut!
    Rant: Have to get it cut pretty frequently, and the cost of women’s haircuts is killing me. Anyone out there had any luck getting their pixies cut at a barber?

    • epric002

      welcome, fellow pixie! i feel ya on the cost. i’d been considering going to a cheap place to just get trimmed in between stylist appts, but i’m still traumatized from straying from a stylist years ago when i went to get my bob trimmed before a vacation and ended up with the worlds worst pixie cut. gah. let us know if you find a good solution!

    • I’m now past growing it out, but Diego’s is always a good bet. $20-25 for women, pretty fast, and in general super friendly.

      • Yay for the Pixie! My hairstylist tends to cut me some deals now that I’m seeing him more often. However, I’d still probably have to give up my first child, if I had one, to maintain it (I’m also coloring it now too though. My hair is getting darker and blander the older I get.) I might me moving soon and the thought of losing my stylist sends me into a mild panic attack. Being a woman can really suck sometimes.

    • Welcome to the pixie club! Ask your usual place if they give discounts for more frequent trims. At my salon, if I get my hair cut every 6 weeks they charge me for a “men’s cut” which is cheaper than a women’s cut. Also you can ask to have your hair cut really short (if you’re comfortable with it) so you can go longer in between appointments.

    • I don’t have a pixie but I go to the Aveda Institute. I recommend a master student for a few bucks more ($18 total)– they get you out quicker and I’ve never had an issue with the cut. I see a lot of people with short cuts whenever I’m there. My hair is super long and I love that they don’t charge me extra.

  • need RAVE recommendations for a rolling bag that will carry the basics back and forth to work.
    … Looking for a very DURABLE, preferably light, rolling bag that will cart the basics (computer, work shoes, lunches, etc) back and forth to work. I have lower back issues so I have to resort to the rolling bag, but the last one I got the wheel broke after something getting jammed in it.

  • Revel: the hilarity of people upset about the Carles posts on Contemporary Conformity, or why so many places now have the same aesthetic.
    Rant: being inside today
    Revel: planning a bit of a trip to national parks… but unsure of when to go. Zion, Joshua Tree…

    • We did an incredible, epic trip involving national parks – 14 days and we flew into Las Vega and then drove to hit up Zion, Bryce, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Capital Reef, Canyon Lands, Arches/Moab and then Mesa Verde, Four Corners, Monument Valley and return to Vegas. It was out of this world. We included overnight hikes (but had done the Virgin Narrows before) as well as rafting and camping. You really can’t go wrong. And when we went it was super cheap to fly to Vegas.

      • Doing a similar trip next week to southern Utah and the Grand Canyon then up through Colorado to Denver. How was Mesa Verde? Was it worthwhile even though the main cliff dwellings are closed right now?

      • I did a very similar trip, except we went to Page Arizona, and the north rim of the Grand Canyon instead of Colorado and Mesa Verde. It was amazing! My favorite vacation ever. We also flew into Las Vegas.

  • Dame Edna tonight – very excited. I could use a good laugh these days.
    And it will complete my “Dame Spring” – with Dame Angela Lansbury last month….

    • I Dont Get It

      There’s a production of “South Pacific” at Toby’s Dinner Theater in Columbia MD if you want to compete the Dame Trifecta.

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